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  1. Sooooooooo...... Sudd2 has an mlg.tv channel now. That's a thing.
  2. I've heard that Houston has the densest population of Tiger's in the world. 500 and all most all pets. Back on topic, half a dozen irl friends buying an XB1 for MCC. Can't wait to turn the living room into a digital jungle.
  3. Where's an ONI agent when you need one.....
  4. My biggest gripe was probably a lack of analysis and too much play by play. For example I'm not sure I heard even one caster preemptively talk about power weapon spawns the whole tournament. Which is one of the basic tenants of any competitive halo match. There was a little bit of word stumbling around big plays. Sometimes less is more in these scenarios E.G "awesome play, can he follow up" rather than "goes for the ol punch on the sword gets the kill, uhhh i mean that guy was weak uhh, oh my god nice headshot" All in all though commentary was awesome those were just my personal niggles. Great work keeping the people entertained in the long breaks did well with what you had.
  5. I feel like this forum is going to be like this regardless come Halo 5 Beta
  6. I'm confused as to why you don't advocate H:CE tournaments then since you are so passionate about the core of Halo?
  7. Okay so that's the whole point of what I posted at the beginning. Trying to find a way that a mechanic like that could be used in Halo. I perfectly understand the don't fix what ain't broke mentality. But a debate threads boring if everyone agrees. Who on earth is we? Haven't seen a lot of agreement from anyone on these forums let alone with you
  8. Imagined myself running and as a penalty hitting myself in the head to answer phone. +1 Good point well made.
  9. So your against a mechanic that increases your speed no matter how it is implemented? I'm not talking about any game in particular at all. Just a hypothetical implementation of a mechanic which increases speed.
  10. Isn't that why people used to complain about it CoD? Never adding something new to their gameplay? Because show me something thats been added to any game, and I'm sure you'll find at least one person who would pass it off as unnecessary. Take Dragon ages new multiplayer. People don't even want it to exist.
  11. Okay fair points. Is there any scenario where you would trade lowering your gun for a hypothetical advantage in another area? E.G gaining positioning Or substituting that, what if; Gun didn't lower, but aim assist went to zero while speed is increased?
  12. Isn't this inherently what you do when you play Halo? Try to manage risk vs reward and make the high percentage play? Where is the harm in adding to that area of game play? I can understand if the mechanic is one that dumbs down decision making to a one size fits all then it is bad for game play. But that's what I'm trying to determine about this hypothetical sprint, would it dumb down play? Or potentially add to game play by adding options in a dare I say "Balanced" manor by making it not defensive and rather a risk based aggressive thing.
  13. Why not allow for more though? There's jumps I've seen guys like Joshington make with sprint that could be considered map breaking, what if they had a risk factor like this added? Okay I realise that. Was again trying to add to it. Isn't everyone around here always saying increase skill gap? Instant transition. Trying to allow increased ability to take advantage of certain scenarios. Could mean getting P3 on midship when no ones looking and facilitating a flag pull or bomb arm. While at the same time risking being cleaned up because you became one shot while getting up there.

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