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  1. The problem i have with forge maps and even remakes are they look like forge maps.. What i mean is use different pieces to make the map look more non forgish? You have a huge inventory that has some good pieces that you can use to bring the map to life. Don't always use blocks in everything use some natrual objects to bring some color into the map. But it look accurate,but really boring aesthetically.

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  2. I can try to test this later tonight man. Did you happen to see my post of confined where the shots were being absorbed by the map top middle?

    ya i am working on a update to that map anyway.. i wondering what is causing that

  3. Catching up on my Halo stuff (just finished this semester) I reallllllllly want to play Halo 2A. Especially some of these custom maps like this. 


    Sorry nothing really to add to this map discussion as of yet, but gameplay does look promising.


    Hope you are doing well bud.

    let me know when you are on

  4. Need to find someone or some time to take screen shots? If you need to find someone, I can do it for you. I have an Intensity Extreme so I can take screenshots really easy. They'll be at a resolution of 1280 x 720. Let me know.

    ya let me know when u can. I just need some screen shots of my three maps. I just have to finish touch ups in one and almost done with my asym

  5. The h2a version

    Pretty close to the original design as far as layout aside from some parts that were opened up or squashed.


















    Special thanks to Civi for helping me finish the forging and continuous help with updating the map, I would've never finished it if it wasn't for you. Also thanks to SecretSnitzel and papercraft for the biggest constructive critism that kept me at it and motivated to make the changes I needed to make. As well as everyone else who has tested it and gave me the concerns!!



    To anyone who wants to download, add me (whos Blaze) on xbox and look in your leaderboards on any level of h2a legendary solo! Thanks!

    Send me invite, i have some feedback for you... Nice map

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  6. Personally i thought ender was fine as it was and should of been considered in any playlist or tournament. Now on this map i can not really say anything on it sense i have yet to play on it. I will give more feedback when i actually get chance to play on it this weekend.

  7. They've said in the past that current-gen is their priority with 360/PS3 being a secondary thing.


    Call of Duty will be coming to 360/PS3 for years to come. There simply aren't enough people with PS4/XB1 for it to be worth it.

    xbox 360 will run till 2016 and in that time there will be 100 titles release.. So only 100 titles release in a span of 2 years.

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  8. But what happens when we have top players voicing really bad opinions? For example, ogre 2 saying "no bloom=no skill," or Ryanoob saying "all asymmetric maps are bad for competitive play."


    Should we take their opinions seriously just because they're making money from playing the game?

    kinda goes against the same people in here saying what halo needs don't you think? Its the fact that what i see is more of fighting instead of coming together as a community to make our community better.


    What i have seen in the past few weeks is agruments. Why does our community just stand around fighting with each other while our community draws further and further apart? The funny thing is that you guys think one person can save halo or our community.


    Yes it starts with one voice,but if the voice falls over deaf ears then the voice is void.

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