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  1. Well Hello everyone if you don't know who i am, i would be glad to let you know. My name is Edward "SaLoT" Jackson i been apart of the halo scene for along time . I am known for my forging skills and along with my forging skills i have created 3 maps that have or have been on the MLG pro Circuit. The first map that i got notice for was Onslaught in H3 and this crazy fast pace map took over 1 year and 600+ hours to create from V1 to the final V8 that u still play in H3 MM. Now the Second map was not my best work, but it made the cut once again, Redemption was my second creation that took key elements from H1 map Derelict and twisted them into a 50/50 kind of map. When i say 50/50 it means that half the community hated it and the other half loved it. Now for my third map, this map was not my design and i decided to remake it when Broly Bro would not leave me alone for months asking me to build it. Well again how nice of a guy i am, i decided to build it and with the help of Broly Bro we Built The Remake of H3 The Pit. Well it hit the community by storm and there was a out cry for the pit to be pickup, so not to far down the road it was pick up. These maps combined took me over 800+ hours to design and build and i do this for the community and not for anything else. I do not get paid do these maps, i do this in my free time. So next time you see me in the playlist don't forget to throw a Hi or Sup my way. I've kept this up in Halo 4 as well and made popular the popular maps Simplex, Station 9, Dispatch and Confined. All of these have had well over 1000+ more hours put into them are are the best tuned maps in match making. Now the reason why I moved here to BE is because THC is going down the drain. I requested that the staff there ban me and remove all my content as I do not want to have anything to do with the sort of people that post over there. The forgers are immature and start trouble for no reason aside from jealousy. I have spent so much of my time building great maps that this community loves and the forgers do nothing but hate on me for it. Now Im moving on to better things. I hope BE proves to be the community they promise to be. Thanks To the Fake SaLoT for the nice introduction!!!!!!
  2. You did not even spell Papa right....
  3. Since the introduction thread was a copy paste from the EU site. Kinda makes since
  4. Ya its not me.. U know my skype.. This is kinda dumb to see this already. MOA
  5. Just let you know this is not really that funny. I already know who it is that is posting this.
  6. You guys talk about mwe being immature... Yet two usernames with salot in them? Its Papa FYI
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