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  1. Compared to the past 3 halo titles that was released, Halo 2 was perfect. It was competitive and fun on a non competitive level. Crap i would spend hours just running on the maps just to see if i could find some new jump or angle that i could use in game. Even the super bounces/user created games ( Tower of power,Group 1vs1,zombies,tremors,hide and seek ) was funnier then the fps games now. I want a game that does not give you kills ( COD,Titanfall ) like other shooters do. If you look at halo in a whole, it was the only game on console that you could play any game mode at a competitive level. Unlike COD, they have to play objective based games for the game to work at a competitive level.
  2. I played the beta and when I seen ai thrown into the multiplayer along with the opposing team I turn my xbox off...I killed a grunt that is computer based? that stands in one place when shooting? There is to much going on and I find it dumb. I want to play against other players, not hey lets throw grunts (AI) into the match and confused the hell out of the player.... I find it pointless and boring.
  3. I am going to have to agree... I have watch titanfall and after a hour i switch back to another stream.. I find the game rinse and repeat
  4. I am pretty sure HCEA was 29.99, so if its 46.99 I expect to have online multiplayer or I am not buying it.
  5. I have a strong feeling there testing Halo 2 multiplayer.
  6. H3 or 4? Also you have to buy me the game since don't own either. Since i spent most of my cash on the xbox one
  7. I just don't get what the argument is over.. Sundance and puckett both love halo and still play it time to time. I think the tweet is to let people know there going to game halo and pretty sure it was not push towards them teasing anyone. Because they tweet there going to play a certain game does not give any insight of that games status with mlg. There gamers and sometimes they want to play a game just for fun. I am missing halo on the MLG scene as much as the next person, but I am not going to blow up or take out of context when someone tweets about playing a certain game.
  8. Halo 2 appealed to both causal players and competitive players. So I don't understand why they think they have to add any for of "COD" effect to make the game popular to both sides. Halo 2 had the best population and work for competitive and casual.
  9. I am taking from the aspect of 4vs4.. CE was a 2vs2 game and that's were it shined.
  10. 1.Halo 2: multiplayer & maps 2.Halo 3: Theater & Maps 3.Halo 4:.Forge + Color tools (Maybe add a pc Map editor) Take each one of these aspects & add-ons from each game roll them into one. Bam!! Best halo title
  11. I rather see fast pace TS then a standoff ts game, But on the other hand sometimes a standoff game is just as good.
  12. If they made something truly good then i am all for it. I just want something that allows the game to be fun again.
  13. I would rather play 2based maps then the poor maps selection we have had in H4/reach
  14. I would love 343 to give us everymap from CE to H4. That would be ideal for me. O also Boo
  15. Just throw me into the pit of map design and i will make sure the maps are good... =) I would even throw some asymmetrical maps in the mix... =)
  16. Well Hello everyone if you don't know who i am, i would be glad to let you know. My name is Edward "SaLoT" Jackson i been apart of the halo scene for along time . I am known for my forging skills and along with my forging skills i have created 3 maps that have or have been on the MLG pro Circuit. The first map that i got notice for was Onslaught in H3 and this crazy fast pace map took over 1 year and 600+ hours to create from V1 to the final V8 that u still play in H3 MM. Now the Second map was not my best work, but it made the cut once again, Redemption was my second creation that took key elements from H1 map Derelict and twisted them into a 50/50 kind of map. When i say 50/50 it means that half the community hated it and the other half loved it. Now for my third map, this map was not my design and i decided to remake it when Broly Bro would not leave me alone for months asking me to build it. Well again how nice of a guy i am, i decided to build it and with the help of Broly Bro we Built The Remake of H3 The Pit. Well it hit the community by storm and there was a out cry for the pit to be pickup, so not to far down the road it was pick up. These maps combined took me over 800+ hours to design and build and i do this for the community and not for anything else. I do not get paid do these maps, i do this in my free time. So next time you see me in the playlist don't forget to throw a Hi or Sup my way. I've kept this up in Halo 4 as well and made popular the popular maps Simplex, Station 9, Dispatch and Confined. All of these have had well over 1000+ more hours put into them are are the best tuned maps in match making. Now the reason why I moved here to BE is because THC is going down the drain. I requested that the staff there ban me and remove all my content as I do not want to have anything to do with the sort of people that post over there. The forgers are immature and start trouble for no reason aside from jealousy. I have spent so much of my time building great maps that this community loves and the forgers do nothing but hate on me for it. Now Im moving on to better things. I hope BE proves to be the community they promise to be. Thanks To the Fake SaLoT for the nice introduction!!!!!!
  17. No biggy bro. I work to many hours and can't bring myself to get on. But will keep up to date with whats going on.
  18. No still part of the halo community, but not forging. I will come in time to time, but not to forge.
  19. Sup bro and i like to say hi back =)
  20. Again thanks for the post bros!! I talk to each of you at some point or will in the future and really apperciate you guys and how you hold yourselfs. Again thanks!!. I will be running MM today do to got off work early and no class. See you in MM
  21. If my time allows it. I am working and going to school for level design. I just do not have the time to forge.
  22. I will still be apart of the halo scene just not in the forging maps part. I am actually working and going to school right now.

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