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  1. That was to just to show my idea. I ask to make sure he ran it by you to get your approval.
  2. To be honest this also happen to me today. The page kept reloading
  3. Jesus was not god,but god's son born onto mary. So he is a demi god.
  4. The last sentence was sarcasm hence the smiley face. I feel that what i did with station 9 was simple, but totaly opposite of what i have done, so i am happy for what i have done. Now In some aspects simpex does have some originality to it, mainly the odd symmetry it has. Its not 2 way or 4 way or inverse. Yes the map has the basic concept of 2 base maps but differ from the same control points do different cover or los from those say towers. The map gives a lot different options for movement and postioning for players then what midship did. But again it does not mean its 100% original.
  5. Skyline - Not midship plays different Dispatch - was ask to do as a favor (thats what i try to do is help the community and its members) Station 9 - still orginal and still simple I forge what i like and what i feel works. why does it matter what type of map i do? I am the one doing the work. I thought about making a asym but i don't want to give people a heart attack :]
  6. Station 9 is orginal. Simple,but original. Bravo ask me to do the map dispatch. Skyline is orginal and one of the best maps in H4 I want more original maps this why i push for ender and other maps i feel are good. I also want asym,but there is no good asyms that i have seen. I dont like landfall
  7. Orion is 90% construct 10% inspired. Now is orion a good map? Yes will it play ext well? Maybe Is there better maps out there that are not remakes? Ender. Orion is not complex it will play out just like consruct hill. This thing you guys beat like a dead horse a 'simple' map is not helping.
  8. I meant thats how the tournments would be different, if they get paid.
  9. 1.Players being paid. 2.After speaking with proverb he is testing asyms. If you know any good asyms tweet me @xsalot with map name and author. I will do my best to show it to proverb.
  10. Not excatly, but unless more of CE timers the asym will always be hated. The routes play a big role in asyms. The older asyms would work do to the fact there was more routes then players. Now i feel with 4's you need at least 6-7 routes so the team cant watch all the routes. Take penance aka dammy now thiswas afan favorite in ce,but was hated in halo reach. Do to lack of routes for players and slow weapon times.
  11. Also i would not use ce maps. They only work because CE was a 2vs2 game at its core. The asym maps that work for ce because of the faster timers and more power weapons/power ups they had on the maps. Not counting that when played in 2's there were more routes then players.
  12. Lockout was the only asym that stuck it out in halo 2. Though asym are good we have not seen a good asym to change the community thoughts on it.
  13. Not yet,but when i return from my meeting i will go over more maps
  14. Select and the lack of time for actualy testing gametypes and maps. I was told proverb streamed test settings,but that was the first time he actualy test the settings. So if this is true then i have huge concern with iron gaming attempt.
  15. that map was rush.. But they all can't be 10's
  16. Both and i also want to check out some of the other forge maps that the community has done.
  17. I will be on halo 4 tomorrow. Back to forging and checking some new maps out.
  18. No idea on what there running,but i assume 4vs4
  19. I am going over maps tonight and send my thoughts tonight.
  20. Lets hope. Ai's are good when your internet is down,but sadly i feel they destroy the game when introduced into online play. This is the main reason i did not buy the game.
  21. Is there a way to remove ai from game or are they just built in
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