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  1. This is my last post on this site. Thanks guys have a great year!!
  2. The problem i have with forge maps and even remakes are they look like forge maps.. What i mean is use different pieces to make the map look more non forgish? You have a huge inventory that has some good pieces that you can use to bring the map to life. Don't always use blocks in everything use some natrual objects to bring some color into the map. But it look accurate,but really boring aesthetically.
  3. Last version is up again thanks to seth for some idea's!!!
  4. I will be updating to v3 in the next few days
  5. ya i am working on a update to that map anyway.. i wondering what is causing that
  6. Man I can't wait till this. I be there helping ugc out.
  7. let me know when you are on
  8. DoJang This was a design i had sitting back since reach and with the forge objects that was given to us in H2A. With the feedback from Seth,Warholic, Schnitzel and Haunted Army i finally able to release a playable version of the map. This design is a Asymmetrical atrium that consits of multi-levels with both short and long LOS. There is always room for improvement on this map and some of the screen shots are not updated, but just minor things have changes. Please leave any feedback in this thread. To download add Big papa salot and just favorite me. Gametypes KOTH TS Oddball Weapons & Power ups Sniper x2 Rockets x1 Battle Rifle x6 Carbine x2 SMG Suppressed x1 plasma pistol x2 Brute Plasma Rifle x1 Assault Rifle x2 Frags x4 Plasma x2 Os x1 Camo x1 Final Updates Removed color from middle Lowered Weapon & Power up timers Shrunk map 1.0 Switch Rockets and OS Added route from bottom court yard to top blue shotgun Added window to gold side Added jump up/window from red shotgun to camo Clean map up V2 updates Removed color from center of map Shrunk map 1.0 Clean doors up Lowered weapon and power up timers Walk Through https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIbjXQki4CU&feature=youtu.be Screen Shots
  9. ya let me know when u can. I just need some screen shots of my three maps. I just have to finish touch ups in one and almost done with my asym
  10. Well I am hard at work for the past few weeks on and off of my asymmetrical map. I have few more bugs to work out and need to find some to take some screen shots. But all in all I am very please on how it is turning out.
  11. I accept all feedback and the ones u played on like simplex was early version I was testing out what I can do in forge. I have a rebuilt on on skyward and there is no frame rate. Like I said I built these to see what I can and could not do. The confined you played on was earlier version and I did make some adjustments to it. Now if you want me to look at your feedback I will but sadly I did not get none from you unless you call maps shittier as feedback. I don't know why I get so much hate with the forgers and to be honest not my fault. I build what i enjoy building and to. E honest I do not do what pro players say. I listen to there feedback as I do to every person that gives me feedback. I build for the love of it. Yes I remade some of my old maps not to piss u guys off but to get use to the new forge. I found out a lot of things rebuilding these maps and found how many pieces and what pieces I can use. Like I said I am still forging after 7 years and still learning. I am working on a asymmetrical map and it's taking me a long time. I want it to work for this game and I won't release it till I get it right. Again give me feedback and just leave out the curse words. I don't act like that towards you and don't expect you to act like that towards me.
  12. I have been to pretty much every UGC tourny and they were small then,but really fun!! So this going to be epic. See you all there
  13. Send me invite, i have some feedback for you... Nice map
  14. If its dead then what do we have to reach for? I pick Halo 2
  15. Got to say i am pretty amazed at this map. Its simple and plays well. SaLoT Approved
  16. Personally i thought ender was fine as it was and should of been considered in any playlist or tournament. Now on this map i can not really say anything on it sense i have yet to play on it. I will give more feedback when i actually get chance to play on it this weekend.
  17. xbox 360 will run till 2016 and in that time there will be 100 titles release.. So only 100 titles release in a span of 2 years.
  18. keep MLG settings... Don't mess with something that is not broken
  19. I agree the modding community has had big influences on games and games systems. Me as a old school modder back in ce and h2 i can understand what you mean. But fighting is just making it worse.
  20. Then why complain? Despite if its worth it or not we need to stay strong and together in these dark times.
  21. kinda goes against the same people in here saying what halo needs don't you think? Its the fact that what i see is more of fighting instead of coming together as a community to make our community better. What i have seen in the past few weeks is agruments. Why does our community just stand around fighting with each other while our community draws further and further apart? The funny thing is that you guys think one person can save halo or our community. Yes it starts with one voice,but if the voice falls over deaf ears then the voice is void.
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