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  1. Congrats guys, this is huge! Love the new look. Here's to an even bigger 2019!
  2. Replying to this because the nostalgia hit me hard today. After taking a trip down memory lane on the MLG site I found myself here to make my annual post. Haven't been involved in MLG for a good five years now (crazy to think it has been that long!) or Beyond for that matter in quite some time. But I decided to venture over to the MLG site today and was sad to see they removed the MLG/GB forums completely. All of those memories from that decade plus of my life, gone. I'm forever grateful for the experiences I was able to have and the friends I made through MLG/THC/Beyond. I truly wouldn't be where I am today without Halo/MLG in my life. Crazy to think how much of an impact this game really had on me, who would have thought it would still be a part of my life today? Sorry, I'm reflecting haha. Either way, it's bittersweet, was hoping to reminisce and search through some old posts to and find a gem or two. The MLG forums and events themselves will always hold a special place in my heart. Also, hope you know, MLG paintball will live on as one of my favorite gaming memories of all time. Hope all is well!
  3. Rocker

    OT Thread of OT

    Sweet baby Jesus Scalzo...talk about getting hit with a wave of nostalgia. Can't believe this thread is still somewhat alive and well. Congrats Cyp! Are you still out in Colorado? The wife and I moved out to Denver last April.
  4. GLHF to all who apply! This is a great opportunity. Definitely would not be where I am today without the Beyond family.
  5. Happy birthday Halo 1! I never would have imagined I would still be playing this game 15 years later and for more than half of my life. I picked Halo up the day the Xbox launched and haven't put it down since. Throughout the years Halo has opened so many doors and given me so many opportunities. It has allowed me to travel, make new friends and a lifetime of memories and experience what I never would have thought possible from just a video game. Here is to another 15 years!
  6. Getting Shpongled tomorrow at the red rocks!
  7. So is the h1 playlist, or just mcc in general, dead? I've been caught up with real life for the last few months and just got on for the first time (and on the forums!) in a while and haven't been able to find a single game.
  8. Back on the Destiny train boys! I don't know what type of savage witchcraft my friend pulled on me but he managed to get me to download it again after not playing since MCC came out. Here goes nothing!
  9. Good luck to all who apply! This is a great opportunity to work with an awesome group of people. :bomb:
  10. My buddy and I just ended a six hour undefeated session. We went in and matched with three other randoms who had mics our first game. We partied up with them and didn't drop a single match. Our winning streak aside that was probably the most fun I've had gaming in the last five years.
  11. Despite all of the server issues, R6 Siege is my GOTY. After all it is the only game I decided to even buy last year. I'm super pumped for The Division in a few months. I realize I'm a lot bigger Tom Clancy fan than I thought, Splinter Cell has always been my number two game behind Halo. Siege and The Division will likely fill out three and four.
  12. I'm having a ton of fun with just solo matchmaking. Most of the games everyone has a mic which is awesome. I rock Fuze/Kapkan all day long. If you want to team up my GT is Rawkher. I have a general sense of the maps finally but I'm still trying to learn all of the callouts and little details so I'm not much help other than hey there is a guy somewhere That clip was legit, I'd be rather upset if I was the other team. Here are my two clip contributions: I didn't realize how clutch this was until I just watched it again - 2% health, happy trigger finger and no reload. I get a little caught up in the moment haha. xboxdvr.com/Rawkher/95bee9cb-c842-458c-ac8d-75a765a64c06 This one was worth the risk. First and last time ever doing it. xboxdvr.com/Rawkher/24938b9c-20fa-4056-bf59-0883369f18ff
  13. Open beta started yesterday/today. It seems the same connection issues are still present from the closed beta. The game is a lot of fun, when I can join a match. I'm probably going to wait until (if ever) these issues are fixed before I buy the game. It's a shame the developers still can't get it together because this was a day one purchase for me.
  14. Just got invited to participate in a technical test Nov 6th-7th. Check your emails. Looks like top 50k most active players were invited to participate. Given the fact that I only had a chance to play a couple hours in the last weekend the beta was live that is a bit concerning.
  15. I am not happy. Skate is the only reason I still have a 360. I just hope Project Session doesn't turn out to be vaporware.
  16. It would be interesting to compile a list of every person in the other thread who stated they weren't going to buy Halo 5 only to have a preloaded for tonight.
  17. Picked up a reprint of the first comic for $1 on Saturday, I might just frame it on my wall.
  18. You know it's bad when you haven't even thought about, let alone played halo at all for the past month. My interest has been steadily declining all year and I think it finally hit rock bottom. My ring is all I have left to remind me of the glory days. I couldn't care less about Halo 5 tonight/tomorrow. MCC Halo is all but dead to me. I'm almost envious of the kids who will enjoy Halo 5 and beyond because I know I won't be part of it. I don't want it to be over but I just don't care anymore. It was a fun 15 year run - I'm sad Edit: Who am I kidding, I will never stop playing Halo 1, but this is still depressing.
  19. We spent $3,000 for the airfare, honeymoon suite for seven days which included a breakfast buffet/wifi and transportation to and from the airport in Thailand. We spent another $500 on food, gifts, massages, tours (Muay Thai, elephant/atv jungle trekking, James Bond/Hong Islands) etc. while in Thailand and close to $500 (it's super expensive!!!) during our day layover in Dubai, which included the hotel, food, a desert safari and a night sightseeing tour. So in total it was right around $4,000 when everything was all said and done.
  20. Looking for a few people to play with on Xbox 1 through the weekend - I have no idea what I am doing
  21. Well, I'm back! Thanks again everyone! The wedding and honeymoon were a success Married life isn't so bad after all.
  22. Well boys the day has come, here goes nothing! I think I'm going to throw up haha.
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