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  1. Comparing chess to poker... I'll give this game a year before everyone goes back to MCC
  2. Can someone post what is the right combination of sliders that reduces the heavy aim?
  3. Yeah if they don't drastically change everything for release. This will be a major flop. Imagine waiting 6 years for a worse H5
  4. Weird, have you played the Infinite beta? It's unplayable for me.
  5. I had way more fun in the H5 beta. He'll I probably have more fun playing current H5
  6. Royal 2 is not enjoying the game haha.
  7. It's a poorly made game. It's a free game that you need a $2000 rig to played it properly. 343 once again has delivered failure.
  8. Wait, you actually believe that Halo is popular outside of the American continent? Is barely popular in USA.
  9. A playable time slot in the middle of a working day. To I repeat "stress the servers". Stress with what? Most people are at work. Peak hours are 7 pm to 9pm in weekends.
  10. I don understand why is there so many options, and the aiming still feels like crap
  11. I feel like 343 dropped the ball by not making the game playable in potatos. Im planning to get a better computer, but the success of free games comes from the fact that anyone can play them. I can play Apex perfectly on my potato, but I can't play infinite on it.
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