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  1. What does online cups every week means?. I don't understand what does this means? Is this the equivalent of ProLeague?
  2. We could have a loading screen similar to LoL where people see echa other Skins
  3. So Dr Disrespect was right, this game is dead without a BR
  4. They are just here to get the initial cash grab. They have a skin in game paying minimum wage to 4 guys.
  5. Copy That, what do you think about Live Fire Slayer, controlling C tower? I feel like in that map tower is a very strong position to hold.
  6. I like to play Strongholds A and B on that map, I think is easier. And like to Hold Ball in A too
  7. Top Control I guess? All of that area the door Tha looks straight to Control Room
  8. Guys how do you feel about holding Attic in Recharge. For me it feels like a P3 in Midship a very powerful position to hold constantly.
  9. Wow it's incredible. This dude just made Lockout with the Halo 3 feel
  10. The ranking system is very exploitable. I have a friend who boosted to Onyx 2000 by playing with a friend in fresh accounts, you play 5 games with a teammate in a fresh account and then use a new one for another 5 games and so on. As long as the person in the new account goes negative on purpose his MMR won't go up, so you just keep matching diamond players and keep ranking up by destroying way lower rated players. And if somehow you manage to lose a game you won't rank down much because you have a very lower rated player in your team. This system is so wrong, the only thing that matter is KD. I have a 61.6 win rate with 1.14 KD I am way lower rated than people with les win rate and better KD
  11. For Sure, a couple of big name probably were getting paid. Dr Disrespect for sure was getting paid and probably Ninja. I think Snipedown made a mistake, he got carried away by the Hype. Infinite has no staying power vs a game like Apex
  12. I thi k Snipedown is regretting the Halo move. Numbers are rapidly drying up, before Raleigh he was getting 8k viewers. Now
  13. I played 17 ranked games today, I won 12 and lost 5, yet I finished the night with 20 less CSR. This is a ridiculous.
  14. It's baffling... Many people are boosting this way, you make a new account and it will match you vs Plat players even if you have 3 ony players in your team. So an unranked smurf with 3 onyx pre-made can boost their CSR by beating diamond players, because all it matters is K/D
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