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  1. https://www.twitch.tv/teamrec nice series going on Rec vs Shooters team plz delete, didnt realize i had a second account on my PC
  2. Dude the general interest in seen those players play is none. Could you imagine the viewership in a Soul vs E6 match, it wouldnt break the 5k.
  3. so basically Ogre2 called the strats ingame in old CLG ??. I think that is the biggest difference then
  4. I never specified what settings. Im a pro-uniformity of settings, i came back to halo after playing Starcraft and LoL and those games have the same setting for Tournament/Ranked/Social.
  5. League of Legends (the most popular games ever) has the same settings in Social and Ranked. You can have odd playlists like swat/griffball etc.. but social should be like ranked except that there is no ranking and looser MM restrictions.
  6. This maps are great, like holy fuck that Shurima Map looks amazing.
  7. actually you can, you have a 5 man roster and just dont use a player.
  8. so, umm el town team just destroyed EG and scrim is 4 -4
  9. EG almost choked a 13 kill lead on Truth Slayer. End score 50-49
  10. Just give CLG the money, no need to see that kind of abuse on a stage.
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