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  1. All it takes is one BXR to send a person back to sprint Halo.
  2. So the guns work how they are supposed to work? The biggest problem always has and always will be the radar.
  3. Both those seeds are tied, but knowing how the Halo universe works I'm calling Randa doesn't get bop'd again for the 100th in H5 in terms of bad luck. A creature from the woods of TX looking to take Rammy and I's innocent souls with this next level toggle crouch game play.
  4. Can confirm. Props to Rammy for having stronger knees than all of us.
  5. It was weird when I realized it wasn't there on the Burbank builds. I mean we've accepted radar being in 100% why care now?
  6. Second week in a row we've blown it after beating the team easily early on. ps. Regret Slayer is the WOAT
  7. They had both the casual and competitive crowds there for a month or two and blew it. plz respawn.
  8. Now with single Elim there won't be a chance to see them! :bman:
  9. idc if EG doesn't win a scrim before regionals at all. Event Lunchbox is the definition of laser focused without the Calm. EG will dominate that pool as expected. I just don't know which Denial will show up, Friday/Saturday WFX Contra or Sunday Contra? Angry Devon? Or GOAT Devon? And Huke is just flying under the radar too. Also, never count out a wild Randa/Noob. But to save neg reps nV will make it out.

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