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  1. 2v2 CTF warm up? Or i have 1 with me if anyone wants to team with a couple h5 noobs
  2. [quote name="stunt_man" post="710004" timestamp="1458098243"? Design one and I'll add it to my to-do list. I can model but I never thought about designing a H1 octagon. Idk how to design it. Its just an octagon shaped room and its creation is the greatest accomplishment, probably in the history of humanity
  3. I havent been on here in a minute or played mcc for a while. Is that a 343 joke? Im guessing it is. Tbh i dont really pay attention at all anyway usually. Unless im skimming and see "new mcc patch to uninstall h1 pc and install og h1 port 100% tested and functional guaranteed or please sue us for all our money" i usually dont pay too much attention to the updates.
  4. Btw i still need my dream gametype, an "octagon" for h1. I have this extra $5, not sure what to do with it...stunt man you wouldnt know who i should give that to for an octagon project would you?
  5. 02-04 internet was much slower than now. A lot of us grew up playing in 90-100 ping. Slish slash and i were 2 of them. I had 256k slish had 128k up. One name stands out in my head and its probably a popular opinion with others...regardless of the "xeno glass walled" crap he always pinged ridiculously high...he had a disgustingly good pistol in 100+ ping though...and that is coming from me. I wont claim to be or ever have been a great player but i did place well and play well at a couple major tournaments, went to way too many LANs and smaller tourneys (i live in northern ohio, you can figure out the attendees to a lot of those now). No one can take that from me. My point being really, i have a ton o experience on LAN, and xeno, that kids 100 ping pistol was on par with a lot of peoples LAN pistol. Im sure a lot of you guys if you didnt play h1 back then, know him on MCC now. Anyway slish and i won most of our games together(not 2 boxing). Its not impossible to play in that ping. It WAS literally impossible to win at times if the host was a really good player or had a solid 2 box, but it was actually an excellent tool to get better by forcing you to find ways to win other than your gun skill. Btw if anyone who i actually know reads this or just watches my stream its an oxymoron for me to say "win in other ways than relying on gun skill." Im aware :p but that is besides the point. I do understand how to play h1 and i know nearly all there is to know about it, regardless of whether how i play in 2016 reflects that. Another thing that helped a lot really too; there was no communication. Skype was around at some point i remember, but brand new. I rarely used it. Sometimes id actually call my partner on speaker and talk (mostly only on weekends and nights had to save those minutes back then) but for the most part you just got better with someone by being forced to have a more adaptable playstyle. I still find myself dying a lot (when im not b lining for a sniper and or walking around the map like human turret which is usually) due to the fact that i basically had to relearn everything in h1 when i hooked xbc back up a couple years ago and cant adapt to the fact that people can hear where im at and what im doing with their headset 90% of the time. That stuff probably gets me started on the rage train more than anything now a days. Sorry for the long post. Im not pressing anything im just giving a little different view of playing in high ping. If you read it and appreciate it thank you. Im just trying to maybe give a little incentive maybe for anyone who instantly is turned away by high ping on xlink, which i know stunt man has a group of people playing now.
  6. The amount of people prescribed stimulants for ADHD relative to the number of those prescribed it who it actually has daily benefits for is unreal. Its no magic pill, but it can help. If i had a choice to be prescribed addy though or wake up feeling however normal people feel id choose to not be on it without hesitation.
  7. Octagon anyone? Or match making if its alright that im not that great at h5.
  8. Take stream donations to pay for a lancation
  9. Watch me suck at H5. http://www.twitch.tv/d2a_logic H1 later maybe. Maybe.
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