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  1. Hey what's up Team Beyond? I'm BEYOND thrilled to be here. (hahahahaha). I'm Craig, also known as Kryp7onite for my first gaming decade, then my Troll Rogue... I fell in love with him Rosbashi. The first name I had ever given myself because I was so loyal to Kryptonite/Kryp7onite. Turquoise is my birthstone and my favorite color. Hence my logo. First logoi should say. Had no idea of what I wanted for a mascot. And it hit me. It was the easiest thing in the world. The only t Hence the logo, cloaked troll. In blue. Woooo. I've been gaming for a while actually, smashed at Halo (like I was in an eight man while Halo 2 was in it's prime and it was him and some other guys and I ALMOST GOT IT but I took second out of 8 on midship. Age 27 now, long hair, chill. Honest and real. Always down to help if I can. Again, thanks for having me! Exit: clarification I did beat Walshy but someone else beat me.

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