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  1. To be honest, I can sympathize with 343.. trying to create a game for a newer generation of FPS gamer while simultaneously trying to appease their older more dedicated fanbase. The problem with this is that it's impossible to do both, they are stuck between a rock and a hard place. What we are left with is them giving dirty man-birth to Halo 5 which feels like a watered down experience for both casuals and competitive halo fans alike. You could write a whole long list of everything they've done wrong, hell I've read a few in this thread but ultimately, 343 was created from the ground up to create a modern game and slap the halo name on it. That quote about boasting about hiring people who hate halo says it all imho and under 343 (or maybe Microsoft deserve more of the blame) Halo wont' ever recover.
  2. He's claiming flinch doesn't exist? Am I missing something here? My reticle goes crazy whenever an AR/SMG hits me at close range.
  3. Wait so the BR really is single shot? So the two "primary" weapons are DMR and BR and both are going to be single shot?
  4. If you guys want to put a downer on your day, watch that halo 5 match, then go watch a random h2a invitational match on say warlock then rewatch the halo 5 footage again. Honestly I think it will turn out similar to Destiny, it's boring to watch but fun to play. Hard to tell based on that match but I sure don't see myself wanting to tune in to watch esport events for that game however I could have some fun playing it.
  5. It's Treyarch, a developer that understands it's fanbase and doesn't have identity issues not to mention is held in very high regard in the competitive community, next cod is probably going to be the best one in years.
  6. Seeing as they've dun gone added a left trigger scope button, does that mean RIP bumper jumper as we know it?
  7. From what it says on IGN, it starts at 11pm est and lasts an hour and presumably the NDA will be lifted as soon as the stream ends. From the sounds of it, half of the stream will be to showcase the first episode of nightfall however there will be one full match shown from the halo 5 beta/alpha or whatever build it is.
  8. 12am what time zone? I thought it started at 11pm Eastern?
  9. See I think of it differently, I can enjoy MCC while hope remains for halo 5. I'll be buying MCC either way it'll either be the beginning of a new era or the end of an old one.
  10. We'd probably be better off with no more remade classic maps tbh if they are going to make them larger, screw with the flow because of sprint. I think most of us are learning to accept we might have to take a little bit of rough with the smooth but seeing our favourite maps butchered to accommodate sprint will make it all that little bit harder to take.
  11. Watch some competitive call of duty play if you want an idea of what it'll be like.
  12. I think I just threw up.. if they showcase this atrocity on the eve of MCC, they'll have literally killed my desire for all things halo.. we dead
  13. People are jumping the gun a bit here anyway I think.. the new Treyarch developed cod is out in the same release window as Halo 5, if 343 pulls another Halo 4, Halo 5 will be "dad" by Christmas with all of the dedicated fans just moving back to MCC for all their halo needs. This time around, 343 needs to make a halo game for halo fans especially when you look at the much smaller install base of the X1 in comparison to the 360.
  14. Even if they give us an option to turn sprint off, it will be pointless if the majority of the maps are designed around it.
  15. As many said, it's expected and I guess it can still work but if they have a sprint button and make all the maps larger to incorporate it, they're already well on the way to having me stick with MCC. It saddens me though, they said they were listening and words are cheap. I understand the newer generations like their sprint but they're not even giving them the chance to experience MCC and to see just how great the classic halo feel is first before deciding a major thing like whether to include sprint in Halo 5. I understand the need the modernize the series but if in doing so, they take away it's identity again, it's going to be Halo 4 all over again and this time they're going up against a Treyarch with a 3 year development cycle and a Star Wars FPS developed by DICE.
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