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  1. 52 minutes ago, Boyo said:

    Should an overcharged Plasma Pistol deal bleedthrough damage?  Should a player with low shields be killed by an overcharged shot or should it stop at removing shields?

    It already does those things currently, BUT since you’re asking should it? I think it should not. The plasma pistol is meant to remove shields very quickly through its charged up attack. I believe it being unable to kill is a perfect compromise because of this weapons combo. I’ve never found weapons that require a combo to be an effective a bad thing. Example the h3 AR does quite a bit of damage and yet is considered an underpowered weapon. This is mostly because the gun itself is more or less used in AR+melee where it’s most effective. But that’s irrelevant the fact is the plasma pistol is an effective tool without needing its ability to kill in the process. This is the perfect example of a Niche weapon done properly. 

  2. 1 hour ago, MultiLockOn said:

    Most people that buy surround sound headphones don't instantly become this all-hearing and omniscient source echo location. You have to sit there and train yourself to actually pay attention to directional cues; after some time it becomes second nature and you're no longer actively thinking about it.  It's a learned skill like anything else.

    This also completely ignores how difficult audio mixing, audio attenuation, and all the tech involved with game mixing is.  It is absolutely possible for a game to have a poorly implemented audio mix to the point of never truly feeding you what you need to know.


    and timestamped again


    You probably don't even realize it but even Halo has prioritization of when and what to allow you to hear.  There are dozens of systems all the way down that is the game determining what to filter out before it reaches your ears, it's entirely possible that there could be someone shooting a gun right next to you and the audio will literally not be played because the game is determining that something else is more important and should take priority. Properly implemented vibration cues can absolutely have the same effect.

    Nothing is a good idea until it's done properly.  That's what makes an amazing product. Console shooters weren't considered possible until Halo CE.

    I literally gave an example in Apex in that I'm fully aware of when to slide in console, and not in PC. I asked my coworkers who all play it on PC during their lunch break how long they wait to slide for max velocity and they didn't even know it was a thing because they've only played it with mkb. 

    Well those bullshit examples are the reason I'm the one paid to design these games and you're the one paying to play them.

    I don’t use fucking vibration when I play games and only played apex with a controller twice. So I don’t know if it’s vibration that’s literally letting you know you’re at max velocity.  

  3. 7 minutes ago, Nokt said:

    It's free information at the cost of nothing, just like a hit marker. Remember when someone snipes you in the head and you didn't get to see their location, well now everyone knows where you are. Decide to flank the enemy? Well now everyone knows where you are, it isn't much of a flank anymore. Why should I be discouraged from putting shots out into the enemy? If you saw my bullet trails or picked up my location from sounds that's fine, its not free information anymore. I take a shot and everyone get to see where I am. 

    Of course people "liked" the new radar, it is an improvement to vanilla radar. It still isn't the radar that everyone asked for or wanted. 

    To be fair if your shoot your gun I know you’re there. 

  4. 1 minute ago, logan said:

    Advanced motion radar was designed to punish sprint, but not walking (not on radar when walking), it's more true to the original no sprint no radar settings with it implemented. However, showing shooting on it is kinda annoying since no sprint halo didn't have that. Radar honestly should just be for punishing sprint and only sprint since you'll hear someone thrust and you'll hear someone shoot, no need to have those things on the radar and furthermore nerf awareness. 

    Dude in the original installments we had simplistic style maps where we knew where all our teammates were. Shooting was definitely needed because of the design of h5s maps.

  5. 1 minute ago, Nokt said:

    I didn't say that they said it, I literally watched the streams. Radar doesn't need to exist in competitive in any form. 

    Why not? I agree with the Original radar since it ruins CQC flanking, but this does not. So far most people who played h5 liked the new radar. It’s definetly more needed regarding halo 5. A classic halo not so much but if AM returns it needs to be that newer radar.

  6. 7 minutes ago, Basu said:

    This has been a thing ever since H5 dropped and 343 forced radar into competitive. There are actually people out there that think it's a good idea.

    Well I think the Advanced radar is a good idea. One where you show up only if you use SA or shoot. Is this actually a bad thing? 

  7. 5 minutes ago, Nokt said:

    Played just fine when the pro's tested no radar with competitive settings. 

    They said it played fine compared to the original radar, not Advanced movement radar. This radar was needed to counteract the fast movement such as sprint, thrust you get the idea.

  8. 26 minutes ago, Nokt said:

    What's the reason it was made for competitive in H5? We were never told as far as I know and we were never told why no radar wasn't implemented despite asking for it since pretty much day 1. 

    Because no radar would be too overpowered because of the movement mechanics. This radar was far more balanced than no radar was. Also the map design of h5 with its low FOV.

  9. 9 minutes ago, Nokt said:

    For social sure, for competitive no radar or bust.

    Why not also in competitive? There’s a reason it was made for competitive in h5. We don’t know what gameplay h6 will have so that radar should be implemented. It also works fine for cod so I’m cool with it.

  10. 1 minute ago, Hootspa said:

    I don’t remember seeing a single post about controller vibration on here during the h5 beta. Literally 50% of people on here trashing the game outright, and the other 50% saying it was going to be great we just need to give it a chance. (It’s trash btw)

    You should of gone on waypoint because that was one of the most annoying things. Oh and twitter.

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  11. 1 minute ago, Hootspa said:

    No I meant there is no sense in arguing about it because it is not a big deal either way. They could completely remove it from the game forever, or force everyone to use it and it wouldn’t make a difference. It’s just not important at all.

    Oh if they forced everyone to use it like they did with the h5 beta people be hella pissed. Also this is something we’re basically  talking about because we got nothing better to discuss. We could talk about shit that would/ most likely will happen to halo but no one here likes too.

  12. 5 minutes ago, Hootspa said:

    Holy shit lmao there is NOTHING more irrelevant to halo in its current state than controller vibration.

    Pretty much this . in just about any video game,  No one uses it because there’s no point. It’s just a useless feature that provides no advantage, or any real help that sight and sound can bring. I don’t need vibration to tell me Ive reloaded my gun, reached full sprint speed etc etc. I have eyes I can see the animation. Vibration is a simple annoyance  it’s like flinch almost. 

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  13. 8 hours ago, Hard Way said:


    Finding out that you don't actually read is probably the least surprising thing I've read in months. Perhaps if you actually read what people say before talking more (you know, on a forum, where you come to read), you wouldn't come across as so god damn ignorant all the time. It's a few paragraphs dude, and it's about something you're interested in, and it's written by someone that knows more than you. Grow the fuck up and read.

    I love how you follow up admitting that you gave up on reading by literally guessing at what he took the time to tell you (and getting it wrong, shocker). If you had a respectable level of reading comprehension, you would know that his points about sound were not meant to say that it's distracting and unnecessary, but instead that vibration could be as beneficial as sound if it were implemented correctly. Thus far, with very few exceptions that he was kind enough to point out, it hasn't been implemented correctly. You ignored this portion completely while you skimmed over his post, and then thought you understood it well enough to retort. Instead, you just shit on the status quo implementation of vibration, which he already said was shit. So good job completely not understanding what you're fucking replying to.

    I also love the part where you say he's "denying history" even though he literally fucking directly addressed it, and then say "magically work" like he didn't just give excellent examples of how it could work. Then you say he wouldn't know it would work, when he again gave real world examples of it having already been used well.

    So now I'm just curious at how little you actually read and comprehend before you hit that quote button and start typing. What is your actual thought process like? Do you just read the first sentence of each paragraph?  Exactly how many lines does a post need to be before you give up?  Is there any lingering doubt in your mind while you're typing a response that maybe you don't know what the fuck you're talking about, because you didn't finish reading what you're replying to? Or are you just supremely confident that none of it was important, and only your words and your uninformed, ignorant opinions matter? Does it make you feel stupid when these things are pointed out to you, or do you just get angry that they were pointed out to you, and choose to learn nothing from it?

    I decided to read his full post and STILL my conclusion is what Is made. Grow up and be an adult and understand you’re not correct. He did not give real world examples, he gave examples of how he believes vibration can be done correctly but doesn’t have a video game that implemented his form of vibration into it. You can’t pull out examples and claim them as fact, simply when that example doesn’t exist, it’s you thinking it in your head. I try to be respectful but then you question my intelligence simply because I didn’t read his whole post the first time? Also just like princess had stated, an animation is all you need to know the things multi had suggested. 

    He may have addressed history but the  way he addressed it, he thinks it’s completely irrelevant, which I do not. 

    Also don’t be a smart ass, because  clearly you didn’t read jack shit what I said, you immediately came to this conclusion he’s right, I’m wrong, because of something so simple as not reading a few lines? When you call someone out for imperfections make sure you yourself are perfect. 

  14. vibration has been implemented in every game for the past twenty something years(don’t quote me) and has not once been a feature people say “I loved how vibration was done in this game”. Denying history is a fools move because it makes you think this will magically work in the present(in some cases this has happened but usually because of greater tech or new resources suchs as plants or something of the sort). Vibration is such a feature, you’ve come up a hypothesis on how vibration could possibly work, without knowing if it can. To test this you’d have to see how many people keep this form of vibration on and those who keep it off, and in order for this test to be successful it’d have to have a score of at least 70%. 

  15. 1 hour ago, MultiLockOn said:

    It's not random.


    I could play on mute as well and just watch my health bar go down. Does that make audio redundant. Or is it just additional information.


    Your entire post basically ignores everything I said and opts to regurgitate your same reasoning without addressing anything.  I'm actually on the verge of just setting you to ignore. My response to this is literally my prior post, the one you just responded to without reading, clearly.

    I read the important chunks, but not the entire thing, mostly because you typed up a fucking essay, next time summarize what you want to say.  this is a discussion forum,  It’s not needed to have long ass essay style responses. Your post is mentioning actions regarding sight, sound and touch, and you basically mentioned how touch was done improperly? Am I wrong?  You also came to this dumbass of a conclusion that sound is distracting and unnecessary when that isn’t even close to what I said. Vibration is a physical annoyance, that impacts your physical body. Vibration is literally you shaking and this shake without the proper muscle memory can cause you to mess up in your game thus why people like me disable it. Sound also is easily picked up and doesn’t require the time and patience to adjust. Only way sound is messing you up if you play so high a volume that it hurts or causes you to go deaf, but most human beings are intelligent enough to not do this.

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  16. 30 minutes ago, Hard Way said:

    Reading this made me want to play Shadowrun again (Enhanced Vision vs Smoke). Dammit Larry.

    Im very open to new powerup ideas, but I’m just not in love with this one. I think it would play better if it was player outlines instead of waypoints, since that would be quite a bit of visual noise coming at you when you grab it.

    Also, real-time updates are a little OP, and imo cheesy. Like, I would just wanna set down my controller if I knew my opponent could see me through walls until one of us died. Even if it could expire (it should, btw), that’s still just supremely unfun to play against. I would either do pulses, or better yet, only let it work in a narrow cone of your vision, so you actually had to actively USE it.

    Is a system like Apex op to you? If so why? If not then ok. 

  17. I think we should just have a ping system and if you haven’t played apex you only can target weapons and location spots. The ping doesn’t follow the person directly. This is the most perfect system because gamers these days(console at least) don’t use gamechat(tons have mics I’ve noticed it’s just that NO one uses gamechat) it helps provide call outs without a need of a mic. We don’t need some ctf spotting ability we just need the ping system.

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  18. 2 minutes ago, MultiLockOn said:

    What people think about vibration is irrelevant to me, I downvoted your past posts because like this current one I'm responding to - they reek of ignorance if I'm going to be perfectly honest with you. You're making insanely bold claims based on past precedent that are pretty easily disregarded with even the smallest amount of imagination.


    Vibration is nothing but an additional sense being added to your roster.  Otherwise you're relying on sight, and sound.  Obviously smell and taste are basically guaranteed to never play a role in gaming but touch absolutely can.  I don't care what people currently think about vibration because it's historically been done in a pretty poor way. Why wouldn't you welcome any additional sensory input into the realm of possibility? Off the top of my head (quite literally 10 seconds of thought) the spring jump in Halo is something that is horribly misunderstood and underutilized because there is literally no additional information beyond word of mouth as to how it functions, let alone exists.  You could probably tie a single rumble to the moment the un-crouch frame passes when you need to press jump so you can begin to learn muscle memory as to when to hit jump for the correct spring jump. Halo 5 already ties a single rumble to the moment the weapon refills the magazine refills the reload animation so you know when to YY, that's a huge step in the right direction.  A rumble tied to the exact moment when you have achieved max sprint velocity for slide would be helpful.  Or when ground-pound is done queuing in the air so you can release it for an early activation.  Military shooters could probably do pulses in line with an increasing heartbeat when you're moments from dying.  Gears of war has always had issues with the active reload...



    ... in that the image you need to stare at to perfect the active-reload is at the top right corner of your screen.  While this obviously should probably relocated to the reticle in the center, a rumble when the hash passes the activation mark would go a long way for teaching players when exactly they need to his the reload button again for the active. There's probably a hundred more examples I could come up with if I sat here but I rest my case.


    Yes you can rely on sight and sound for these things but by that same reasoning you and iceprincess both presented, I could easily just cut out sound.  Why introduce sound to distract me when I have eyes? I can see can't I? In the same way you're disregarding vibration as a viable sensory input I could just as easily disregard audio, because in a parallel universe there's about a hundred games that have never implemented audio correctly and it's just as expendable and superfluous as you think vibration is now.  I recently interviewed someone for the position of UI/UX artist at the studio I'm at and one of the questions I've asked is, describe a game you think has done UI remarkably well. His answer, was Halo.  In which he said when Bungie made Halo CE they made the health state not just tied to visual, but audio cues.  In that without ever glancing at the corner of the screen to see your health bar flashing red you know  because the audio state implies it with the beep-beep-beep that is infinitely more recognizable. Also every action in Halo is met with a unique sound if the button is pressed but the action isn't possible - reloading with ammo, shooting without reserves is met with a soft click... his only suggestion was to add an additional sound when throwing grenades on an empty reserved is toggled because there's no current feedback for that.  Is it possible to always recognize what your health state is at without audio? Absolutely.  Is it infinitely improved with additional sensory input? Absolutely, and that applies to vibration the same way.  I'm willing to bet if you took a wide study on console-players for apex vs. pc players, the former would have a better understanding of when to slide for maximum momentum vs the latter strictly because the vibration is the single and only que to tell you that you've hit the cap.


    The fact that historically vibration has been tied to *when shooting, rumble * is of no consequence to me because I can easily see the potential something like vibration has. There's a huge difference between something being fundamental wrong (sprint) and something never have been utilized in the correct way (vibration), and the latter just takes the smallest bit of imagination instead of just clearly brushing it off the table.  You making the claims of " I know you don’t like the fact vibration is bad, it just is man." falls in the latter and reeks of ignorance.  The worst possible case scenario in this is that, you disable vibration.  But when done right that would happen just as often as people decide to play on mute because, audio is just distracting.  They have eyes right? Why do you need sound?


    The fact is you need sight and sound to be effective properly(sorry to my deaf homies) , touch in a video game isn’t proper information. This random occurrences of vibration to reload, max sprint speed, etc etc do sound somewhat nice but still pointless for the average person who can realize these have occurred.

    I’ve had little experience with gears so I won’t comment on it, also your picture didn’t come up for me, probably because I’m on mobile. 

    When it comes to our 5 senses, only two are really important or effective properly in video games, and halo is no exception. The first is sight, this is a given because I highly doubt a blind person could play a shooter properly. Sound, this is so we can hear our surroundings movement, gun sounds, etc and music which is more of a luxury and technically isn’t needed to play games but is most recommended. Touch, this is applied for vibration but it’s more of an annoyance if anything because of its way of implementation, and the way you desire sounds like random poke instances. Now the other two taste and smell have absolutely nothing to do with gaming and never will so no point(unless SAO becomes a thing).


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