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  1. Heavily modified was so they could do the class systems and other things. The overall engine is the same. We just need a FOV Higher than 70!
  2. 25% no it fucking doesn’t! Fov changes wouldn’t do that at all. Go play eldewrito dude. Same engine as h3 and it has a FOV slider. The FPS stays about the same. Now with that said I have a really good pc, but on my old pc that was basically the power of an og Xbox one, and having the FOV above 70 wouldn’t be an issue. Now another note. If halo CE plays fine with no FPS drops whatsoever at its current fov then we can get at the very LEAST a fov increase to at best 90-100! You clearly overestimated what can be rendered on screen and the performance that takes.
  3. They need a FOV slider on console. Fucking ridiculous having to play 70 FOV on h3! FOV barely effects performance in game so don’t give me some bs it can’t be done.
  4. Just had a game where it matched me against people but then resulted in a 1v1
  5. That’s actually really good man. And tbh you’re most likely hired because you’re really good at programming. Although I’d bet it’s also to do with map knowledge. You’re not exactly the guy someone would want a multiplayer team because you’re against common mechanics like hit markers for example.
  6. 15th account because people don’t like the fact I tell them to go fuck themselves on the average 😅. It’s a bad habit I know.
  7. I can shit on him easily, and I still dominate in this game Moron! I’m making the point it’s why I say shit like “where my bullets to?” Its a common phrase people say all the time.
  8. I wanted to play for the sake of playing. And 60 still miles more playable than 100! And the pros in Cali are complaining of shot reg issues too, you hardly make sense when you’re fucking speaking and you’re calling me weird.
  9. That champion while running a TO4 while matching solo and duos feels real good don’t it? Hells you’d match another to4 after like 5 games..
  10. Lol baiting teammates, not even. I was actually pushing while you 3 played like straight ass.
  11. Youre fucking eastern you moron! 100 ping compared to your 30 of course my shots aren’t registering. You’re fucking dogshit. Only one of your pals was any good. You also only played h2a on McC a game where if you miss you’re dogshit. If I were to play with you RN I’d carry your ass like it’s nothing, you stupid idiot. And to clarify I’m not trolling.
  12. I got more kills and less deaths than you on average. In fact I played better than the whole squad. Stfu you’ll get clapped any day of the week. A year after? Bullshitttttt
  13. I played with you and you played like ass on a Coli game(me being an ass)
  14. Apex doesn’t have stupid ass aimmsway, it’s just pure projectile.
  15. And NO there’s isn’t a ton of western playing halo, barely any.
  16. STFU the average player is eastern so I’m at a 24/7 disadvantage. 90-100 ping is unplayable AF.
  17. Dude h5 has the most inconsistent aiming mechanics of any shooter. It’s alsp not smooth at all. Although I’m on the original Xbox one and I noticed it felt smoother on my buddy’s S so maybe I’m just on crap hardware.
  18. Yeah you’re only moving left or right in that game. You’re not doing all the crazy strafes crouch, Gandhi hopping etc. that wouldn’t work. It’s also not in quake.

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