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  1. It’s not like bloom is entirely bad. I understand this dislike for needing to pace your shots. Yes there’s instances where not pacing will benefit, but that isn’t the case every time. Bloom is a lot more effective in longer ranged battles. I found 85% bloom was far more forgiving and you wouldn’t need to pace as much as you would on vanilla.
  2. I don’t mind spamming, but 85% bloom is balanced for what it’s aorth. Heck’s pacing your shots is also a lot better on it(better to pace at distances). Fort nite has bloom in order to make ranged battles not get you killed so easily. Shoot an AR at someone in CQC and they die near instantly. Now everyone hates bloom in fort nite and anyone who plays it wants projectile with recoil. Bloom isn’t bad like random spread in my eyes because bloom can be controlled from pacing shots. As for multis suggestion of slowing the rate of fire, how slow we talking here? You don’t know like at all do you? You couldn’t even test it properly, because too slow a fire rate is just boring. 85% bloom isn’t a problem like at all.
  3. Pacing shots is a natural thing regarding certain guns, it’s in order to be more accurTe. It’s especially good to do this with a DMR(Pubg be a good example of this) . But 1. Overheat isn’t a thing with human weaponry, the only exceptions are weapons like the chain gun, the BR also has random spread and not bloom. Bloom at the very least is controllable.
  4. If you miss a shot on 85% bloom it’s literally because you did nothing but spam. But I do agree with you.
  5. You’re not wrong there, which is why I think 85% bloom was perfect. That randomness was basically gone. Hells it played a lot like ZB anyway on a good connection.
  6. That’s because bloom actually worked as intended. Bloom is less effective in CQC ranges. Bloom was far more effective in longer distances and medium ones as well.
  7. When you compare it to the rest of the sandbox, other maps 85% bloom worked greatly. Zero bloom isn’t anything that’s needed here. Don’t just say incorrect without clarifying, because it doesn’t work so great. 85% bloom was completely ok.
  8. It’s fair to note 85% is more balanced than Zero bloom. It doesn’t make gun fights completely piss easy at range and such but is more forgiving than vanilla.85% on a good connection felt like zero bloom anyway. 85% fixed most of the issues with vanilla bloom. Most of the casual idiots who hate TU, hate the fact anyone who’s good is rewarded For it.
  9. There’s a big problem when you try to punish body shots. How slow we talking here? If you want it to be that punishing then make it a 1 shot sniper.
  10. I kinda like the current sandbox of h5, but the abilities and everything just make it bad. The AR does bad damage to the body but to the head it’s pretty good.
  11. It definitely is a console problem. Play any multi-platform game and then play it’s pc version. The pc always has mics. Now Xbox has plenty of mic users, it’s simply the fact gamechat mic quality is trash. Pc has discord but we all got less pc who we discord with than party chat.
  12. In reach you didn’t need to “press x” to party up. You simply stayed in the lobby.
  13. You’re not that important to boot, and if you get booted regularly get a VPN. Not impossible to boot you with it, but really hard.
  14. CSGO would disagree with him there then. Although that game has spread(although controllable in a way) it’s not bullets going completely straight. There’s this weird opinion that cross mapping is a bad thing? Why is it bad? You put yourself into that position to get cross mapped. And apex shows me with a high strafe accel that mouse and keyboard isn’t perfect accuracy. Apex’s shots work a lot like hitscan(fast projectiles) so that says something at the very least. And even then hitscan for controller is completely ok. A mouse and keyboard is more accurate and faster where leading shots appropriately is easier than it would be on a controller.
  15. Dude people wanted it on Xbox one mcc anyway because the BC version was ass! 30fps and the average host being Mexican or Colombian, yeah that’s a big “hell no”
  16. I remember lots liking it. Literally the only ones who hated reach were the comp community and this was because of bloom & armor lock. The campaign in reach was really fun for most people I knew, heck’s the complaint it got was “no mc”. But unlike h4 this game still felt like a halo game and still had layers of skill into it, that made it enjoyable.
  17. Tbh the dedicated servers improved greatly with this recent update(but only on mcc) with that said we definitely need greatly improved servers for HI. In h5 the weapons are so accurate where a bullet that doesn’t register can be such a huge game changer.
  18. You serious? I was liking the 75 kills. 100 was too much but 75 was the perfect balance.
  19. Nope not correct. was projectile. They later made it hitscan in 0.6
  20. It’s one of them but it’s not the main problem. One problem is the speed of the projectiles. Did you ever play ELDEWRITO before 0.6? In 5.1.1 the h3 BR was projectile and the default movement speed was 120%. The hit reg(while still having h3s spread) was really good. It’s fair to note this Brs projectiles were quicker. Now in 0.6 they made it hitscan in order to provide greater consistency. But now we have this bizarre cross map shooting. Although tbh I think accuracy being perfect within red reticule range isn’t a bad thing.
  21. Eh, most wouldn’t like it. A high fov is good but it also can make targets at certain distances look farther away than they are. Although most games compensate this by having a limit of FOV options.
  22. Dude no one plays 120 fov anyway. The average FOV people are on is 105 or 110.

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