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  1. If you want a game that relies completely on your skillful guns and positioning, go play counter strike. Oh you want this in “halo”? Maybe in your next life.
  2. And here’s my response, sooooo what! You die one or two deaths because of a power weapon. You didn’t control these weapons, so you/your team deserves to suffer because of it. You say truth plays miles better without power weapons, when that isn’t true, as there’s the plasma pistol(aka Noob combo) and this weapon does provide game changing moments. There’s also camo a power up providing game changing moments.
  3. “acting or done in the same way over time, especially so as to be fair or accurate.” This is the definition. And in terms of wins and battles this is what happens majority of the time when against lesser skilled players.
  4. You bring up this word consistency a lot I notice, without realizing half the shit you complain of being Inconsistent is already consistent. BUT there’s a catch, it’s not consistent “enough”.
  5. They already do win consistently. TF are you on? What world do you live in where the average bk is killing/winning against a superior player, because it doesn’t happen and that’s a fact.
  6. And ice what tips would those be? Because most of the time when games add tips no one reads them, and half the time the tips are useless.
  7. That’s a good thing, and ultimate is pretty competitive I’ll add. It’s not to say that a game specifically designed to be competitive is bad it just hasn’t been done. So far the game that tried this failed. Looking at you h5. If a game goes competitive it has to do it the RIGHT way. This is subjective but to me it needs to be skillful but also FUN.
  8. A game should be designed around the average audience, while having its competitiveness in the game. This is what many successful games have done. Basically competitive is the cream filling of a donut.
  9. Give me an example of such a game. Because h5 was designed to be competitive and it’s the most disliked game ever. Perhaps OW, CS? You don’t understand what a bs death is do you? You getting killed because of a PW isn’t a result of a bs death.
  10. And that happens 90% of the time, sometimes a power weapon like a RL changes that. And hes definitely one of the best though.
  11. And that mentality is why you will never get what you want. You dominate 90% of the game anyway, giving lesser skilled players a chance ain’t changing nothing. A game isn’t always about who’s greater at aiming, if that was the case shroud would win every game he’s ever played.
  12. You think simply because you’re more skilled a lesser player shouldn’t ever be able to kill you? That’s ridiculous.
  13. Because when design a game for skilled players only it’s no longer fun. The utility weapon in halo has always been us skilled players weapon, and we dominate the lesser skilled people like it’s a profession. But you can’t design everything around that. You must do enough where it’s empowerin for those who are more skilled, but don’t push it too far. H5 is a clear example of pushing too far at least in regards to its movement.
  14. Oh hells no are those cubed TVs instant. Maybe if you play on 480p. What we got now is responsive as fuk.
  15. I had to be a dick right there simply because a lot of the CE guys here say things “it wasn’t that easy on og” without realizing there’s a reason why it’s easier to aim. You’re going to aim better on higher FPS it’s a fact, and with a superior device(in this case controller) its a no brainer. Also 1ms 1080p monitors, compared to whatever you get on a cubed TV.
  16. Lmao no it ain’t and were using mcc as an example. Not the OG version with your shit controller and shit 30fps.
  17. Depends what you mean by difficult? The average person can’t pick it up and go off like a pro. People miss shots all the time with it, especially in the likes of halo 3. It’s to be expected from someone who plays the game competitively(this can even mean playing the MLG/HC playlist) that you can do relatively good with it. If someone’s good at a game, there’s nothing you can do make the weapon harder for them without adding useless mechanics like bloom.
  18. Skill is usually tied into something that’s subjective. In a shooting game(average one) skill is usually tied to the recoil of a gun. The more recoil the greater the power. Also complaints such as those are worthless, they’re whiners whining about being killed by a rocket launcher or something of the sort. Weapon balancing takes two things into account it’s power and difficulty. In halo the sniper is a difficult weapon(in h4&5 not so much) so it’s power is great. But an AUTO is easy to use so it’s power is usually high or low. But it’s hard to please the competitive crowds when guns like an AR that takes no skill is equal to a precision weapon whom does take skill. With that said about the h4&5 sniper, what players are picking this weapon up and going off with it? Is it nobody BKS or someone who’s already a decently good player?
  19. Skill and balance don’t go always hand in hand. Every game does this. They do think of the skill but they take into account is it balanced? A game should reward skilled players, but don’t make it so it’s neRly impossible for someone less skilled to kill them. I’ve always found h4s sandbox to be perfect in halo. ARS were strong but not so strong that if you’re using a precision weapon that you’re screwed.
  20. It doesn’t help that no one here ever takes into account what’s “balanced for weapons” but what’s skillful. P.S. these aren’t the same things.
  21. Well have fun with that mentality. You’re a fool of you think v7 across the board has a chance in hell.

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