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  1. To be fair these days console and pc users can play with each other. It’s starting to be ok these days. It’s just the fact not all games go the mega high AA like fortnite or halo online. I think apex aim assist is the perfect mix. It’s not low but not high either.
  2. Considering when playing halo online I can dominate a controller player in BR battles on 60fps I’ll add(once you’ve played 144 it’s like going from 60-30 FPS in a way)there’s no reason to feel discouraged from playing controller users. I’d also debate that WASD compared to analog stick isn’t any better in terms of movement because of the way a M&K user can move their Aimer. In h5 pc it has forced aim acceleration so you can’t have fast movement like you can in other FPS games. Show me a controller player on apex legends with better movement than Dizzy, I’ll wait.
  3. Lmao controller on halo online is proof that M&K have no advantage, as long as controller has AA. Heck’s look At destiny 2 on pc for Christ sake.
  4. There’s this post on halo waypoint saying cross play will kill Xbox halo because they believe M&K will dominate and this guys reply is priceless and was needed to be said ”Damn, everyone who’s complaining must really suck. If you’ve ever played halo online/eldewrito on pc, most players still use a controller and still dominate heavily. Not having cross play on multiplayer will kill this game for Xbox. Aim assist would still be there for controllers. So y’all are just bad and don’t want to get better lol.”
  5. Lmao there’s a I said sprint only but nerfed as hell. You’re right that most wouldn’t want my version of sprint. A map pick up such as thruster or JP actually isn’t a bad idea, as it could be like equipment. Equipment unlike AA/SA changed map design where equipment did not.
  6. I’m not the person to ask since I don’t have anything specific. I don’t like this idea of niche weapons tbh. I think it creates a reason for me not to pick this weapon up. Maybe it’s a mcc ce thing but I rarely feel a need or want to use the other weapons. The pistol is all I need to use. I’d remove all abilities and sprint.if need be in order to stay somewhat new or modern(a term many use when referring to advanced movement) then keep thruster or sprint(nerfed sprint aka cant sprint unless 100% hp/shield), thruster isn’t welcomed alongside sprint.
  7. I highly doubt that, 343 hates this site mate. They come here once in a blue moon and no unyshek or bravo don’t count because although they work for 343 they don’t have that power to get something implemented. Also largest competitive community are you for real? This forum is full of ce or die people, 343 ain’t making a game for them😂
  8. Compete with the average “tard” attention, that way my idea has a possibility(although alright) of occurring. Why discuss all these weapon differences and niches “only” here? What so you can feel good about yourself?
  9. Why do you people make weapon suggestions on here and at least not on halos twitter? Maybe your suggestions will idk be looked at?
  10. The flsgnum is still weak in the regard that you move slower making you an easier target if you don’t drop it. Sooo
  11. Why? The flagnum makes you move slower so you don’t get the full strafe speed, is that not enough? Are you angry how there’s times when you’re killed by it?
  12. Is Flagnums a bad thing? It was only bad in h4 simply because you couldn’t drop it.
  13. The SPKR rockets in h5 are straight dogshit. It’s slow and it doesn’t have enough power. The og h5 rocket launcher is balanced with the abilities in mind.
  14. Ok thank you for this statement. You’re right in every regard to this. And average kill times isn’t a good comparison when the utility of ce is 0.6s. Faster ttk doesn’t mean more skill as seen in a game like apex with ttk longer than halo. A faster ttk simply gives you a better chance of taking out two opponents who were looking the opposite direction
  15. You know, there’s a reason call of duty doesn’t have TDM in its competitive mode. Because TS always creates these situations of camping in the back of a certain area. I do agree with you Ice that obj is the way to incentivize map movement. But many here and I’d say most in the halo community like power weapons and ups, simply because they’re another layer in the game. I understand this hate of a position being taken over simply because this guy had rockets or snipe. Heck’s even the hr Grenade launcher was annoying AF. But this extra layer of gameplay outside of simple stuff such as positions, gun skill etc etc isn’t always bad.
  16. Backed into a corner? Who the hell gave you the right to dictate what’s true and untrue. A fact is blue is blue, but an opinion is what’s competitive and what isn’t. Regardless of what majority may think about that subjective opinion, it remains an opinion you fool. A conversation is a conversation where one can agree or disagree. Now if we go into debates, you must convince me or others that you’re right, by providing facts! Not saying shit like “2v2” ce is the most competitive by only providing what goes on in that game and not using what goes on in the 4v4 games you’re debating are inferior.
  17. Well now you have Mr.Shekkles, you got a point you want to make to make yourself feel better?
  18. No we can’t, because it all comes down to heated arguments, one side believing they’re right, the other refusing to believe they’re wrong. I already debated a while ago I hated ce camo because it’s blatantly not possible to see(mcc ce) at least reach and h5 have effective camos that aren’t completely invisible. In other games there’s a sleight blur that if you pay attention you can see.
  19. I never said ascension was competitive viable but my point still stood. In pit ctf without power weapons it would be tedious long to break a set up, without the power ups or weapons. One reason we have power weapons and ups, is simply to speed the game up, give a bit of an advantage or simply a better reason for a team to be aggressive. You know it’s funny when I think about it, rockets are pretty under powered in h2,3&5. The only halos they’re extremely good in are h1&reach. In h3 a simple jump is enough to dodge the rocket and if you were looking/shooting at the carrier during the encounter they will get 4/5 shotted before they can switch. Rockets aren’t difficult but I say if you can get a kill with h3/5 rockets, you’ve earned it.
  20. If it’s difficult to prove then it’s not a fact, becaus there’s just no way can you prove it. You just believe you can so until you can prove it, it’s an opinion pal.
  21. In a forum where majority here are ce fanboys, and think it’s the “perfect” competitive halo” lmao good luck.
  22. Because that’s what every post is. You can’t say stuff like “more skillful” or “more competitive” without looking like a fool thinking it’s a fact.
  23. That’s completely subjective of what’s more skillful I’ll add.
  24. Power weapons help reverse a bad situation easier. There’s something about it being easier that ticks you off. I understand how frustrating it can be to lose map control because of rockets but that was my teams fault for not getting that weapon. It’s an element you think shouldn’t exist but I think otherwise. Let’s look at a map like ascension. The main tower is such a controlling spot, but there’s a way to take control of it easier, and that’s the power weapons on the map. A person or two from your squad is now forced to leave this powering position in order to prevent the enemy from getting these weapons that easily can give a comeback.

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