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  1. Maybe because halo has always been fine with these additions. Look even in obj we need there to be an incentive to push. And CE doesn’t get a pass since it’s power ups are what provide the incentive. This is why halo has been declining! Changing the way halo is played and yes that is changing it for the worse.
  2. Should halo Infinite have armor abilities(pick up only) it’s somethung that doesn’t break map design since it’ll work a lot like halo 3s equipment(jist less op). Tbh equipment was only hated by comp players because most of the equipment was op. Bubble shield, regen.
  3. Why is team shooting a flaw ice? It’s not hard to put a shot into someone(nor should it ever be hard to put one bullet into someone) I think it’s just natural that if you get into a fight against two people your chances of victory are lower than going in. Even with a strong utility such as CE pistol, your chances of winning are still virtually lower, Unless their backs were facing you during the encounter of course. Now you complain about power weapons such as Rockets being a free overkill, yeah it’s a rocket launcher what you expect it to be hard to use? I know many here don’t like them but I thought h3 rockets took skill because it’s power was actually low. It was easily dodgeable. I think you exaggerate on what you’re wanting as well.
  4. The biggest flaw with ordinance drops wasn’t even the weapons themselves within it, but the Lack of skill of obtaining them. In call of duty killstreaks/scorestreaks are obtained through kills, obj scoring, and assisted kills. Within this system are overpowered guaranteed kills with them. To balance this you must do all 3 things or depending on the mode 1 or the other and “stay alive”. Min halo 4 ordinance drops were given regardless if you stayed alive. If they had implemented this in halo, they wouldn’t be hated as much.
  5. I think in halo 3 you have to have a number and letters.
  6. Well I’d say it’s your fault for going to a Lan event and not even playing beforehand. Like unless you were just randomly in the area and was like “hey 2v2 tournament halo 3 sure! But I doubt that.
  7. It’s not like halo can afford to have mass bullet drop like Fortnite or pubg,
  8. Honestly do people quit Halo CE btb all the time or what?
  9. It’s difgerent because 1. Different controller, it’s a proven fact the Xbox one stick tension is lowe(65 grams, 360 is 110 grams) which is why the halo 3 aiming doesn’t feel as tight as it did back in the day. H1 aiming isn’t one I’m interested in, it’s their fault for not playing after the patch anyway.
  10. Uhh I kinda meant for customs only. And that’s Mario kart not a competitive shooter.
  11. What are you talking about, plenty h3 players like myself are currently using 3.5V/H. Do you even play h3 anyway? Most people here are CE players, so I’m a bit curious. Like I just don’t think anyone here really plays it really, or at the very least it seems like that’s the case.
  12. There were some noticeable issues though that were game breaking, so it’s delay is justified.
  13. I know for a fact the black ops 4 bots were programmed by pros playing, so the bots knew what they were doing. It definitely would be difficult but I say it’s wothh a shot still to try it.
  14. That’s actually interesting to hear that the reason it was developed was because of the content limit of halo 5. This clearly means we will have greater content than h5 currently has. Also I hope the forge mode isn’t filled with unfixable framerate issues, this is the biggest issue with h5’s forge mode, because depending on the size,textures etc certain areas would be plagued by those drops and the forge team even stated they couldn’t fix those.
  15. I understand why but still it’s annoying. The aiming update is like the update that halo 5 should of gotten a long time ago.
  16. It’s not the biggest deal, but it’s still something to look forward too. I just hope they Finally remove abilities. you know what, they need to add bots to halo. Call of duty had pros play as the boys to make the difficulty something that was hard but not some ridiculous aimbot bullshit like it is in some earlier call of duty’s. Like have the pro team make the bots and have “pro” as a difficulty. It be nice to have custom games with bots and such. Also Incase you need to warm up your shot that also be great.
  17. I use mobile it’s not available. And obviously. Gosh I miss the 360 days when reporting didn’t do shit.
  18. Wish there was a way to report bugs on waypoint, im banned.
  19. At least try what I suggested. The aiming is too slow with modern but because of the smoothness/responsiveness it’s better 10x than classic. The high deadzone just doesn’t work especially on h3. In a CQC fight you don’t want that aim look to be slow AF(looking at you h5)
  20. I’m sorry for my behavior. On the reason I came back is to comment the new aiming feels amazing: also LOWER your deadlines! The new aiming is smoother but the default deadZone makes the sensitivity’s too slow. I lowered them to 7% I used 5% on CE and felt amazing. Try that out and you’ll notice a LIKEABLE difference:

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