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  1. That’s actually not true you don’t have to prove me wrong. The fact is the bullet mag in reach isn’t high. Heck’s if you shoot at someone outside RR you won’t magically hit the head like you would in h4 or 5.
  2. IKR. Why not add a pinging system? That’s basically what it is but in terms of equipment.
  3. No it did not, at least when you look at h4&5. God I hate you. Having no proof of such bullshit and claim it as truth. Wtf is your definition of high bullet mag!
  4. Anyone ever think of consistency is a bad thing? At least regarding shots? I look at ice and beasts reasons for hits can because it makes ranged fights consistent. But is this kind of consistency a good thing? Is it actually needed? Projectile makes ranged fights a guessing game, but I look at reach (TU & v7) and it’s clear hitscan didn’t help in ranged fights all the time. The bullet mag clearly wasn’t that high in reach but still retained amazing hit reg.
  5. Ever since the 60HZ update I hardly get blood shots. Only exceptions are BTB maps.
  6. It definitely sounded demanding. And your reply was rude towards me. I said your were laZy for having to read, it’s hardly that bad of an insult.
  7. Their spawns still work in the same regard with minor differences. It’s not making a new spawn system that is why. I guess I forgot to clarify the spawning isn’t customized depending how many people are in a match. Which doubles is exactly that. One needs to sckmoflrh
  8. It’s not what he wants though. The spawning is the same for every mode while hed like a specific spawn towards his own preferred mode.
  9. You should also note majority of the halo community doesn’t think CE’s spawning as good or unique. Didn’t halo reach have a mode where you could spawn somewhere specific anyway. I can’t remembef the name but it was a game type where you could spawn in 3 central locations or next to your teammate as long as he wasn’t in battle. I found this quite unique and in your situation you should as well because it gives the player “control” on where they spawn which is what you ce people want/like.
  10. In your opinion. But I know game devs, no developer would want to waste their time making “two” different spawn systems. Especially when such a thing isn’t in high demand. Making maps isn’t easy and in halos case they will want to make maps fit for 4v4 or BTB/Warzone. In the past doubles played just fine for doubles, heck’s even h4s maps. But the h5 ones obviously do not. The amount of time it takes to make the spawn system and balance it etc etc, to just do it AGAIN but on a gametype, and for a specific community of the game because that community doesn’t like the current spawning(even though no one but you ce people have ever complained about it) is ridiculous.
  11. Oh yeah in h5s case that’s a no brainer they all sucked.
  12. You also gotta realize it probably just can’t be done. It’s like the virtual reality helmets. Everyone wants VR like the SAO anime but that most likely can’t be done. Lmao at least not without human testing.
  13. Yes because now you’re wasting game dev time. No developer wants to make a separate spawn system just for a certain part of a games community. It’s like wanting hitmarkers to be only on guns, again no game Dev wants to do that because it’s a waste of time. A solution is hitmarkers or no hit markers. As for maps yes it is too much to ask for. Most 4v4 maps play decently good for 2s anyway. I’d debate CEs spawn system isn’t as unique as you think but for doubles it’s not too bad. as for the items, no because a simple customization of when power items spawn can be implemented.
  14. Most competitive gamers like controllers that are light. There’s a reason people remove bumpers from controllers. If I’m getting vibration when shot at it makes aiming on them difficult.
  15. You know, I’ve always liked the idea of a Nerf to thruster that makes it strafe dependent only. The ability to only thrust to the sides(left or right). No thrust melee(which was worse than sprint melee).
  16. @MultiLockOn I know you don’t like the fact vibration is bad, it just is man. People hate it(majority) in competitive scenes cod,halo, gears you probably can find maybe one pro who uses vibration but the rest don’t. Vibration just can’t work. Even the elite controller where you can customize the level of vibration can’t be done properly. It’s just something most don’t like. Most of us can see, and most of us aren’t deaf, so we know when we’re being shot, reloading guns etc. you find me a game where vibration feels good, where the majority that played the game used vibration.
  17. Eh evade was too far. That shit was almost impossible to hit when Spartans used it. Was far more balanced on big ass elites.
  18. You know the armor abilities biggest fault isn’t they exist, it’s that you can spawn with it. Looking at halo 4 the most hated thing about it was Boltshot. 343 not realizing why it was hated. It’s because it was a mini shotgun that was stronger than the damned mauler that you spawned with. We kept jet pack in reach v7 and it wasn’t op. It was simply a pickup, that is all. It didn’t change the size of the map(sanctuary) because it wasn’t a spawned thing. I’d like it if 343 did that with halo infinite. If they want to keep shit like A.M in their game or some signs of it, then have them be map pickups. The biggest reason people hate sprint or thrust is because they do the following. 1. Add get out of jail free cards 2. Change map design by making maps bigger or wider(in h5s case both) 3. Weapons have more bullet magnetism to compensate 4.harder to make maps since you must balance them around all this movement shit.
  19. I mean multi kills being 4.5 seconds isn’t a big deal. It’s simply giving you more time to find that random Joe.
  20. Vibration will never ever work. It’s been tried for 20 something years. The fact is the people who like it will use it. You can’t make vibration work for everyone, and no one can prove that statement wrong otherwise.
  21. Maybe because the physics are locked to 60fps. If you’re used to FPS on pc higher than 60 aiming feels that way.

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