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  1. If you ever read the lore the promethions are one of the weapons used against the flood, but they obviously weren’t successful.
  2. Considering the request for flood firefight still happens, and HW2 having flood, and to obviously answer your question yes.
  3. Tbh a simple Aim assist Nerf could of been nice or pistol only btb, and in the customs I’ve played the hog was quite useful.
  4. If only M$ didn’t claim copy right and shit. They only did it because the halo online pop hit 20k!
  5. The BR on halo online travels at a faster rate which is why it’s hit reg is so good, it got even better when it was made hitscan in 0.6. The higher fire rate made the hit Reg better, and it still had the bs spread.
  6. Like what the guy above me said, CEs bullets travel faster, this basically acts like a hitscan weapon depending on the range. In halo reach the warthog was plenty strong even the TU which basically was as good as zero bloom if the connection was green bar. No joke you didn’t have to pace your shots at all on 85% depending on the connection. I think If reach released with the TU settings it’d of been liked more by the comp community. Although I wouldn’t mind some front protection and what not. I think like shields or something be a nice idea
  7. H3 made the Warthog op AF because of how crap the BR was. I think it’s clear we need to have hitscan or high bullet velocity projectile a little bit higher than CE so basically shots connect like hitscan within the RR but outside it, you should have to lead.
  8. Why should the Warthog gunner be safe? It’s your drivers fault for driving so close. The warthog machine turret does high damage, that’s perfectly balanced in my book. Tbh you’re right for the most part. vehicles in h5 have high power but weak armor so I think that’s a fair compromise. Ok I’ll admit the banshee flip,turn bs was hugely OP! But still.
  9. This is why reach BTB in my eyes is the best(TU) you have a strong utility off spawn, and vehicles are strong but not too OP.
  10. Reach vehicle balance was perfect. They were very powerful but there’s plenty of ways to take them out even with your dmr. Just most people are too stupid to shoot at the vehicles. Ok I’ll admit that was a “Git Gud” comment but people had to have been close to cover or something.
  11. To you, but ask anyone who plays BTB and sprint without is garbage, ground vehicles are just fine, reach is a perfect example of this. People running away from battles isn’t a huge issue in the Likes of btb, you literally are missing that guy at this point, or he was close to cover or some shit. Vehicles are hella op when sprint is gone anyway. Sprint has only been an issue on arena maps. And in h5s case you have sprint and thrust, and all h5 btb maps are horrible for vehicles.
  12. That’s basically how 343 works. They expect us to be 100% polite in are Critics. 343 still doesn’t understand halo doesn’t work with sprint, tbh sprint only works in btb, and no man cannons or teleporters will fix that people. Avalanche has all that and it’d still play miles better with sprint. They should remove abilities and keep sprint only for BTB. The only people who ever say shit like halo “feels too slow” are those who play BTB! No one says this on midship, pit, sanctuary etc, and there’s a good reason for that. Sorry but btb in classic halo honestly sucks compared to what reach and 4 brought regarding BTB.
  13. Playing well implies they weren’t good but not terrible like they were for 4v4
  14. You know it’s fair to note some of the bad maps played quite well for doubles. Epitaph, cold storage, snowbound(shields).

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