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  1. @TeeJaY if you’re going to downvote me then at least explain why? Because obviously you disagree with me. I’m ready to debate.
  2. vibration has been implemented in every game for the past twenty something years(don’t quote me) and has not once been a feature people say “I loved how vibration was done in this game”. Denying history is a fools move because it makes you think this will magically work in the present(in some cases this has happened but usually because of greater tech or new resources suchs as plants or something of the sort). Vibration is such a feature, you’ve come up a hypothesis on how vibration could possibly work, without knowing if it can. To test this you’d have to see how many people keep this form of vibration on and those who keep it off, and in order for this test to be successful it’d have to have a score of at least 70%.
  3. I read the important chunks, but not the entire thing, mostly because you typed up a fucking essay, next time summarize what you want to say. this is a discussion forum, It’s not needed to have long ass essay style responses. Your post is mentioning actions regarding sight, sound and touch, and you basically mentioned how touch was done improperly? Am I wrong? You also came to this dumbass of a conclusion that sound is distracting and unnecessary when that isn’t even close to what I said. Vibration is a physical annoyance, that impacts your physical body. Vibration is literally you shaking and this shake without the proper muscle memory can cause you to mess up in your game thus why people like me disable it. Sound also is easily picked up and doesn’t require the time and patience to adjust. Only way sound is messing you up if you play so high a volume that it hurts or causes you to go deaf, but most human beings are intelligent enough to not do this.
  4. Is a system like Apex op to you? If so why? If not then ok.
  5. I think we should just have a ping system and if you haven’t played apex you only can target weapons and location spots. The ping doesn’t follow the person directly. This is the most perfect system because gamers these days(console at least) don’t use gamechat(tons have mics I’ve noticed it’s just that NO one uses gamechat) it helps provide call outs without a need of a mic. We don’t need some ctf spotting ability we just need the ping system.
  6. The fact is you need sight and sound to be effective properly(sorry to my deaf homies) , touch in a video game isn’t proper information. This random occurrences of vibration to reload, max sprint speed, etc etc do sound somewhat nice but still pointless for the average person who can realize these have occurred. I’ve had little experience with gears so I won’t comment on it, also your picture didn’t come up for me, probably because I’m on mobile. When it comes to our 5 senses, only two are really important or effective properly in video games, and halo is no exception. The first is sight, this is a given because I highly doubt a blind person could play a shooter properly. Sound, this is so we can hear our surroundings movement, gun sounds, etc and music which is more of a luxury and technically isn’t needed to play games but is most recommended. Touch, this is applied for vibration but it’s more of an annoyance if anything because of its way of implementation, and the way you desire sounds like random poke instances. Now the other two taste and smell have absolutely nothing to do with gaming and never will so no point(unless SAO becomes a thing).
  7. That’s actually not true you don’t have to prove me wrong. The fact is the bullet mag in reach isn’t high. Heck’s if you shoot at someone outside RR you won’t magically hit the head like you would in h4 or 5.
  8. IKR. Why not add a pinging system? That’s basically what it is but in terms of equipment.
  9. No it did not, at least when you look at h4&5. God I hate you. Having no proof of such bullshit and claim it as truth. Wtf is your definition of high bullet mag!
  10. Anyone ever think of consistency is a bad thing? At least regarding shots? I look at ice and beasts reasons for hits can because it makes ranged fights consistent. But is this kind of consistency a good thing? Is it actually needed? Projectile makes ranged fights a guessing game, but I look at reach (TU & v7) and it’s clear hitscan didn’t help in ranged fights all the time. The bullet mag clearly wasn’t that high in reach but still retained amazing hit reg.
  11. Ever since the 60HZ update I hardly get blood shots. Only exceptions are BTB maps.
  12. It definitely sounded demanding. And your reply was rude towards me. I said your were laZy for having to read, it’s hardly that bad of an insult.

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