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  1. It already does those things currently, BUT since you’re asking should it? I think it should not. The plasma pistol is meant to remove shields very quickly through its charged up attack. I believe it being unable to kill is a perfect compromise because of this weapons combo. I’ve never found weapons that require a combo to be an effective a bad thing. Example the h3 AR does quite a bit of damage and yet is considered an underpowered weapon. This is mostly because the gun itself is more or less used in AR+melee where it’s most effective. But that’s irrelevant the fact is the plasma pistol is an effective tool without needing its ability to kill in the process. This is the perfect example of a Niche weapon done properly.
  2. I don’t use fucking vibration when I play games and only played apex with a controller twice. So I don’t know if it’s vibration that’s literally letting you know you’re at max velocity.
  3. I’m going to look if I hear shots near me anyway.
  4. To be fair if your shoot your gun I know you’re there.
  5. Dude in the original installments we had simplistic style maps where we knew where all our teammates were. Shooting was definitely needed because of the design of h5s maps.
  6. Why not? I agree with the Original radar since it ruins CQC flanking, but this does not. So far most people who played h5 liked the new radar. It’s definetly more needed regarding halo 5. A classic halo not so much but if AM returns it needs to be that newer radar.
  7. Well I think the Advanced radar is a good idea. One where you show up only if you use SA or shoot. Is this actually a bad thing?
  8. They said it played fine compared to the original radar, not Advanced movement radar. This radar was needed to counteract the fast movement such as sprint, thrust you get the idea.
  9. Because no radar would be too overpowered because of the movement mechanics. This radar was far more balanced than no radar was. Also the map design of h5 with its low FOV.
  10. Why not also in competitive? There’s a reason it was made for competitive in h5. We don’t know what gameplay h6 will have so that radar should be implemented. It also works fine for cod so I’m cool with it.
  11. You should of gone on waypoint because that was one of the most annoying things. Oh and twitter.
  12. I think the advanced movement Radar is the most balanced radar we’ve had tbh. A radar where you show up only by shooting or something. I think that should be the main radar for h6.
  13. Oh if they forced everyone to use it like they did with the h5 beta people be hella pissed. Also this is something we’re basically talking about because we got nothing better to discuss. We could talk about shit that would/ most likely will happen to halo but no one here likes too.
  14. Irrelevant: not connected with or relevant to something. This is basically saying it’s relevance in the game is non existing since vibration is controller based only, and in no way shape or form can be done right.(regardless of whatever bullshit examples @MultiLockOn gives out).
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