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  1. Dope. I can't wait for March 11th because all of this speculation has been irking me. Sooooooooo many people are hellbent on dissing and dismissing this game. Regardless of how it turns out, I just want it to be out. If it succeeds, I'll be happy and those people will be eating their words, and if it's trash, I'll admit that and move on. But speculation with people throwing around random opinions and shit based on little to no knowledge or reveals just gets irritating.
  2. I think that Titanfall is going to be picked up on Console if it can break into the competitive scene, and it would definitely be XB1. If you're going for competitive, XB1 would be your best bet.
  3. This thread makes me so happy for two reasons. The first is that they're awesome trailers, and I'm stoked for this game. The second is that Violenc3 is finally banned.
  4. Hey guys, I was in a thread the other day where I started rambling about ideas for competitive play, balance, etc. and told myself I would write an article about it. Well, it was 4 in the morning and I wasn't ready to sleep or do anything else, so I started writing. Just got it all fancied up and published, so take a look and tell me what you think. Open to criticism, just please don't jump on the bashwagon (for me or the game). Thanks. http://www.gameskinny.com/cblan/the-case-for-competitive-titanfall/?new=1
  5. WARNING: Wall of Text Incoming. I can appreciate the sentiment, but I don't necessarily agree with all of the points in this video. First of all, regardless of how many games have adopted the feature, a spectator client should not be Respawn's main priority. Not by a long shot. Thank god we at least got private lobbies, but LAN support would be appreciated as well, as you said. Secondly, I think you may be overestimating the amount of "editing" tools we need for the game. Respawn has spent the entire development cycle balancing the game, so we should at least give the core gameplay a chance before straying too far into our own little path. Yes, things like Burn Cards and Titan use need to be analyzed and regulated, but I don't think it's fair to just rule them out completely. I personally love the Pilot v Pilot standard gameplay more than most of the other aspects, but to be honest stripping it down to a fast paced Call of Duty from the jump would be doing the game, and Respawn, a disservice. Another example of such stripping is Halo. I enjoyed and supported competitive Halo from CE, but one of the aspects I loved about Pre-H3 was the mastery of the game itself. Fighting over power weapon spawns and power ups provided tactical and entertaining gameplay, even in Slayer variants, and it seemed like almost every weapon or tactic in the game was utilized. Flash forward to late H3/Reach, and it was basically BR/DMR shootouts in boring, gray forge maps over and over. You could argue that the game got more competitive when they began stripping away default game content, but it definitely wasn't stripped down from the start. The next thing I'd like to talk about is putting in some actual game time. Most of us were able to play the beta, and over the few days that we played, we had a blast. That being said, we got a select amount of content, which is not at all representative of the final game. Obviously there are going to be more weapons, more game variants, and more maps. We need to wait and see how these things play before we start judging what can and cannot be played competitively. For example, you talk about the lack of map symmetry restricting the viability of CTF. I don't know about you, but there are still 12 maps that I haven't seen, which leaves plenty of doors open for smaller, symmetrical set ups. It seems like I see it said over and over so I feel like I'm beating a dead horse with this one, but at the end of the day we really just have to wait and see how the game plays before we jump all over what we think are the optimal parameters. I'm more than likely going to write an in-depth article about a lot of this, but I'll go ahead and share what I think about a few things for the mean time. Default Gameplay The core of the game is solid. It feels fresh and well designed, and no matter how many hours you play, it will still have you craving that adrenaline rush shortly after you take a break. Most shooters can be fun for a time, but few can be naturally addicting, and that's where Titanfall excels. The game will grab players and keep them, and it's safe to say we'll see a booming player base on the scale of Call of Duty or Halo within the first couple of years, which means that we don't have to bank on a competitive niche to keep players around. Essentially this means that we don't have to tweak any gameplay right out of the gate, and we can be patient when it comes to the development and delivery of features, which brings me to the next topic. Competitive Features In all honesty, I came close to heart attack when I heard that Titanfall wouldn't feature private lobbies or ranked play, and I did some mad rejoicing when I heard that private lobbies would be added post-launch. I have to say that regardless of the "Gameplay First" mentality, Respawn really dropped the ball on this one, whether they add private lobbies later or not. The fact that we even have to talk about adding private lobbies creates a generally negative buzz, dissuading people that originally wanted to play competitively, as well as adding fuel to the fire for hecklers and elitists that want nothing more than to see the game fail. However, if we can get passed this and get to the point that private lobbies are live in the game, we should be golden. Almost any multiplayer game can, and will be played competitively by the fans that desire it. Spectator mode, Map/Game customization tools, and LAN support (yes, I said it) can wait. None of these things are vital to having a competitive game. They are vital to polishing and expanding a scene, but what good are these tools on a game, if nobody is playing? I can surmise that this is Respawn's philosophy, and it's a fine one. Additional Gameplay Features TitansWhile I'd prefer to avoid getting into adding and removing gameplay elements, it's important to look at them and see how they fit into the big picture. For those that have not played the game, there's always going to be that assumption that Titans are overpowered, but as people play the game for themselves, they'll quickly realize that this is not the case. While they can be annoying to deal with at times, they are definitely NOT imbalanced, and can be dealt with quite easily from on foot as a Pilot, or in a Titan of your own. In my mind, they're like Killstreak Rewards in CoD, yet easier to obtain, which is par for the course of Titanfall's 'casual' appeal. I don't believe that removing Titans altogether would be a bright move, but I do feel that the time spent in a Titan could be limited. Rather than a time restriction as proposed in the video, we could restrict Titan usage to once, per player, per match. Essentially this would mix the elements of Last Titan Standing and respawn-based variants, creating much higher risk scenarios for spawning titans. In a public match, it's easy to cope with the death of your Titan because you know another one will be up soon anyway, but if you were to only have one Titan per match, the timing, positioning, and objective of each Titan dropped would be that much more important. AI (Grunts/Spectres)One of the main things I noticed after hopping into the beta, is that there's no way Attrition is going to be taken seriously as a competitive gametype. After experimenting for a couple games with ignoring human players and going solely for AI based attrition points, I realized that it's pretty much just as easy to rack up points using this method as it is to play the game the way it was meant to be played, against enemy Pilots and Titans. As long as Attrition is not a competitive gametype, I see no reason to take AI out of the game. They are going to be irrelevant to anybody playing at a competitive level, and being able to tell the difference between a Pilot and AI is just a skill that will come into play, in both public and competitive matches. We've also heard talk of "Monsters" in the game, but as of right now it's unclear what they are, what their purpose is, and how they work. When we actually see them post-launch, we'll be able to assess whether any tweaking is necessary, but as of right now we have just no way to tell. Burn CardsBurn Cards are by far the most talked about gameplay feature when it comes to tweaking or banning for competitive play, and that's reasonable. At a glance, they're just imbalances waiting to happen, but with the proper regulation, they can be a really cool part of the game. I suppose I'll be breaking my own rule of "Don't mess with stuff" by first proposing that some cards just be restricted. Ghost Squad and Smuggled Stimulant may be fun for public games, but I just don't see good balance with those remaining in play. I don't want any cards taken out of the game itself, as they're generally meant to imbalance, but in a competitive setting some cards just won't fly. To anybody saying that no Burn Cards should be banned, take a look at Call of Duty and the perk/attachment system and how it's regulated for professional play. Sometimes these things are just inevitable. I would also propose that by under no means would a player actually use their own burn cards gained through natural play. The Burn Cards would have to be chosen from a bank of regulated and approved cards, obviously each player picking 3 cards before the start of each match. This would ensure that in-game grind time wouldn't be a factor in matches, as some players just generally won't have as much time to play as others. Finally, there are the Titan Burn Cards. I see people instantly shouting for these to be taken out of competitive, but I feel that they could be used as part of the "meta" development in their own way. Say we're actually using the "1 Titan Per Round" rule set; we would allow a player to take up to 1 Titan Burn Card, yet it would still use up their 1 allotted Titanfall for that game. This way teams could still spawn a Titan at the beginning of the game, creating a role in itself, where teams can send one player to be an early Titan, trying to gain an early positional advantage or something similar. I just don't feel that these particular Burn Cards should be ruled out immediately. Scene Growth You know what, I started writing this and it's basically little bits and pieces of everything I've said, all rolled into one incredibly long and boring synopsis. Here's the TL;DR: We need to appreciate the fact that we have a new AAA title with the hype, gameplay, and fanbase to support esports. Just because Respawn isn't appeasing every demand we throw at them doesn't mean they're ignoring us. Rather than berate them for a lack of features, or try to cram our own ideas down their throat, we need to play the game, analyze the game, and find constructive ways to grow our community, and get our ideas to Respawn. For the duration of the Titanfall development cycle, they've been working on creating a game that will attract and keep players. Once they have that, they'll be able to focus on expanding, working with the players, and providing content that we want/need. If we hang in their, put thought and time into this, and work with Respawn, I think Titanfall can have a really nice competitive scene. However, if you scream, shout, and abandon ship, then it'll be your own fault you didn't get what you wanted. JEEEEEEEEEEEZE. I actually apologize for that. It was entirely too long. I am thoroughly exhausted so I haven't gone and double checked anything, please forgive spelling errors and grammatical whoopsies. I did get really excited while writing this, but think I'll be better suited to actually just sit down and write a full article, which I'll of course post to the forums after completion. Thanks for taking the time to read what I had to say if you did, and if not -shrug- do yo thang I guess.
  6. In all honesty I don't mind that much. What I originally wanted was a legitimate ranked matchmaking system, but since they announced that they wont have that, however you gain exp really doesn't matter to me. I'm still pushing for that ranked playlist though, hopefully that's a feature they introduce post-launch.
  7. Very happy this post was created, because I plan on making and sharing a ton of content! To start, here's a full gameplay commentary I did of an Attrition on Angel City. I plan on doing a beta minitage (old school H2/H3 style with fancy music) within the week, as I have an absolute ton of clips. Can't wait for explanded game types and maps for more videos!
  8. As I'm sure all of you did, I went into the beta expecting to do well, with a moderate to high amount of effort put into each game. I immediately started looking for competitive edges, and after a shaky and experimental first day, I began to tear it up for the remainder of the beta period. I don't actually have some of the screenshots I took showing my stat pages right now, but I ended the beta with an 85% win rate out of something around 173 games played, with a 3.0 Average Lifetime K/D for Pilots. My first thoughts were "Holy shit, I'm good at this game!" but the more I see discussion threads, the more I see people with about the same stats or better than mine, and it seems to be quite a few players. So my question is this, if it's relatively easy to just pub stomp through lobbies, where do you think the actual skill gap will show? Without private lobbies scrimming and tournaments will be out of the question for a while. What do you think is really going to separate a "good" Titanfall player, and a "great" one?
  9. "Future Iterations" worries me a little bit. If they mean patches/updates, I'm fine, but if we have to wait the game's entire lifespan for the second one before competitive play is taken seriously, I am going to be incredibly bummed.
  10. I wonder what the timeframe will be for the actual implementation. Hopefully it's early on, because public match grinding, while fun, just isn't as rewarding as hopping into scrims and competitive settings.
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