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  1. Does anyone know who runs/ used to run this YouTube channel? Seems like there is A LOT of lost rebroadcast/ raw VOD footage locked behind all the videos being private. https://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialMLGHalo
  2. I’m pretty sure Arlong is trolling at this point.
  3. What isn’t “clear as day?”. I’ve played Halo my entire life, on multiple different types of TVs, and have literally never had trouble seeing anything?
  4. I literally also have a benq 24 inch and have never had this kind of complaint ever with CE.
  5. Can confirm the aiming in CE now feels like dogshit. How do these things happen?!
  6. Is this something you noticed with the recent update? I’m updating now and was planning to run some CE. I haven’t noticed any weird aiming the last few months.
  7. If you have timing down, and win a few pistol fights, you’ll be right there for a brand spanking new power weapon/ power up. Then you can abuse them yourself.
  8. Yeah man those pesky kids picking up power weapons and stuff. How dare they.
  9. Everybody go retweet that post or I will find you and bxr you.
  10. I assure you there is nothing “exactly as you remember it” at all in MCC Halo’s 1,2 or 3.
  11. There’s at least seven teams here that spark my interest into being excited about watching. Although Reach is far from my favorite, I’m excited to watch some top level competitive halo this weekend. With yesterdays announcement, and the nostalgic memories about being able to watch a Halo tournament unfold over the course of a weekend, I can sense a general positivity toward Halo I haven’t seen in awhile. Let’s hope this weekend is a success. Reach fan or not.
  12. Really glad the pistol spread problem is gaining some traction. After grinding a lot of CE the last couple months, you really notice how inconsistent it is. I’m just glad we have a video now and I can tell myself I’m not crazy.
  13. To this day, Halo being casted by anyone other than Puckett just doesn’t feel right to me.
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