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  1. Really appreciate the love from everyone on here. I’m glad you’re all enjoying it.
  2. Holy shit haha that was forever ago, what's up. I guess we did look a little alike didn't we?
  3. If they released H2A with the original multiplayer I'd buy that and an Xbox One in a second. I know plenty of other people would too. They can do whatever they want with the ranking system, as long as I get my classic H2 gameplay back. I think the highest I got was like a 36-38. There was so much cheating in that game.
  4. Hey everyone. I don't know too much about the website here, but I see the name everywhere and it seems pretty active. I've been in the competitive/ Halo scene since 2006. I focused on the montage side of the community for awhile and made a few videos, but always loved MLG. Watching events was awesome, however I was only able to make it to one H2 event which was EGL NJ 07 and did pretty good for a 13 year olds first event. How I wish I could go back to those H2 - H3 days. Nowadays, I've just been gaming Ghosts and a few games of Halo here and there. I've digressed though, I look foreword to posting on the forums and seeing what Beyond has to offer.

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