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  1. This is my first time really giving NBNS settings a chance with Reach and I have to be honest.... It’s really fucking fun.
  2. Do people just not use game chat in Halo anymore? I spent a good chunk of my day playing MCC yesterday and heard literally two people speak the entire session. It was in one game of Reach Hardcore, both on my team. One person was an actual person who was actually calling out and contributing. The other was some Spanish guy who seemingly didn’t know how to mute his mic, who was having a conversation with what sounded like 10 other people in the room. I play COD in game chat all the time and there’s always a good amount of people talking in every match. Regardless, props to the guy who contributed call outs in that Sanc CTF game, he was the real MVP yesterday.
  3. Played a few games of Reach so far. A couple MLG playlist and a few social games(Team Snipers and TU Slayer). ZBNS is literally the only way this game is playable to me. Team Snipers was tolerable, but holy shit is this game awful with bloom. I seriously don’t understand how people enjoy it.
  4. I never understood the hate for MW3. I always felt it was just a way more balanced version of MW2. Then again, I was never one of those people who thought MW2 was as great as it’s reputation is these days.
  5. Reading the last two posts back to back made me chuckle.
  6. And just like that... Two simple tweets have essentially killed any glimmer of hope that I had that Infinite would feature classic Halo movement. *sigh*
  7. If I had to choose from Infinite’s gameplay resembling H5 or H2A I would pick the latter 10 out of 10 times. Having tied a slayer match in a tournament setting before, seeing it happen 4+ times in a row is wild, regardless of the game. That being said a video along these lines covering some of the legendary matches from CE-H3 would be pretty cool.
  8. Having not followed much competitive Halo post Halo 3, this was pretty awesome. What a series this must have been to witness live.
  9. Got an invitation to the flight today. Is it really only Invasion? I’m unable to use the social game finder. I keep getting a “maximum party size had been exceeded” message.
  10. Great gameplay. Great editing. Fantastic job by everyone involved.
  11. This. I used to feel that way. I’ve pretty much lost any and all hype or excitement for anything they’ve been talking about. I looked back, and I signed up for the test flights on April 15th... It is now the middle of September and we’re just getting a PREVIEW of the first multiplayer test flight. 343 is absolutely garbage at maintaining hype for anything they announce at this point. I haven’t posted much here, so sorry for the random negative nancy comment, but I can’t be the only one who feels this way...
  12. Really appreciate the love from everyone on here. I’m glad you’re all enjoying it.
  13. Holy shit haha that was forever ago, what's up. I guess we did look a little alike didn't we?
  14. If they released H2A with the original multiplayer I'd buy that and an Xbox One in a second. I know plenty of other people would too. They can do whatever they want with the ranking system, as long as I get my classic H2 gameplay back. I think the highest I got was like a 36-38. There was so much cheating in that game.
  15. Hey everyone. I don't know too much about the website here, but I see the name everywhere and it seems pretty active. I've been in the competitive/ Halo scene since 2006. I focused on the montage side of the community for awhile and made a few videos, but always loved MLG. Watching events was awesome, however I was only able to make it to one H2 event which was EGL NJ 07 and did pretty good for a 13 year olds first event. How I wish I could go back to those H2 - H3 days. Nowadays, I've just been gaming Ghosts and a few games of Halo here and there. I've digressed though, I look foreword to posting on the forums and seeing what Beyond has to offer.

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