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  1. Smartest thing you've said all week. More of that please.
  2. Must be a pretty great joke, because you keep coming back to it. When you were still in my friend's list, you would be playing MCC, or Halo 5, in a private party, every day, without fail. Reach had hit MCC on December third, and so did its unlock ranking system; not even twenty five days later, you posted your thoughts about it, with a screenshot showing that you reached the final rank. You've posted several times in this forum how much you like H2A, Halo 4, and Halo 5. You have recorded footage of the many plays you have made in those games, and you have screenshots of your different Spartans, posing them. You are actively loading a Halo game, going into a Halo match, shooting a Halo gun, against another Halo player. You're putting in an awful lot of time into a joke. Not only that, but you continue playing even with the knowledge you've gained about the gameplay everyone else has been ignorant to, and with the opinions you've concluded to. You have clearly made your standpoint about it, but you still play. Someone could say that you look highly hypocritical. So with that said... Why do you continue to play and talk about Halo, instead of moving on and doing something else?
  3. They made that final decision to make it something everyone has access to. They made the decision to completely break down the design aspects of Halo, and try to build up an unarguably worse foundation from it. They made the decision to not only keep it, but nerf it, because they wouldn't go back on their vision, despite so much attrition and backlash. To top it all off, the surplus of video, text, and audio evidence supporting that their choices have made basic Halo combat tedious is only one of the many mistakes they most likely will never learn from, nor acknowledge. Who is the bigger fool; the fool, or the fool that follows?
  4. Alright we're going to lose this page soon so let's see how you guys really feel.
  5. Absolutely none of that video means anything. Empty words.
  6. Like you don't already know. It's easy, it's nostalgic, and it's a two-base two-tower. It was regarded as one of the most heart-pounding maps in Halo 3. Pros are gonna be even more stoked about it because now they get to play it with an actual gun. Why did you even ask.
  7. Quake kids overrule Waypoint kids. The guns stay.
  8. Very sure. I know Halo 2 had the dumb mechanic where the gun wouldn't start the respawn timer until it was empty and dropped. Halo 3 doesn't have that mechanic. Only other games that have the Halo 2 mechanic are H2A and certain weapons in Halo 5.
  9. In default, the timer would start a few seconds after the pickup. In MLG/Hardcore, it's a static timer that can be altered by grabbing the weapon as it spawns in the air and moving with it until you stop moving, making that point the new static weapon time.
  10. Weaker, faster spawning OS via custom, and a Needler. It ain't Halo without a Needler.
  11. @Cursed Lemon I don't know if you remember this, but I remember a suggestion you gave about how a utility weapon could function; that the weapon could be changed to have more or less bullets needed to kill someone, but it's rate of fire, aim assist, and magazine would change in order for it to stay in the same kill time and lethality. Knowing what you know now, do you consider this a good idea?
  12. Have a nice day regardless, Boyo.
  13. Good idea, Boyo. More of those and less of Simon Says widget.
  14. You could use the same button but have the option to double tap or hold for the underhand throw. Wouldn't be obtuse.
  15. While you are all conversing, I wanted to make these statements for everyone to consider: Counter Strike: Global Offensive, the top shooter in the industry, does not have a lot of shooting involved in one hour of its competitive mode. Next statement: Every other shooter, save for shooters focused on one-life modes and Battle Royale, all have much more shooting involved in one hour of their respective competitive modes. Converse. With the least amount of malice possible, if you please.

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