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  1. Why should we have to resort to Forge maps and new settings every time we have a Halo come out? Why should we have to invest time and resources in a smaller, unfunded community just to have fun on a game we don't like? Why should we have to go searching for other people to play with in custom game lobbies that want to run and gun instead of run or gun? Why should we have to test maps and gametypes to set up our own best of eleven series? Why should we have to make our own fucking Halo game?
  2. My dude, that game is the closest you are gonna get with what you want, and also having a healthy population to sustain it. I know it doesn't share the traits you like from Halo 5 (Perfectly accurate hitscan gun no matter the situation for example) but surely you could find it easy to grind it once you got a PC. If not, I'd like to read your reasons why.
  3. Want to see what 20v20 and 50v50 look like before I make a decision
  4. I think the term you guys are looking for is Squad Battle.
  5. How many of you would be interested in the following Halo?
  6. Most of us know what kind of Halo we want. It's just that each of us have a different Halo that would conflict with each other. So yes. Would flop.
  7. Don't get your hopes up people. Game looks and sounds like Halo, but playing like it? Well, I just hope you make an informed decision.
  8. Quake music and sound effects = instant respect
  9. Here's a refresher of what Beast and Ice's Halo could look like.
  10. Wrong. Halo 4, when it started out, had random Power Weapons spawn on the map, in random locations, for the whole match. Along with that, everyone had the ability to obtain more random Power Weapons with kills. Objective modes didn't fare any better, because even if the ability to obtain ordnance was turned off, the loadouts themselves proved to be entirely pointless. If your loadout didn't have a DMR, Boltshot, extra Frags/Plasmas, and Promethian Vision, you weren't playing the game right. There was a clear hierarchy of strongest/weakest, and it remains the same even with the patch and the retuned maps. You can fact check me, but I am very confident that Snowballing was much higher in Halo 4 than any other Halo in current history, along with the ability to swing the match at an all time low. There was less opportunity for people to succeed if they got a bad dice roll, instead of having bad teamwork. Let's not forget the fact that Sprint made it even harder to fight back, because by the time it took you to draw your weapon after you trekked across the planes of Holy-Fuck-This-Map's-Huge, you were pretty much dead. I would rather have the opportunity to succeed through much less random factors, which is something the other Halos can provide. You yourself would prefer having the least amount of factors possible, and both of us got to do that in Halo 5 Magnum Only settings. Halo 4 was the extreme on one side, and the mentioned settings was the other. You can enjoy what you want to enjoy, but don't lie about what it is you enjoy.
  11. I personally enjoyed how it felt to move in the Evolved settings. You were fast, could turn directions on a hair, your jump was just floaty enough to reach higher ground, and at almost no point you would lose your ability to shoot. No other Halo has had movement that crisp. No other Halo ever will.
  12. I think I liked you better when you were rehashing bad ideas for Halo
  13. Deployable Cover, Portable Lift and Power Drain. Only ones I would recommend.
  14. Veto is the better system when the map/gamemode selections aren't ass
  15. If nobody has figured it out yet, Boyo's suggestions are from other games. Absolutely none of those ideas are original. This is me just guessing, but I think he's been playing on the joke that Halo takes ideas from other games instead of trying to perfect what it already had. Sorry not sorry

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