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  1. Until the enemy team picks up the Quad Damage
  2. @Hard Way I would really appreciate Valhalla, Ragnarok, Last Resort, Stonetown, and Zanzibar not being maps for 4v4 Slayer in Social. Last three can still be used for One Flag, but just get them out of Slayer.
  3. From what I can deduct from this, there needs to be a consensus to both parties on the acceptance that: -The CE Magnum in both OG and MCC are not completely consistent, and have added factors in its functioning (bullet sway, the adjustable magnetism from different ranges) that make it more challenging alongside its inconsistecy -The Halo 5 Magnum is the most perfectly accurate weapon in Halo history These are objective truths. Keep your own personal opinions out of it, and come to an agreement. We can move on afterwards.
  4. CE apparently has the same exact Magnum spread across OG and MCC, if it's not the same case for H2 then I'll be surprised
  5. I'll do you one better. I went ahead and recorded every Halo with a BR and a Carbine (except H3, because the bullet holes disappear ). Check it out. H2 https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/o-s0ul-flame-o/video/74276925 H2A https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/o-s0ul-flame-o/video/74276909 H4 https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/o-s0ul-flame-o/video/74276868 H5 https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/o-s0ul-flame-o/video/74278384 What's hilarious is the H2 BR in Halo 5 is actually more accurate than the OG.
  6. No, it's not. There is still a considerable spread once you go past ranges beyond Red 2 to Blue 2 on Midship.
  7. It took fourteen years before we got a perfectly accurate precision weapon in Halo, excluding mods and NHE. Consistency is a virtue in shooters that hasn't been fully developed and focused on, Counter Strike and Quake being the exceptions. Every single other shooter in history has some form of random spread, recoil, bloom, or a mixture of two or three with their optimal weapons. How ironic that 343 is the developer who broke the cycle and decided not to do that with their main gun. But even so, I think it's time for upcoming shooters to follow the trend of consistent weaponry.
  8. I could just chuck a nade in both scenarios and be done with it, what does that tell you
  9. I'd love to hear the thoughts about certain map designs Halo has been known for. Explain why you like/dislike the following: 4-Way Syms - Wizard, Warlock, Foundation Box Canyons - Blood Gulch, Battle Creek, Valhalla Bridgeworks - Lockout, Guardian, Uncaged Two Bases, Two Towers - Midship, Assembly, Zealot Segmented - Chill Out, Ivory Tower, Ghost Town Top Heavy - Damnation, Colossus, Construct

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