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  1. Yes. Along with the rest of the sandbox, because I don't trust 343 to make a good enough netcode for projectiles. Here, read the following. The utility weapon, whatever shape and form it may take, should be a 100% accurate single shot, have a one second perfect kill time, and a two second max kill time. The skill it should take to get a perfect kill should be considerable, which would make its average kill time around 1.6 seconds. Now, for this to be ideal, the base movement speed and strafe need to be smooth and fast, so players can outgun their opponent, or opponents, thus giving a large amount of individual empowerment. Every other weapon needs to be balanced around this gun, and should not have a kill time faster than it, unless it is a Power Weapon. This essentially means that at a certain point, someone can be so good with this weapon that they won't need anything else other than Power Weapons or Power Ups. And that's where my next point starts. Rockets, Sniper, Shotgun, OS, Camo. These are highly contested items in the sandbox, and are usually in places where teams frequently fight each other. In my personal vision of Halo, my tweaks are as follows; The Rocket Launcher would fire slowly, requiring a full second for the next rocket to fire, and would have decent splash damage. The Sniper Rifle would have a considerable but static upward recoil after firing, to teach players to aim for the head rather than doing two body shots. Shotguns will never kill in one shot, which means people will need to be close enough for a melee followup, or stay back enough for two shots, which gives the other player a chance to fight back. I want two versions of the Overshield, one that makes you invulnerable while it slowly gives you one layer, and the other will give you two layers instantly. Camouflage will only keep you fully cloaked when you are moving, and the noises you make aren't dampened by the Power Up, which means players have sound to look for it instead of straining their eyes. Niche Weapons would have to be functionally easy, but their kill times nowhere near the perfect kill time of the utility. The Sentinel Beam would be this weak but incredibly suppressive poke at players to keep their shields from charging. The Plasma Rifle would need its stun back, along with its shots having no random spread. The Grenade Launcher will only kill a player if it is right on top of the grenade, and would have half of the splash radius of the Rocket Launcher. The Concussion Rifle would have its rate of fire and damage decreased, but its propelling capabilities doubled, effectively making it your own personal rocket jump or plasma wall climb from Quake.
  2. @Basu GPMA has the capacity to be better than Combat Evolved in every category with mods. You've only scratched the surface and it's already arguably better than what the community has had to burden through for the last nine years.
  3. Also universal. Two hits, but the lunge is nerfed. Easy.
  4. No. Keep it consistent, and make it faster than it has been.
  5. That is the worst looking and worst named console of all time.
  6. @ILJC1992 You're not going to get far with your debates, my dude. Halo is at its best when a player doesn't need to worry about a random factor keeping him from shooting. We dislike the ones we got in games past, and are pushing to make the experience much more consistent for the future.
  7. @znot https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/my-namez-beast/video/73575786 To give you an idea of inverse flinch
  8. If I remember correctly, Custom in v7 functioned as a x2 damage resistance buff, and made your shields charge at half the rate. Camo was weak as well. I can agree with the power ups respawning faster, but not the Rocket Launcher. My reasoning for the latter is that its strength and ease of use is far too much compared to the Sniper, Grenade Launcher, or the Power Ups. If we made the system down the road where Power Ups were up dynamically every minute, and the Snipe/GL and Rockets up two and three minutes respectively, I think it would create some interesting scenarios that would benefit the settings overall.
  9. Red Death to my framerate, hard pass Arcanum is good
  10. I'm curious to see how Oddball would play on Zealot and Nexus. I also think the CTF gamemode we should replace is Sanc. Sanc Bomb is pretty cool.
  11. Personally would like to see Powerhouse Hill and Anchor 9 Flag replace Penance and Battle Creek Slayer. With the upgrade to Forge, we could see some decent changes to the former two. Bonus points if we somehow get ZBNS versions of Bomb and Oddball. That would really open up our options.
  12. Light Rifle only shot straight with the zoom. It's hipfire was as spready as the BR.

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