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  1. Thoughts on the Bastion gametype, the Hill/Extraction mode?
  2. I find it ironic that the way 343 makes Halo more like an arena shooter is to gimp your starting loadout so you're inclined to find better weapons. They're like a monkey's paw.
  3. Never forget that Halo is going to win the AAA FPS bout this year not because it's designed well, but because the other games are designed worse. What a world.
  4. Behemoth was made by a Forger. One I'm very familiar with.
  5. OG Plot point of Forerunners was that they were ancient humans with amazing intelligence and ingenuity, but also had powerful pride. This came from their success of creating Ring Worlds with flora and fauna and complex AI, so they thought they could reproduce complex life forms. The Flood was their experiment gone wrong, and the drastic transformation of the rings becoming weapons and the Ark being the primary reset button was their solution. Basically a sci-fi Bible reimagining of Noah.
  6. Barely. Moving, shooting and sandbox is all that transfers over; figuring out the maps and weapon times along with fighting another team of actual people is a powerful contrast to what the campaigns offer. Bots and the weapon drills are a far better introduction, credit where it's due.
  7. Beyond, it would be incredibly disappointing if you didn't correct this wrong with a proper listing of the Halo greats. I shouldn't need to explain how to do so. What is your answer?
  8. Is it a bannable offense if someone had tricked over thirty people to do so?
  9. As important as keeping Halo simple, Boyo.
  10. Your history here makes this an ironic statement. So Halo isn't what it used to be. The devs haven't truly figured out what they're doing, and Microsoft is just letting them get away with it. Lots of bad decisions across every facet of design. I accept that this is the reality. Abhorrent, but only a single story in the festering pot of modern game development. This too shall pass.
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