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  1. Advanced Movement vs Classic Movement, Projectile vs Hitscan, Power Weapons vs No Weapons on Map. Surely you haven't forgotten how those debates went down.
  2. I would recommend any further info kept to yourself. Would hate to see you get dropped because you gave away too much.
  3. Footsteps should make less noise. The added clanking of armor is unneeded, and we were already given a lore reason for that; the thin layer of shields surrounding the armor dulls all sound and reverb. Gunfire, reloading and throwing grenades should be the only things that make a reasonable amount of noise.
  4. I'm going to predict they forgot there was two versions of the TU settings. Which I also bet many of you forgot.
  5. I actually really like that one. Good job Boyo.
  6. Going to guess that the beta would probably occur the same way Halo 5's did; available in the MCC options menu for the last two weeks of December and the first week of January.
  7. You want strike missiles on a fucking recharge?
  8. Only ones I agree with on that is Burial and Terminal. Containment, Headlong, Relic and Zanzibar have too much of the "no man's land" problem. Colossus I would consider a Squad map.
  9. You can count the number of genuinely good BTB maps in the entire Halo series on one hand. Change my mind.

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