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  1. We could start with the essentials (BR, Snipe, Rockets, Overshield, Camo, Shotgun, Plasma Pistol) and go from there. Personally, I would add the Sentinel Beam, Concussion Rifle/Brute Shot, and the Grenade Launcher/Sticky Detonator. Railgun was a mistake.
  2. Yes and no. You can hop into something quick and easy, without need of customizing what you're wanting, or go into detail and specifics and search it out through a list. Problems begin when you're slapped with too many options in the Match Make, or not enough with Browser. Interestingly enough, the Composer in MCC fixes most of these issues that stem from strict MM or Server games. Adding a few Ranked playlists and a Custom Server Browser with mod support, and you pretty much solve all population problems for a good while.
  3. Most of the bloom in Halo Infinite is visual. Most of it.
  4. There is an abnormally large amount of content that 343 are needing to fulfill straight out the gate at launch. No other company has dug a hole as deep with how much has been willingly held back and needed to recompense. That, along with the proposed ten-year plan of constant refreshment of maps, missions, skins, or whatever, is certainly the biggest challenge of game development in history. A challenge that has only been successfully accomplished by a small handful of devs, mind you. Halo Infinite has to launch with-- - Campaign - Multiplayer - Forge - Custom Games - Theater/Spectator - File Browser - Server Browser --overflowing with polish and flair, with options and customization. And they have to proceed with further development for a decade with adding much more on top, without breaking apart. It should come to no surprise that I have no faith in them, whatsoever. Anyone who has any faith in their capability is fooling themselves. More than ever do I believe that they are cursed.
  5. Last Resort, Valhalla, and Standoff need to be removed from the 4v4 Slayer lineup.
  6. Halo is better when it's simple, is it not?
  7. Have you truly not set time aside to look over this statement, and study the game? Have you really chosen to believe a lie? The absurd magnetism and aim assist of all the other guns alone disproves this common argument, and said argument is actually an altered view of the Halo 4 sandbox, with people not really looking into the actual data, save for a select few. Everything was "useful" in Halo 4 because it was no longer a sandbox shooter; it was a class-based shooter, turning Power Weapons into care-package candy. Then 343 goes forward with making those guns stronger and even easier to use, but the majority of what's left of Halo didn't bother to investigate, and instead, regurgitate the statement you made in the quote box above. I fully acknowledge that we are never going to get Combat Evolved ever again, but the issues of 343 need to be told boldly and bluntly so we can at least get something closer to Halo. Thankfully, we have that through Infinite, bar Sprint, but the devs can totally flop it by repeating the same mistakes, which definitely aren't going to be solved by not telling them what they did wrong truthfully. If you're going to talk about Halo, make sure you know what you're talking about. Just take some time to study, man.
  8. You just typed a statement that's been ringing through Halo for fifteen years.
  9. Apologies for the late response. Halo started to become a different experience when Armor Abilities were introduced. Halo 4 made things even more different by incorporating customizable weapon starts and perks alongside them. Your suggestions of players having multiple items at once available to them, such as Equipment, AAs, Aerial Abilities, and the like, along with the original two weapon limit and grenade selection, are yet another build off of the ideas from Reach and 4. Your suggestions from the past share this same sentiment, whether it be some sort of vehicle, weapon, ability, etc. Credit where credit is due, you have put forth ideas that are easier to meld Halo with, such as wanting the three buttons for a gun (fire, reload, scope) be used in other ways outside of magazine-type weaponry. Ideas like that fit the criteria given to you in my previous post, where it's simply filling in dead space and not constantly at odds with Halo's bread & butter. You're smart, but your creativity has been placed in the same developments that've been shown to not work with the series all of us love. The game doesn't need this sort of addition; it needs refinement and quality of life improvements, along with head slapping eureka moments for the places that had a ghost of what it wanted. Consider it, please.
  10. Boyo, you are making Halo way more complicated than it needs to be. Have you considered ideas that compliment the original formula, without stepping on its toes or outright pushing it aside? Even for a niche gamemode like Invasion, your thoughts permeate the idea of adding all of these functions and decisions to make, when there are already plenty of them throughout the course of a regular Halo match. This series is better when it's simple, is it not?
  11. Two face buttons should be Drop Weapon, and Grenade Switch. Directional buttons should be part of a ping system; Up pings yourself, Left Pings what your reticle aims at, Right Pings objectives (in Slayer, Power Weapons light up), and Down pings "I need a Weapon."
  12. I can't respect free-for-all enough for it to be ranked. When placed in that situation, it is true that your skill of self-preservation and planning are put to the test. However, the way players win is to utilize moments where opponents are weak or alone to finish them off at a distance, hold a piece of the map to keep opponents from spawning nearby, and repeat. A single weapon or power-up in the middle is a poor attempt at giving players a chance to fight back and start a roll of kills, as its actual use is more of a bait for weaker players to be shot down by stronger ones. The previous method of keeping weapons on the map doesn't help this problem either; rather, it makes the previously mentioned negatives more inclined to stronger players, as they need only to grab a power weapon, and effectively camp until they need to get ammo. You can make the argument that the value of keeping yourself alive and strengthening your mental capacity outweigh my reasoning. But, I would state that team oriented gamemodes help not only those values, but all of the values necessary for good teamwork and communication. Free-for-all doesn't give you any of that, and, more often that not, players that try to go into teams because of their slaying potential from strictly FFA tend to have weaker communication and teamwork oriented skills. They can drop bodies, but can't walk & talk. Exceptions to this thinking aren't a strong argument, as said exceptions are the minority.
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