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  1. I think I liked you better when you were rehashing bad ideas for Halo
  2. Deployable Cover, Portable Lift and Power Drain. Only ones I would recommend.
  3. Veto is the better system when the map/gamemode selections aren't ass
  4. If nobody has figured it out yet, Boyo's suggestions are from other games. Absolutely none of those ideas are original. This is me just guessing, but I think he's been playing on the joke that Halo takes ideas from other games instead of trying to perfect what it already had. Sorry not sorry
  5. Halo 3 has two shitty Midship clones next to actual Midship, and the map everyone creams about plays way better in Reach. "Grey maps" is a weak counter argument for anyone that replies
  6. Anybody who doesn't agree with us switching over to Reach v7 despite it being an upgrade in almost every way is a clod
  7. Wrong. In Combat Evolved alone, over half of the competitive 2v2 circuit are infamous for having one team grabbing Rockets and OS and dumping on the other team. You can't tell me you've never experienced getting ass blasted on the bottom half of Derelict until you somehow managed to finally nade down Camo or the Sniper. You can't tell me you've never had to play peek-a-boo on Red Two, OS 2, or Backwall 2/3 on Prisoner against a looming rocket-toting triple-shielded menace until the Camo showed up. You can't tell me you've never gotten pissed at being stuck in Shit Room on Dammy, because the other team has one player with Rockets & OS while the other has Snipe & Camo and you're just stuck there formulating a plan and grabbing the Plasma Rifle hoping you can somehow stun somebody, but oh wait! There is no stun on the PR because CE on the Chief Collection is busted! So now you're just twiddling your thumbs while you hop on the itty bitty bridges hoping you you don't get sniped or rocketed while you try to snag a fresh OS but now your head's gone because the Camo Snipe guy has been watching you this whole time. Don't you lie ever again.
  8. The success they got isn't from the game mode itself, it's the REQ Packs that were connected to it. REQ Packs, and of course Warzone, will more than likely return. Whether they improve the map design or the function of REQs is yet to be seen.
  9. El Dewrito has a smaller spread, and the gun is hitscan. They didn't alter the aim assist or the bullet magnetism for controller users, and keyboard/mouse users can laser pretty easily after they get used to the wonky settings. Making the gun projectile again would equalize both sides significantly, and would make the maps work again with the benefit of still being more consistent than OG Halo 3.
  10. Yes. Universal use, no matter what.
  11. If Sprint isn't there for that last button, I definitely think we should incorporate the Pinging system into Halo. Make it simple, easy for the button to be pressed at a moment's notice for just about any control settings (would be nice if we finally get custom button mapping but anyway). Pressing it would highlight the area your reticle is aiming. A weapon, an enemy, or just a spot to suggest going to. Would only last seven seconds or so, and if players spam it, you can mute them and turn off their ability to Ping or Talk to you. Shouldn't be hard to code.

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