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  1. Ice will not be showing up anytime soon.
  2. There's going to be a remake of Guardian.
  3. Xbox Series S Like a fifth of the size of the other Xbox consoles. Its size amuses me.
  4. Would be cool if the Gravemind reached a level of insight after increasing in biomass & intelligence to tell of a threat far bigger than itself, and it wholeheartedly believes that it is the only way to save the universe. Similar to Victor von Doom seeing that he is the only good future for humanity. Cosmic space opera. Y'know, the thing we were promised.
  5. The latter. To add to my Doubles advocating; 2v2s in Halo are the quintessential way to play Slayer versus the other options available. Bonus points if you bring back Static Timers.
  6. Indeed. King, Ball, Flag, Bomb, and Strongholds (Objectively better 3 Plots) are all that we need. Slayer can have a home in another competitive playlist: Doubles.
  7. Yes I can. And will. The Magnum is the only gun they did right. The only gun. And even that one gun is still ridiculous.
  8. However long the gameplay dump, as soon as you see sprint, shut off the video and move on.
  9. It's a combination of the three. Take what I say with a grain of salt, but this game has been through one of the worst development cycles for a AAA product. Maybe even worse than Destiny. Set your expectations very low.
  10. There's Armor Lock, but then there's Promethean Vision. There's Bloom, but then there's no Flag drop. There's Boardwalk, but then there's Solace. Pick your poison.
  11. No Aim Assist, but keep mad Bullet Mag? Interesting.

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