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  1. You may as well block him, Apollo. You won't make headway anywhere.
  2. I believe that's just Bumper Jumper, with Melee being on right bumper and reload being on X. Theoretically the most non-intrusive control scheme.
  3. Halo was greatest when it was simple. Your guns, your grenades, your melee, and your movement, jump, and strafe carried you through each match. You fought for stronger weapons and stronger positions. You either pushed forward, or held back the enemy. Even though the first three games were very different from each other, and have their own quirks to understand and master, they had the aforementioned basics that, for some inexplicable reason, made them fun. You have a great premise with the idea of using the extra buttons for different functions when the weapon you're holding isn't a precision weapon. You very well can introduce alternate methods of fire and use, but you need to study hard to make sure what you have isn't going to tamper with the core, but merely compliment it. It's possible. You can do it. Consider your ways.
  4. Nothing wrong with that, so long as it isn't intrusive to Halo's core. You haven't really been good at providing additions to the franchise that wouldn't outright hinder what makes the series so beloved. You're very creative, credit where it's due, but you're just not getting it, deliberately or not. The continual data flow to an uninterested audience must becoming tiresome to you by now, shouldn't it?
  5. Summer ends after August. They said the flights would be near the end of summer, and there would be an announcement before they officially start. According to that, we've got a while to wait.
  6. Ironic that the man critiquing the ping system as visual clutter is also the man who has a mastery of typing visual clutter.
  7. You had a hand in H4 Promod didn't you Boyo
  8. Personally would use the three buttons differently for standard weapons based on their functions. Human and Covenant precision weapons would reload, scope, and fire. Human autos would reload, activate a flashlight that can blind you when you're up close, and fire. Covenant energy weapons would empty their heat storage, toggle between accurate shots and spammy shots, and fire. Needler and Spiker would reload, but the scope button would instead fire a surplus of the ammo similar to Halo 4's Boltshot. Forerunner guns could use the scope as a way of doing damage differently. Light rifle would basically function like it did in H5. Boltshot would fire two tracking shots unscoped, but uses the same two shots like a high speed fireball when scoped. Suppressor would fire like it did in H4 unscoped, but basically becomes the sentinel beam when scoped. Thoughts?
  9. Boyo's suggestion is more plausible, and a decent idea. Good job, Boyo.
  10. Something tells me that the forfeit option isn't happening if they're gonna use bots to replace quitters. Hopefully bots will be on normal or heroic level AI.
  11. 343 made grenades bounce on any terrain now, since H4. It makes them consistent, but doesn't make sense. Is that ok?
  12. Question; have the three of you played MCC recently and have experienced being attacked by the sword in Halo 2? And I mean a player outright abusing it too. Are you really sure you want that great of a buff? Halo 5 also gave us a good amount of evidence what a strong sword can do. Please explain your reasoning.
  13. I would personally prefer a bot that knows what it's doing over a nub that knows zilch.
  14. So what you're saying is, Halo is better when it's simple? Go figure.
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