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  1. When Reach is on MCC, how many of you are down to play v7
  2. The latter. He wasn't kidding when he said the game will be unlike any other shooter out there.
  3. I won't share much, but I can say it'll be revolutionary.
  4. Yeah, that was him. Thing is, him not getting that job is probably the best thing to ever happen to him in his life. At least, until his game is made.
  5. Found some hard evidence for the reason of the Hardcore changes
  6. Wrong. Both games have large amounts of aim assist and bullet magnetism. However, H2A has better hit registration.
  7. Yes. So agree to disagree, and move onto a different topic.
  8. If this insinuates that they actually are going for more classic gameplay, they better not put in all the flaws that came with the original trilogy.
  9. Wrong. Beast and Princess are fine Halo players, and are very competent. Something that seems to go over everyone's heads here is that they like consistency more than tradition. A utility weapon that fires accurately is something they value very much, myself included. Truth of the matter is, Halo has only had three games where there wasn't some sort of trick or large deficit to the weapon; Reach's MLG v7, Halo 4, and Halo 5. CE's Magnum has a little spread, and an invisible bloom if you hold down the trigger. Aiming ahead varies whether or not you are host or off host. MCC has a less reliable version of the CE Magnum, along with the sandbox not reaching its full potential. Halo 2 has a Battle Rifle that sometimes registers your shots, and a hard limit cap to its range. Only way to experience true Halo 2 is either on a LAN, or a Vista mod. Halo 2 Anniversary has an ugly BR spread unless you zoom in with it, and is only tolerable enough because it's hitscan. Halo 3? Like I even need to elaborate. Some of you overlook these problems because of the simple movement and the tight maps. Some of you overlook these problems because of nostalgia. Beast and Princess simply cannot, for their experiences with much more reliable weaponry in the more recent games have given them more enjoyment, regardless of said games' flaws. That's their thoughts on the whole thing, and they won't be changed. Ever. I recommend everyone focus more on the games they want to play, and less of this. Agree to disagree, or what have you.
  10. Still have the firm belief that they'll either do a 6 shot Magnum with 15 bullet magazine and a faster firerate, or a BR that functions similarly to the H5 one. Or they could do both.
  11. In the context of console shooters, or even in the context of the sandbox, it's still easy to use. The aim patch just made it less clunky, which takes off even more of its difficulty. I find it more difficult to use a snipe weapon when the enemy can ping at me, so I have to find better angles or try hipfire more often. Firing at unsuspecting players is a constant negative in every shooter, but the games where you can fight back makes the use of sniper weapons a challenge.
  12. I'm going to pick A, with an explanation why. Halo 5's map and sandbox design were not fully utilized to their highest potential. Every gun is easy to use, the maps made from 343 are dog shit. The Magnum in the game is one of the few reasons I still play it, because it's one of the best utilities we've had, alongside the Zero Bloom DMR and the CE Magnum. That being said, Halo 5 has the capacity to be very enjoyable, just like the other games, but you have to strip away a lot depending on what you want. Even then, there's some things that are left to be desired. If you just took out the H5 Magnum, and dropped the CE Magnum into its place, the game would already be more great to play. Suddenly the ease of use of the rest of the sandbox makes sense, because this powerful but difficult hand cannon keeps everything in check. This was echoed in the gametype Evolved, but it focused more on classic inspired Halo, which Guardians can only do to a horribly disappointing fault. Let's go deeper. If you dropped the CE Magnum in Halo 5, and simplified the sandbox for competitive modes down to Rockets, Snipe, Shotgun, AR, Plasma Pistol, Sentinel Beam, Overshield and Camo, you essentially create a callback to the original concept of Arena Shooters and the first Halo game at the same time. Let's go even deeper. If you dropped the CE Magnum in Halo 5, simplified the sandbox, and made the focus of the game as a 2v2, you can have a very unique experience. Quake had powerful movement, Halo CE had a powerful utility. With how fast and how far you can move with the Spartan Abilities, and with how strong and how accurate your gun is, the game turns into this flavor of Halo that's so incredibly different, yet at the same time more interesting than just about every other AAA shooter in the modern market. But to add to all of that, you have Forge. The community has always surpassed the devs in terms of unique map design, which can be said for both Quake and Halo. Sure, you can play Truth or Plaza, but there's so many viable designs and ideas that would blow your mind. You could fight in just about any scenario, Halo inspired or not. The community could drive the game's longevity through a decade if it wasn't so split apart and at war with itself. But yeah, that's my reasoning.
  13. Customs happening tonight, Hardcore settings on H3 this time. Message "The S0UL FLAME", "0" is a zero

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