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  1. Chill Out, Dammy, Prisoner, Rat Race, Creek. I don't like Hangem or Dere
  2. Guardian remake. Probably a Valhalla remake, or High Ground.
  3. Brute Shot, Sentinel Beam. 110% Damage would do those two guns right.
  4. Halo Infinite's campaign will cost forty dollars. Multiplayer is free, season pass will be ten dollars. Forge may be bundled with Multiplayer, but there is a chance that it may cost money; an extra twenty dollars. The former will have a substantial jump from Halo 5's iteration, which may give 343 reason to make it a purchasable product in and of itself, considering it would be Map Dev Kit Lite. Playing and downloading maps won't cost a dime through custom games, but actively editing and changing them may result in said purchase requirement. You can't deny not seeing them do this.
  5. @infraction Yeah, that'd be me. "Oh SoulFlame". In my Files, not my Bookmarks. You'll find the settings, and edited Mythic maps with "(Inf)" at the end of their name. Have fun.
  6. Except there's one big problem we've had for nearly twenty years. Which means it will be dog.
  7. Halo and Battle Royale is a dog idea. Let's not.
  8. Larry I wish you weren't stinky sometimes
  9. I had done that already when I went into the campaign footage. Even changed the Flagnum to Gunfighter. All of you can literally play Halo Infinite right now, with only the sandbox being changed in the real game. Of course, you would need to download Halo 5, but if enough of you are curious, the edited Mythic maps and Infinite modes are in my files. ("Oh SoulFlame")
  10. Will you buffoons learn some self control? Surely you can move onto another topic. Here, I'll do it for you; Battle Rifle starts or Commando Rifle starts?
  11. I'll give the ranking bit a go. First, 1-50 rank. Each number has a threshold where you need to win three times to go to the next number, except in special cases (more on that in a minute.) You could technically earn a 50 by winning 150 matches in a row. Once you reach 50, you now have the chance to earn a badass symbol (Inheritor emblem for example) along with your placement number on it in the Top 200 Players, if you consistently win matches. Special case wins require you to effectively trample the other team in a match. Doing so bring you three marks up, or in other words, one number up. For Slayer, you need to end the match within five minutes, with the enemy team only receiving twenty kills or less. For Flag and Bomb, you need to end the match within 3 minutes, with the enemy getting only one cap/detonation or none at all. In Oddball, King, and Strongholds/3Plots, you need to end the game within five minutes, with the enemy only receiving a third or less required points to win. Comeback wins earn you six marks up, or two numbers up. The requirement for this to happen in Slayer is for your team to be thirty kills down and win. For Flag and Bomb, for you to have not gotten any caps or detonations, alongside the enemy only needing one more, and winning. (Enemy team goes down three marks, or one number.) For Hill, Ball, and Plots, you need to be two thirds behind, and win. Edit: Just thought of a decaying rank thing. Instead of your rank being reset every three months, your rank will drop one number every 48 hours from the last time you played a ranked match, until you reach a point where it doesn't; let's say that point is at the 10, 20, 30, and 40 mark. Thoughts?
  12. I combed through the footage more than thirty times, slowing down the times Chief sprinted, moved, jumped, and clambered. Very confident in what I saw.

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