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  1. First Halo: Combat Evolved Favorite Halo: Custom Edition First Competitive Halo: Halo 3 Least Played Halo: Halo 2 Favorite Gun: GoldPro DMR (Zero Bloom 4sk) Favorite Map: Chill Out Favorite Pro: Walshy
  2. Reminder: Princess and Beast value consistency over tradition. Straight firing guns that register well are more important to them than anything.
  3. Wrong. Halo 5's take on the Covenant aesthetic looks like bulbous bug hives and monster tits, with a slap of purple and grey splotched upon them. Not only that, but the added glaring lights and holograms would blind anybody that didn't play the game consistently. Coliseum fares far worse however; the over-complicated level of polygons and visual noise is a far cry to even the most recent rendition of Bungie's original vision of Forerunner. You had the cartographer locations, the beacon towers, the old ruins, the active gas canisters, and the giant obelisks from the Ark. Coliseum looks like none of those, or even looks like it could be a part of the same family of architecture. It looks like someone spray-painted Tron.
  4. Wrong. Regardless of the general consensus of everyone here disliking Halo 5 because of its drastic gameplay changes, the game took a fair amount of time to master. What it lacked in smooth aiming and classic feel, it made up with the movement and the capacity to position faster than ever. There are so many people that focus on the negatives that the very important positives are overlooked. Faster weapon draw and reloads, static weapon timers, an actual perfectly accurate utility, a visible timer to see when your shields recharge, and the one I think is most impactful, this game had the best out-of-the-box settings out of every online Halo. These changes combined with a classic experience, or even a semi-classic experience would be an awesome Halo.
  5. Anything above a 90 degree turn made your spartan feel like he was a thousand pounds, slowly swaying his mass to move. Backing up after holding forward took far too long, giving too much emphasis of the weight your character model has in the world. Most of the maps in v7 mitigated this a bit, with not very many 90 degree turns and plenty of space in rooms for you to ease into the next one. The exceptions are Battle Canyon, Penance and the Pit, where the small hallways and box designs made you feel like you're wallowing in molasses.
  6. To add on what Hex mentioned, the biggest drawback of v7 and Goldpro is the fact that the faster movement sacrifices a good strafe. It is very slippery and you can't make sharp turns easily. Fortunately, the aim assist of the DMR is challenging enough where you can still outperform other players.
  7. These are the three Forge maps used in v7. The four other maps were Zealot, Countdown, Battle Canyon, and Penance. Each of the forge maps are distinctive enough from each other, and have color speckled just enough to determine what side you're on. Honestly think you guys are overreacting.
  8. A thought just occurred to me. Reach is going to be the first game for play in the PC edition for MCC. The competitive settings, v7, will have the easiest transition over to keyboard and mouse. I think it would be interesting if we got H3 Xbox One and Reach v7 PC tourneys back to back over the course of the year. Thoughts?
  9. You mean like this? https://thumbs.gfycat.com/ActiveAppropriateBluewhale-mobile.mp4 https://thumbs.gfycat.com/PastElaborateCoypu-mobile.mp4 https://thumbs.gfycat.com/ZestyThickEyelashpitviper-mobile.mp4 https://thumbs.gfycat.com/TerrificCircularHammerheadshark-mobile.mp4 https://thumbs.gfycat.com/WanNearCornsnake-mobile.mp4 https://thumbs.gfycat.com/WeepyConcernedGardensnake-mobile.mp4 https://thumbs.gfycat.com/DeficientClumsyGallowaycow-mobile.mp4 All of these clips have 90 FoV and 110% movement with classic jump. Edit: @Hard Way Ads are now gone, much easier to skim through these to get a good example.
  10. That gun skin thing is never gonna happen. We're stuck with a sandbox that's overflowing with redundant weapons, but we can make it more consistent for ourselves. Strictly for the Social/Casual part of the game, separate the weapons in their own categories by affiliation: UNSC, Covenant, Forerunner. Put those weapons in the maps that correspond to the affiliation, start out with our Utility weapon and an AR, and presto! It's not a perfect fix, but it allows the feeling of "variety" that the game can offer to low level players, while also giving higher level players less of a headache. Moving onto Competitive/Ranked, we now strip the sandbox down to the weapons that are most niche. Our usual Rockets, Snipe, Overshield and Camo to start, followed by the Concussion Rifle, Sentinel Beam, and the Plasma Pistol. Find out what combo of items work best on what maps we deem the most competitive, shut off radar, drop the AR, and we got ourselves a title to play and spectate. Seems so easy, but there's gonna be a fuck up somewhere...

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