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  1. Let’s get some predictions after they post pool groups tomorrow
  2. eL ToWn

    eL ToWn

    eL ToWn
  3. They're still separating it in tiers, as in seeds 1-4 will be in their own pool aka the best in their pool, and any 5-8th team will be the 2nd best in their pool. It's not as random as you would assume. The only thing that's meh is not doing it live. a 9-12 team will still be in a pool with a top 4 team AND a top 5-8 team. The only difference is you can't predict what pool you get aka not do well in a 2k on purpose or do a certain amount of GBs to get a certain seed/pool.
  4. Str8 and Wise will be in the same pool, so one of them will qualify for worlds from pool play. They both can't finish 3rd and fight for the last spot.
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