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  1. I wouldn't mind to load up on some Station 9 Extraction again
  2. Even if the forge maps arent perfect I would rather play on them than lockout koth ever again
  3. 3 maps are gonna get old really quick. Especially with the lockout icebergs falling from the sky.
  4. Anyone know what the pro teams are that are playing in this H2A tourney?
  5. No reason to not allow people play with a controller on pc. If theres even going to be a comp scene for PC let people use whatever they want.
  6. My master chief has to be the color of freshly cut grass on a Tuesday morning.
  7. Anyone been playing Batallion 1944? Pretty much cod snd with a simple money system.
  8. We really didn't learn anything from that trailer. We already knew they were going back to the old artstyle. I guess we got to hear the old shield sound again?
  9. idk about shooting and sprinting imo that makes the game worse. why would you not just sprint all the time?
  10. I'm not sure if i even want to see gameplay or not. I know that if I see spartans flying around im not going to buy the game and thats gonna be shitty.

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