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  1. Those caster tips really helped. From won't even drop a pistol for it to I might actually get a kill with this!
  2. Thanks! It's playable. There's still small changes being made to it daily but you can definitely download what I have now if you want to. My gamertag is Chef Linguini. Latest version is Chilly T1
  3. thanks! and I guess I just forged with the pieces in mind. looked for whatever looked best and based geometry off that
  4. Props to OP! Good stuff @me @ @@MrGreenWithAGun
  5. There was even someone who attempted to make a symmetrical Lockout!
  6. There are many asymmetries if you look close enough. After spending countless hours in forge with hahka I told him multiple times he should reforge it so it will be exact. It's still not that big of a deal though. Check out simplex if it bothers you, that map is practically asymmetrical in comparison.
  7. What do you feel is the most important area in which you can help 343 improve in?
  8. If only this was available 3 years ago. Nice work
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