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  1. It was more than a good run. He dominated FFA's when the gametype was considered random at the highest levels. What he did was completely inconceivable.
  2. I bought a new wired controller a couple months ago that had really bad slow turn. The right stick maxed out at 95% when pressed up and/or left. With the way aiming works in Halo that results in moving at half the speed, or even less compared to the opposite direction.
  3. Who cares what Frankie has to say about anything? This is the same guy that said Halo 4 "feels like Halo", and it's the "most customizable Halo yet" a month or two before release. The first statement can be attributed to incompetence, but the second is a straight up lie. He has no credibility, and should be ignored.
  4. This is the first time in my life I haven't been excited about a new console generation, and my first console was the Atari 2600 so I've been around the block. The gaming industry is devouring itself from the inside out with it's own greed and incompetence. The next gen launch line up is an absolute joke, and littered with micro-transactions. Great games used to be about simple mechanics that were fun, but now AAA games seem to be designed around bullet points from a marketing presentation copied from whoever sold the most units lately. There is an entire generation of gamers being spoon fed mediocrity, and told it's the best gaming has to offer. Looking back on this year I realized the 3 games I spent the most time with were all indie titles, and it cost me a combined total of $3.50. Another gaming industry collapse is long overdue at this point. The people that focus on fun will survive, and everyone else will buckle under their own weight. It's time for the creative minds to be put in charge again, because what we have now just isn't sustainable.
  5. Bro, it's the internet... I'm pretty sure it's against interweb law to not be a sociopath.
  6. What if that respect is undeserved, and only given because they have something to gain from it?
  7. It would have made a lot more sense for them to just offer up prize money to AGL from the start. Offer 7 prize pools, 6 regular events and then a national championship. If you do 30k for regular events, and then 70k for nationals that's only 250k with no overhead or time commitment from 343. They didn't even have to give the money to AGL, just pay out players directly based off of placings. Then AGL could pocket the team pass money as their profits, and used that to grow the league. If they didn't want to do that they could have sponsored players based on some sort of criteria. The top X players would get a stipend just for showing up to approved tournaments. That way people are getting paid to play, instead of playing to get paid as Gandhi said. The competitive scene is on the brink of complete failure at this point. Imagine how it would be if all the Halo pros knew there was 30k on the line every 2 months guaranteed. I'm guessing they wouldn't have quit, or switched to COD. H4GC was nice, but it was only one tournament, and even though the prize pool was massive the payout was incredibly top heavy. That money needed to be spread out a little to keep competitive Halo alive.
  8. They were doing it right when they were playing 4SK settings back in the day, and even then people were pressuring them to use Ghost's settings.
  9. Yes, it's worth it. What good is dev support for a game that nobody plays because it's not fun? Honestly, we need new settings at this point. I have never once criticized Ghost, or even his settings, but he's made far too many concessions because of what he thinks 343/casuals might want. I understand what he was trying to do, but it didn't work, and v5 only made this worse with the addition of Ricochet. Ghost is obviously fishing for a job so we can't depend on him to make the best settings happen. He has to work inside the box 343 has handed him, and that box is far too small and limited to make anything that resembles traditional Halo. He's made the best of the situation, but he doesn't have the tools required for the job. I hope he does end up getting a job though. The only thing left to do is make the best of this dead game, and NS is the way to do that. It made a massive difference in the playability of Reach. If we could get a couple really good forge maps designed for NS I might be able to play Halo without regretting it every time.
  10. The reason people say things like "I know Beyond likes the position it is in right now" is because of the 100% about face Team Beyond pulled. You of all people might have kept it a little too real during some of the video discussions, and now you act like a 343 spokesman. It's clear Team Beyond has an agenda of making 343 happy, and honestly I can't blame you. 343 has a lot to offer you guys, and [/size]apparently you have to "play ball" to get it. It's so disingenuous though. I'm not saying what you're doing is necessarily wrong, or to even stop doing it, but let's not pretend that 343 deserves our admiration or respect. I have no doubt that you're going to bat for the competitive community, but 343 isn't throwing any balls so really you're just swinging at air. You talk about official channels and doing things the right way, but what else do we have to do to get an official no sprint gametype? What's more official than Ghost asking for them as you said he did? He makes the official competitive settings, and he can't even get a simple gametype to test with? A while back when the community was in full out hysteria over no sprint settings there were polls on Waypoint. How much more united do we have to be? It's not like it's even a big ask on our part. It's something modders can do in a few minutes. 343 isn't providing it because they simply don't want to, and they don't really want to talk about it either because then they might be held accountable for their apathy towards this community. The only reason people lash out at 343 is because nothing else they have done worked, or even mattered slightly. The only thing left for these angry people to do is to show their utter contempt for a company that ruined their beloved franchise. It's really just that simple. If 343 cared AT ALL they would spend the small amount of time putting together some no sprint games types, but they refuse to even throw us a simple bone.
  11. Are people not going to Indy because they haven't been paid, or is it some other reason?
  12. If the cost of developer support is terrible game mechanics like Sprint then I'll pass. Are people seriously advocating that the competitive Halo community just decide to play worse settings because it makes 343 happy? It's like seeing a collective case of Stockholm Syndrome. Why should a company that delivered the worst Halo multiplayer experience have a say in anything competitive whatsoever? The poor mechanics of Halo 4 proves beyond any doubt that they don't have a clue of what a fun and balanced game looks like. If Halo players want a game that plays like traditional Halo we apparently have to do it ourselves. Don't feed me this developer support crap when Ghost asked for an official no sprint gametype and couldn't get it. The fact that we still don't have an official no sprint gametype is an absolute joke. It's been almost a year since the game came out, and we were asking for no sprint settings BEFORE it even came out. That's not support, that's absolute nonsense. 343 should support the Halo community unconditionally because we chose to buy, play, and promote their game. They have a responsibility to please us, not the other way around.
  13. I play occasionally just to chat with people I spent a lot of time playing Reach with, and I end up regretting it every time I do because it's devoid of anything except frustration.
  14. http://blog.twitch.tv/2013/08/major-changes-coming-to-twitch-transcodes
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