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  1. Some things are objective. I already stated that Halo 5 is different for example because it is widely known that it is factually inconsistent depending on networking conditions. You seemed to ignore that I don't understand what you mean in saying that it isn't precise. I can precisely aim the reticle onto players and hit them. When I don't, I feel that it was my own fault, perhaps I flicked the thumbstick too hard or I wasn't focusing well enough. It would help me if you could explain to me why I don't have this problem while you do.
  2. The very fact that I (and many others) don't really feel or agree with the things you claim about the aiming system demonstrates that your feelings about the aiming are nothing more than opinions. Thus, you coming back every other page to so confidently claim the aiming is "shit" as it there is a complete official objective guide to what makes aiming "good" is very strange to me and implies heavily to me that you are complaining about the aiming as a result of your discomfort with it in game. If I felt that grenades were too bouncy, I would not post that the grenades in H3 are designed terribly, I would simply recognize that the grenade design is perhaps not to my preference and adjust my grenade throwing accordingly because the game offers me the ability to master it. You cannot speak as if something is objective when you can clearly observe that its not by the fact that others don't feel the same way. Just because something is unintuitive to you doesn't mean it is bad.
  3. If the aiming is consistent and you can't get comfortable with it, you're just not good at it, simple as that. There's no other explanation. You have a system which works the same every single time and you can't master it, which is fine, but blaming your inability to aim on the aiming being "bad" doesn't work. Maybe there was a point to be made in Halo 5 where we knew latency could very much fuck with your aiming (and even then, I think many people overplayed it, but it depends on your connection), but not anymore.
  4. 343 is too busy with modern aiming for the next 4 months, try maybe next summer.
  5. He said on stream he's probably not going because the prize pool isn't worth it. He might though.
  6. Agree with all of Saucey's last post, still don't think it's justified to not apply. I guess maybe it's a poor allocation of resources without spectator mode.
  7. https://twitter.com/Tashi343i/status/1064579759429099521 late reply
  8. We don't even have enough of a prizepool to attract some of our most well known pros (Royal 2 said in stream last night he is probably not going, Mikwen just retired, Frosty and Splyce left, etc) and people want to have tournaments for TWO other Halo games at the same time. Where is this money coming from? There is no evidence at all to suggest that CE or H2 would be successful, in fact it is safer to say that they would be even worse investments than Halo esports already generally is. Also, Beachlan will become bigger and better with Grassroots funding which should satisfy that community. People go on and on with the Smash comparisons as if there aren't significant differences between the two situations. One very important difference is that you only have to pay one person per competitor unit in Smash as opposed to two (in CE) and 4 in other Halo games. Waste of discussion IMO.
  9. There are larger HCS driven events coming and MLG is almost confirmed.
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