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  1. Just asked on Chigs stream If he thinks him, Mikwen & Ninja would make a good team. He said "I think we could make a good team yeah" .... (short pause) "We'll see".... ??? EDIT: Also both him and Ninja have separately said that they think their team may be announced by the end of this week. Coincidence... or ?
  2. I highly doubt radar will be in the million dollar tourney... But you make a good point. Why was it in this gameplay? o_O
  3. I don't think there will be 'another season on the MLG circuit' but rather MLG will be one of the hosts (with ESL) that do tourneys that contribute to the HCS season overall. Kind of like PGL and ESL for the last two H2A seasons. EDIT: Sorry for double post.. :/
  4. It could get that high if crowd funding is successful. However I think you're nuts for expecting $2mil. $1mil was a massive step in itself especially compared to what we're used to for Halo.
  5. Not even close. THIS... AND THIS^ Ok so Halo 5 doesn't look perfect. But in my opinion it's easily 100x better than Halo 4. The Halo 5 beta was genuinely the most fun I've had playing Halo since Halo 3. Lots of really competitive close games as well. And that was with a relaxed (less strict) matchmaking system.
  6. That's just the YouTube Gaming (streaming etc) icon not their main icon.
  7. The tournament this Friday is invitational as far as i know. No idea about other HCS future events though. I'd imagine there will be open brackets.
  8. Thanks so much for answering some of our concerns. Very informative. Can't wait to play the Beta! <3
  9. What an amazing tourney. Can't wait to see more. 48k hype!!
  10. I'm rather relieved to be honest. I'm still not happy yet but have at least calmed down. I think people can be excused for freaking out about a leak with no context. Not sure what to think of this psuedo ADS but at least it doesn't slow you or penalize hip-fire so that's good. Also de-scope still there. we'll see
  11. EDIT: After the tweets from 343 devs I have calmed down somewhat. Still not 'happy' but Disregard my outrage below. <3 I can't even begin to fathom how even the most brain dead potato monkey working at 343 could have even considered doing this after what happened with Halo 4. My mind is blown by the pure extent of stupidity I've just witnessed. All I can say is thank fucking baby Jesus Christ for Halo: MCC or i would have strapped C4 to my chest and ran into 343 headquarters after seeing this. Might be the first Halo game i don't buy. MCC it is for the next 10 years.
  12. I had a feeling something like this would get announced sooner or later. There are no words adequate to convey how happy I am to see this announcement and for Dev support for the competitive scene to finally be a reality. :halo: :chiefdancing:
  13. I'm pretty sure it can be scoped in if not dual wielding. Going by the way he was expecting it to work and surprised when it didn't while dual wielding suggests to me that you can scope in usually.
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