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  1. How do y’all feel about the grand finals being a Bo7 compared to the 1st series being a Bo5 then turning into a Bo11?
  2. I stay 30 minutes from the event. I’ll 100% be there. 😅😈
  3. If you guys didn’t know don’t know how this didnt come out yet but 343 will announce that after UGC Microsoft Stores will be throwing 4v4 events (yes actual events, not at the stores) for money around the country. Hopefully that & a MLG Event announcement will spark some type of genuine interest in the comp scene.
  4. I really hope they’re not taking the MLG 4s playlist out off mcc.
  5. So i just asked UGC’s event coordinator the event will be 4v4.
  6. Not downtalking H5 but the end of just that guardian game just now was more exhilarating than any moment in halo 5 ever had, please neg me if I’m lying
  7. Just to let you guys know that haven’t heard 343/HCS will make the announcement for the future of halo eSports right before the grand finals of the H5 Tournament to anyone that were wondering.
  8. You DEFINITELY coulda gave a hint about the future with this post lol but we not tripping it’s all good
  9. Yeah. Evadur & Guntype knocked them out in the losers quarter finals.
  10. Not actually comparing the 2 teams at all but when H3 came out in 07’ literally FB quit playing H2 & $H!TMopped the floor with every team at Nationals that year... not saying splyce is going to do that but I expect them to be in the finals & that’s just pure bias lol i fw them

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