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  1. Bit random but I always remember BubuDubu from a Ryanoob game review in Reach, his gamertag stayed with me and knew he'd make it big one day lol.
  2. Top 6 Chelsea Arsenal Man CIty Man Utd Liverpool Spurs Relegation Watford Bournemouth Leicester Golden Boot: Aguero POTY: Probably Hazard again Surprise Team: Palace Surprise Player: Payet/Wijnaldum (I know both are reasonably big names but reckon they'll be the best players for clubs outside the established "top" teams)
  3. Always class getting skanked in a semi final.
  4. And pretty much all the Arsenal goals, although Mignolet could have done better on a couple all were belters.
  5. I'm sure you were old enough to witness your clubs single FA Cup win back 40 years ago.
  6. Tbh that's the only trophy you'll see them win don't belittle it mate.
  7. He did score the two goals in basically the only competitive match and who did then? No one stood out cause quite frankly it's Lithuania but he saw more of the ball than anyone, created the first and scored another.
  8. Tbf to him he does score very regularly for England, top scorer in Euro qualifiers and motm today.
  9. How does @@Defiant feel about Schneiderlin saying he wants to leave every month?
  10. Yeah guys like Walker and Townsend being included in the squad just shows why they'll go out in the group stage at the Euros.
  11. If a player repeatedly withdraws like Costa only to be fit enough to play in his clubs first fixture I don't think he deserves to go to the Euros, firstly because I think the players who got you there should be rewarded and secondly because what's the point of trusting a guy with 8 caps who hasn't played enough to integrate his style into your team to lead your strike force in a major tournament. In terms of club over country fair enough but don't try and bullshit it and expect people especially the national manager to believe that, either retire or exclude yourself from selection until you actually will turn up.
  12. Anyone else getting a bit pissed off with players pulling out of internationals with bullshit injuries? Guarantee guys like Sturridge and Costa will be back first game for their clubs.
  13. Is Roy Hodgson a Spurs fan? So many shit to average Spurs players in the England squad.
  14. Shaw, Gibbs and Walker (who is absolutely atrocious and shouldn't be anywhere near the team) should be replaced by creswell, Bertrand and Jenkinson but big club bias.
  15. Guess it's down to Arsenal to represent English football in Europe once again sigh.
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