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  1. I wouldnt trust solid reviews, if I remember correctly Halo 4 got great reviews and well...yeah.
  2. Havent been around in a while but I just got an Xbox One and Halo and want more people to play with online. Also I also want to set up some local lans at my house, i live in the suburbs of chicago (20 min from the city) and my family just moved into a house with a massive basement perfect for lans, so if anyones interested let me know! Gt: Stryfe efyrtS (stryfe spelled backwards) Twitter: @afterhoursdre
  3. Gt: stryfe efyrts Customs/mm Midwest (chicago)
  4. Gamertag: TwitchTV Stryfe Customs/MM: Both Region: US Midwest I'm on all the time so add me and shoot me a message so i add you back!
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