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  1. whatsup? Long time no see. Is Halo back ? :saucey:
  2. Just got ghosts, the maps in this game are terrible.
  3. Just got my xbox after my exams and I'm playing some Halo 3, am I l8 ?
  4. Has anyone played Marvel Heroes? How is it? should I bother playing?
  5. Lucky you! I want one so bad, I heard there are a lot of battery problems, i.e. battery running out very fast. Experienced any of that?
  6. Agreed, also did you see the nexus 5 ??? <3<3
  7. this site should be the go to site for competitive console fps' that would be :goat:
  8. gt: tejs0me I upgraded my internet and have a dorky accent, and I'm not good at cod. I can play from the 19th of november.
  9. This helps a lot, thank you. Drow is my favorite carry lol.
  10. Well, I like to carry but that doesn't mean I'm good at it so I try to stick to supports such as skywrath mage, lina, dazzle and a support sven. I'll try him//her/it out
  11. Which hero would you suggest for me? I play dota 2 and I want to try league. Any suggestions?
  12. Tejsome

    Dota 2

    Sucks that we didn't get dire tide, lol.
  13. Alright, so long ago I got admin privileges for this page on facebook and yesterday I saw people debating halo 4 so I thought I'd put in my two cents from what I've learnt from cT, cursed lemon and all those ce fanatics on this forum. I tried my best to talk some sense into these people only to get comments such as CE was too easy and sprint made halo faster and the routine 'halo has changed for the good' nonsense. https://www.facebook.com/TheOneAndOnlyChief/posts/605756479481560 If you're looking for some giggles I suggesst you read the walls of text in the comments section explaining to me how noob friendly CE was.
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