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  1. Team Name: S A D B O Y S Winner: Utah Noobs Round Number: Round 1 Score: 2 - 0 (Best of 3 games)
  2. v8 - CStruct KotH and Amplified TS. Spawns are awful on Amp.
  3. I still stand by the idea that SCUF controllers are modded controllers. They add extra buttons to perform more actions. SCUF controller vs a regular controller, SCUF wins every time, because it has 2-4 more paddles on the back binded to certain buttons otherwise difficult to reach. I think they're complete BS, and with what we've seen here, they should stay away from Halo forever. It's not how veterans in the scene learned to play, and it's not the way I feel that newer players should learn to play either.
  4. I know this may be a bit early, considering that the next actual Halo game in the series won't be releasing until 2015, I feel as though that the community should come into Halo 5 with a total positive mindset. This already seems to be happening with the announcement of the Master Chief Collection, but the games included in that are ones that we know are fantastic. Halo 5 will be the next time that we see the creative genius that is 343i back at the helm of an entirely new Halo title. From what we've seen, 343i have been very responsive to the ever so demanding Halo community. In the 15 second snippet of a teaser for the H5 Beta, we've seen that the game has arena style multiplayer as the main focus, something that Halo has been lacking since (arguably) 2007. This clearly means that 343i has been listening to us nagging at them since the release of Halo 4. With all that being said, I think we need to go into Halo 5: Guardians with a 100% positive mindset, doing away with the whole "let's hope they don't screw this one up too" attitude. It's time to get back to where we once we're, and damn does it feel good that the chances of that happening are looking stellar. See you guys November 11th.
  5. For the next Halo that supports eSports play, I think the ability to Create a Team right from the game menu is a solid idea. The system would work similar to Dota 2's. Now some things cannot be achieved in game (assumption), and would obviously have to be left out or re-imagined in some other way. The way Dota 2's Team feature works is as follows: 1) Team Creation - Fairly simple. You give your team a name, an abbreviation (which appears on the scoreboard next to the team's logo in game), the country in which you compete from (a flag is added on the team profile), and a team URL. This can be changed at any time. 2) Team Logos - In Dota 2, there are certain areas throughout your team's side of the map in which your team's logo can be displayed. Custom banners and large stone tiles in front of the base are able to be skinned, displaying the image the team Admin chooses. These are made up mainly by designers, and usually include things like the team's logo and sponsors, with some added designs for some flair. As mentioned earlier, the logo of your team appears next to your team's abbreviation on the scoreboard. Again, all settings can be changed at a later time. 3) Adding/Removing Players to/from the Team - This can be implemented by simply going to the in game friends list and clicking on the player you want to be invited to the team. Nothing too tricky here. Doing something like this in order to create the team is more efficient than having to have all 4 players in the lobby at once like in Black Ops 2 League Play. To remove a player from the Team, something along the lines of clicking on his profile again from the in game friends list, and scrolling to the "Kick Player From Team" option, or something along those lines. 4) Official Info - The Official Info setting is only available to Professional Players (determined by Valve). Here, you put in your official tag (ex. Ninja, Ace, Legit). This is the tag that will be in use during official matches. Next step would be to choose the team you play for (since you can be a part of multiple teams). That way, the appropriate tag will show up in game. The third slot would be to enter any official sponsors or tags that you would want on the end of your name. The last option would be to apply the country you are from (since not every one is from the same country on the team, at least in Dota). This will be on your personal profile. The end result would look something like this: FB.Walshy or sQ.enable.RedBull This eliminates having to change your gamertag to represent the team you play on, and allows for viewers to distinguish who the players are when watching LAN matches/online league matches. Now a few complications are in the way with this. Since Dota 2 is run on Steam, profile recovery is very fast and simple. I do not own an Xbox One, so I dont know how difficult it would be for LAN events to recover the player's profile to the Xbox they are playing on. In order for this to work at LAN events, the profile used to create the info in #4 would have to be used. Now, it's simple for things like an MLG Halo League, or any other online league for that matter. Also, this information will only be used during official matches (GB, LAN, etc.) or in Team Matchmaking, in which all 4 members of the team play game and get ranked on a leaderboard after a handful of placement matches. Aside from the complications that are in the way as far as LAN events are concerned, I think a feature similar to this would be pretty awesome to have in Halo 5. Now this is pretty much Dota 2's team feature imagined into Halo 5. Obviously that cannot happen. So some tweaks are going to have to be made in order for this to work. Let me know what you think! SOURCES http://www.cyborgmatt.com/2014/05/dota-2-official-player-details-tutorial/#accessing-the-8220official-player-information8221-panel (Official Info) http://www.cyborgmatt.com/2012/10/dota-2-3rd-october/#team-ui (Team Creation; That's about a year old. Still relatively the same.)
  6. Keep in mind this is still me, I just had my old account still signed in on my phone, haha.
  7. If the games hold a big enough population for a consistent period of time, then I can see something like MLG/UMG etc. holding tournaments for both H2A and H5. That's what they did/do with CS at least. 1.6 competes with Source in terms of population, even today.
  8. Okay, so lets play the what-if game for a bit here. Suppose the rumors about the Halo 2 Anniversary are completely true. It's the exact same Halo game you went and bought all the way back in November 2004. Same campaign. But, unlike Halo: CE Anniversary, H2A has shipped with a FULL multiplayer, the almost exact same one that was shipped when the game launched. All the same playlists, some tweaked a bit to fit the new game. The same ranking system that kept everybody coming back for more is included as well. And don't forget the button glitches. All of this jam-packed into a crystal-clear, 1080p, 60 FPS remake. Now, with H2A having the near-perfect MP experience that came with Halo 2 ten years ago, the Halo population SKYROCKETS back to a competing level with Call of Duty. Also, Halo steals some of COD's fans, and now they've become fans of the new Halo (yet old) title. Along with the population increase comes the interest in competitive Halo, something Halo 2 was largely known for. Most of us can agree that MLG would be literally nothing without the collaboration between them and the Halo series. Now, this time around, full developer support is here for the game, competitive wise. 343 promotes tournaments, and even announces a H4GC-esc tournament, only for teams. To add to things, a perfect spectator mode has been added to the game to accommodate the standards of competitive games in today's day and age. The game is back on the circuit, events are selling out in minutes once more. Halo is back on top. Now, a year or two later, 343 announces the sequel to the acclaimed title Halo 4, calling the new title Halo 5, as expected. In the new game, the Halo community gets EVERYTHING they have asked for. improved spectator mode from H2A, Josh Menke's new ranking system, Armor Abilities and Sprint are now able to be edited in and out of settings. Descope is re-added and the 4-shot Battle Rifle feels like Halo 2's. The game is everything the community has asked for and more. Dev support is still there in full force, with another huge tournament on the way for the new title, as well as MLG picking up the game and adding it to the circuit. Now, this leaves everyone in a bit of a predicament. The community has gotten what they asked for in Halo 2 Anniversary, the perfect remake to the game every everyone has hailed as the best game to ever bear the Halo brand. But, with Halo 5, almost every improvement has been made since Halo 4, and 343i has listened to the community and fulfilled our wishes and met our demands. Now, does 343i take the approach like Valve did with Counter-Strike and support both games (referring to 1.6, Source, and Global Offensive) or do they funnel everyone to the new title by supporting that one exclusively? Now obviously this is all a work of my imagination, but if something similar happens, what do you think will happen? Thanks for reading, unknowN
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