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  1. Seriously. This does not add depth. It adds chaos. And even keeping thrust--there are things that cannot be accounted for regardless of skill. A get out of jail free card that adds more randomness. Tired of playing rock paper scissors. And adding Lizard and Spock does not raise the skill gap. It widens the field. I don't see how anyone could see it differently
  2. With the new aiming I can play on 5 sens and not feel like my BR is playing battleship.
  3. I've cornered my deep-seated issues with underdogs winning. Back in 2011 I had people legit wanting to fight me saying LuckSide was the best halo player in the world and was going to win every tournament. It was ridiculous. But so is my hate. GG Denial.
  4. last 5 games. h2 zanzibar h2 zanzibar h3 ar start last resort h2 zanzibar h2 zanzibar /slitwrists
  5. Who decided Flag does not have to be at home base to score? Why is that a thing?
  6. Literally can't find a game. Connection keeps failing. Only in social.
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