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  1. To be fair. Every game needs some form of social factors. To help bridge socials player into the competitive environment. Or else you'll get a game with to high of a bar for entry alla shadow run.
  2. Did they ever say H4 was built with Competitive in mind? From what I remember, 343 was pretty obviously a more social shooter right from trailer 1
  3. Did I say they weren't? But to pretend like they were a dynasty roster ala FB in H2 would be ignorant. Look at who won the tournaments they lost. Dynasty Infamous and SQ all came together literally days before roster. So yeah well a good team. They weren't a god squad or dynasty team
  4. Instinct lost 3 out of the six events they competed in (if you count the one MLG tournament its 4 out of seven) with a fifth place finish in one event. A good team but hardly super dominant.

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