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  1. Would putting a jet pack in a more easily accessible area. So that the team on the bottom of the map could get up easier? And maybe a wall slightly down the portal bridge so that sniper can just stop people without much of a fight?
  2. The Bloom was different between Reach and Halo 4. Even at the full spam the inner circle (The actual reticle) never exceeds the larger circle. At its worst Halo Reach without the TU (full bloom). The inner circle leaves its the larger outer circle after a single spammed shot (second shot following the initial firing of the DMR) the 85% TU bloom becomes inaccurate after two full speed shots. Combined that with Halo 4 having the bloom snap back to 100% accuracy faster then either Out of box Reach, or the title update DMR. And you have a gun that’s more accurate for a longer time, at greater distance, with a way less punishing down side to not spamming the rifle. and again I’m not defending the Reach implementation of Bloom. I’m saying that 343 did it better. You can spam and find success. Or.... https://youtu.be/cUESWKuEh3M this happens. Maven and Ghandi called it a choke because unlike Reach whiched harshly punished timing a shot. With the mechanics of H4 a single millisecond of slowed shots would’ve enabled Cratos to get the kill.
  3. The H4 DMR was so stupid good that they needed to patch the BR giving it a buff to compete. Yes it had bloom. But unless you’re Cratos spamming the shit out of it. It’s bloom reset it like a couple milliseconds and could be managed very easily. As for the BR the spread really only effected long range engagements in BTB (to be fair that was H4s bread and butter) shooting across the map in simplex, or abandoned those medium sized 4v4 maps were more consistentence.
  4. In particular Halo 5. But just in general I find shooting the utility weapon less aggravating in 4/2A. Don’t get wrong it’s not perfect, like you said over compensating with the auto aim makes the guns stupid easy to shoot. BUT I would rather that, then dealing with the pre patch H2 BR which was a shotgun at any range, and the H3 BR inconsistentency.
  5. It’s not wrong to admit 343 did pure gun play better. More consistent utility weapons, with none of bungie bullet spread BS.
  6. I was simply asking if anyone had tried 85% bloom. Personally I do think NSNB is the way to go. In a perfect world they drop the ROF on the Bloomless DMR. But I’ll accept the faster time to kill over bloom. that my friend is a lie. The MLG forums back in 2012 when No Bloom was released broke down the DMR vs H1 pistol vs H2 BR vs H3 BR vs Reach Pistol. the reach pistol is by far the fastest, followed by H1, Reach, 2, 3. The rate of fire on the DMR counters the BRs in 2/3 being fourshots. That’s optimal of course with players standing medium range and un moving. When you add the H3 spread and H1 spread. You end up with Reach Pistol. H1 and Reach being around the same, 2, then 3 Look up
  7. The DMR and especially the pistol were designed with Bloom in mind. That’s why when you play Reach NSNB we get these stupid fast time to kills speeds, that are either around the perfect H1 3 shot (DMR) or flatout faster (Pistol) you can’t take out a core design idea of the game and expect it not to change the weapon balance. Simple as that.
  8. Halo 1 had an almost bloom level of bullet spread. H2 was so bad they needed to update the BR to make it useable. H3 was probably the best with spread. But even that, a long range fight was virtually impossible, especially online. Bungie was always trying to make a “bloom" mechanic work. Never did. 343 did with H4 and H5. With the DMR being OP in H4 till the buff to the BR and in 5 it was as good as you could get. Which is why I said maybe try the 85% bloom. As it feels similar to the H4 and H5 DMR. But from a little more play. It does devolve into spam fights.
  9. You’re not really aiming your shots when you spam. You may as well be playing COD no ADSing. You’re pointing in the general direction of your opponent and praying your shots hit.
  10. It’s called weapon balance. It’s not either the vehicles are hot garbage or OP noob cannons. If the vehicles were useful but not unbeatable that would be good.
  11. My point was I personally would rather deal with the disadvantage of console play, then try and play developer for broken PC games ok. Not that there aren’t advantages to PC play. I’ve weighed the options for my own personal enjoyment and would rather slip a disc into a slot and play. Over Mods, community developed bug fixes.
  12. Go play Batman Arkham Knight on the PC, or the original Halo PC port, or street fight, saints row, dark souls, street fighter 2. Or any of the other shitty PC ports. Very cute response though
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