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  1. Tox played really well and were basically beating Splyce at their own game (fast, aggressive style). I don't think the new maps were an issue. Splyce has won previous events with the new maps in place. That said, I feel like the biggest reason why they lost was because Renegade and Eco both underperformed at the event. I remember there was a point where Renegade went 7-17 and then 9-24 (might've been in the Finals vs Tox, I can't remember), and Eco also had more than a couple of bad games. It's hard to beat other top teams when half your team isn't playing up to their capabilities. Renegade in particular, I feel like he never quite got into a rhythm and was not his usual self. And unsurprisingly we didn't see much, if any, tebagging or body shooting coming from him this event (unless I missed it). All Splyce really needs is for both Eco and Renegade to show up at Dreamhack. I think they will...
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