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  1. Back when Bernie was a National Socialist Now he says illegal immigrants are "entitled" to the same government benefits as citizens.
  2. You should be the one who's outraged. Your donations went to Hillary and a third home for Bernie. People who donated to Trump helped elect him president... as intended.
  3. What did Bernie do before he became a politician?
  4. Especially the Federal Government. They should be concerned with the military, the border and protecting our rights. Everything else should be left up to individual states.
  5. I don't think YOU understand how this works. Seems to me you think the government is handing out 1.245T to the 1% ~90% of Federal revenue comes from taking money from individuals, payroll and corporations. Nowhere in Trump's tax plan did he take more from one group to pay for the other. He took less from all three. Also the reason why the 1% benefits 83% of the cuts is because they own the businesses and pay the majority of the payroll taxes.
  6. Nobody is paying for it, the government is simply taking 1.5T less from taxpayers.
  7. https://www.vox.com/platform/amp/2016/1/22/10814798/bernie-sanders-tax-rates
  8. Trump didn't raise taxes, he lowered them. Imagine being a small/medium size business owner and Bernie is elected...

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