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  1. I literally said at the highest skill level and you show the mofo killing thumbless kids. Hahaha.
  2. dude no plays h1 anyway. H1,and h4 are the least played halo games. Because graphics, hit reg, animations, buggy AF mess, and frankly spawns. You ce diehards May love the spawn system because it gives players “control” but when that control leads to easy af spawn killing it not cool with it, and it is a fact you cannot spawn kill in any halo as easily as ce and if you think you can I want to see it at the highest level of skill.
  3. idk charge weapons never are fun, and are super annoying if they’re on a precision weapon
  4. h2 2007 had dual weapons(although no one used them lol).
  5. Halo 4,mcc, and h5. Gosh does 343 not understand how unforgiving the gaming and halo community is?
  6. Honestly I can’t think of any real way of good playlist management. And it’s mostly because of population. We’re not rocking a 100k players were rocking at best 10k on weekends.
  7. you’re not wrong. I bought an Xbox one a month after mcc released. I heard of the game breaking issues but assumed it be fixed(how wrong I was). Right now all I would really want is a reach port to the Xbox one but not on the mcc. I mean an actual port but with a 60fps 1080 update. Maybe even dedicated servers.
  8. You know tons of people want a Xbox one versio or reach. It be amazing if M$ ported reach over to the Xbox one and gave it a 60fps update. And sold it for 30 bucks. Bet you tons would buy it too. I know lots who loved that game.
  9. A bit far fetched don’t you think? Although it’s not like anyone here can probe you wrong. The majority who own Mcc want h3. I gotta admit 343 or M$(whoever decides what games are coming) are the biggest fools. H3 is still popular today, and you know what people say mostly when they say they miss halo? It’s “I miss halo 3” a h3a(100% remastered) would be the biggest hit ever!
  10. 1080 doesn’t exactly fix some dark issues to be fair.
  11. it’s not like the h1 playlist is competing on equal footing with any h3 one. I gotta say even I don’t play it as much because some stuff is hard to see in that because of how bad the graphics are. And I love h2 but good god some areas look so damn bad I couldn’t even tell a players in a specific spot. Peoples opinions are based onmany factors but I can tell you graphics is definitely one of them.
  12. Look let’s be honest Mcc can’t ever succeed. The games full of quitters because there’s people like us here who when we’re up against casuals or anyone remotely new we got 20+ fucking kills or like 30 if it’s CE. Also gamers don’t play h1 and 2, because the graphics are shit and you guys know more than anyone graphics do affect people’s opinions of games believe it or not. H1&2 graphics aren’t the “they aged well” that title belongs to h3 which is one of the reasons people play that over ce or h2 and it’s obvious those play better gameplay wise. I’ve said it before but if h1 and h2 ever got their updates graphics ported onto their multiplayer versions I bet you people be playing those over h3 any day. Oh and do not act like the graphics aren’t that “bad” tell that to a kid who’s first halo was reach. Haha good luck convincing him.
  13. gotta disagree with you because of reasons.1. Swat may be a dumbed down cod, but it’s very unique in the halo gameplay style and the difference between cod and halo(swat) is still very unique which makes the mode so fun. 2. Infection has made huge custom games fun AF, although it’s mm version never has been the best but to hate on a fun casual mode like infection where you cannot get the same experience from any other game because the mode “zombies” in halo was always fun to play(alpha zombies reach was and still is fun AF) Even cod mw3 didn’t do it as fun. 3. Grifball, came out in 2009 halo 3, where that game came out in 2015. So the grifball community has 8 years to develop. Do you honestly expect those same people to play rocket league which although better(this is subjective) , still provides a different experience than how halos version plays. People want to play these modes in “halo” and giving them a playlist isn’t bad. It’s jist giving them one “now” fucks everything up, because the population is low AF!
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