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  1. I know Halo 4 was hated by most, but i just wanted to throw this together before i deleted everything off my computer. I quit playing Halo 4 the way i did after the first 4 months of release, so i didn't have much clips. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lidijHNihc0
  2. I've made several Montages in the past. Here's some of my best work.
  3. Hi everyone. I don't really like promoting myself on the forums, but recently i started reaching out to the COD community on Youtube. All my life ive been a Halo player, and ive uploaded some nice gameplays against pros. Sadly It has come to my attention that Halo has died out drastically so i don't really upload as much. I just started Recently uploading cod gameplays to my channel. Most films are from money matches, Hundred to thousand dollar Tournaments, and gamebattles matches. Anyways I would appreciate if you guys can check it out, and help me kick my channel into gear! I'm just posting this to help kickstart my channel. Sorry if i upset anyone with this post. Also if you have your own channel feel free to post. I'll definitely check yours out too. Here's My Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkO3Gs3_EaLzkTMkznIwwvA Here's one of my many videos
  4. 343 Running Halo is like Helen Keller in a Ferrari........ VERY WELL SAID!
  5. Someone that has connections with 343 should just man up, and tell them like it is.
  6. Thank you for finally exposing this exploit vetoed. Hopefully this gets patched before the release of the game or its going to be Reach arena all over again. I Played ssyphons team the other night won 5 games, and lost 5 games against them. Lost over a days worth of ranked points (50 or so points) due to the opposing team iron boosting. Not only does it benefit the team boosting, but it also effects the team they're playing against drastically.
  7. Should've just kept it like Halo 3 except new graphics, 60fps, new maps, and more ranks. As of right now i don't think halo will ever be the same. Especially with how split the community is now. That's my personal opinion.
  8. Hovering while scoped in desperately needs to go.
  9. My complaints. #1.) Sprint needs to Go #2.) Aim down sight ruins Halo! #3.) Not everyone should have a thruster pack! #4.) Takes way to long to pull up your gun coming out of sprint! #5.) Annoying music every single time you die. #6.) Vibration is always on. #7.) You should be able to maintain the same movement, while jumping and scoping in mid gunfight (NOT JUST HOVER
  10. What is your personal opinion/experience on the Halo 5 Beta? Hopefully i don't get attacked here, but i couldn't stand it. I had very high hopes, and was going to try my best to enjoy it with a positive attitude but i couldn't.
  11. I've personally had had/played Halo MCC 5 minutes after release, and didn't get the New Nameplates/Avatars 343 promissed due to its bad launch. One of my friends already has everything, and i had the game before him. This is what im talking about here (The new Nameplate HCS Pro) http://gyazo.com/d6a78101bb4ab520a5c4fe6c629efd05 Anyone else have this similar problem?
  12. Hello Beyond. Some may not care in what i have to say, but i will try to do my best and explain. It has come to my attention that Not a single Halo title (On the Xbox One) will be allowed on any ladder on http://gamebattles.majorleaguegaming.com I have contacted MLG Staff personally, and i was told that 343 will not be allowing Gamebattles permission to use their game. Some of you may think it's no big deal, but it actually is. MLG/Gamebattles is a Huge site, with over 9,000 competitive teams that play nearly everyday on the Call Of Duty Series! When Halo 3 was around they had over 6,000+ 4v4 teams registered, and almost all were active! PGL is currently controlling ladder play, but has an extremely small community compared to MLG/Gamebattles with 300,000+ members. http://gyazo.com/c51ae72942fc997e97d62b54c6b1048e My point here is why do you think (343) is holding Halo back from branching out to other community's? This would be great, and very helpful for expanding.
  13. ADS, and Ground Smash needs to go. Sprint should be a available as a pick up ability like in reach, so that people can choose to remove, or keep it.
  14. Does anyone know how the weapon timing works on H2A Slayer Pro settings? Rockets, sniper, Shotgun, Camo Etc. I know for a fact camo is on a set time after pickup (1:10). Does the timer start after you pick up rocket's, and sniper, or are they on a set timer?
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