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  1. If aPG is in fact OpTic's 4th, I personally think they will end up being better. Obviously, Naded is a great player, and his track record speaks for itself, but I feel with aPG they will show more consistency, rather than the up-and-down style of the squad with Naded as a teammate. Also bummed Naded is leaving, because I honestly felt, based on his comments upon initially joining OpTic was, "I want to be apart of OpTic for the long haul" (paraphrasing). I understand that every person has the right to make their own life decisions, and to each his own, but I can't help but feel that he really left his teammates out to dry in this scenario. However, if his heart and motivation wasn't fully in it, than it is better that he retired for the time being. I also feel that with the potential aPG pick up, they will be a more tight-knit group, with their history together, and obviously the close friendship with Ace and Maniac. Believe it or not, I feel that Flamesword is going to be a huge key to this teams success. Not only being one of the best strategist in the history of Halo, but keeping this team's spirits high when things start to go south is going to be imperative. Like every other team in Pro League, OpTic's placing is going to come down to how much practice they put in. I believe if they have the dedication to scrim, on off nights from league matches, and focus on what they need to improve on, they have a solid chance of placing in the Top 4. I just feel with aPG their personalities mesh a lot better. Having watched them play enough, it was always hard for me to watch after the would get beat soundly and Naded would go off on a tirade, and the others would just sit there in silence until the next game started. I think when the same thing happens with this squad, all the members will be more vocal with each other because they are more comfortable with each other when conflict does arise. Maybe Naded leaving, and picking up aPG, was the break that they needed. I would have to say that OpTic finishing in the Top4 of Pro League would be a solid accomplishment for the season.
  2. I couldn't agree with you any more. There is no question that Side is one of the nicest, most genuine individuals out there, and has done so much for the Halo community, but with that said, I often get distracted from the gameplay when he is commentating. This probably sounds silly, but I think it is because he talks too slow, along with his laid back, chill personality, it feels by the time he is making a point, or trying to throw in a joke, it is 5 to 10 seconds past the mark, and something big happens and he has to scramble and hurry to catch up until everything gets jumbled up. However, I think this has to do with the speed of Halo5. H5 is a blitzkrieg compared to H2A, and that is why I actually really enjoyed Side when he commentated H2A, because he had time to elaborate on his points, along with the fact that his knowledge and experience from H2 really helped the viewer. With that said, no one does it better than Walshy and Simms, for me anyway. Their chemistry is top notch, they are both quick witted, and Walshy is able to relay his words with the speed and fluency that is unmatched. I also do enjoy Bravo, where I have seen others that note that they don't prefer him, which is fine and I can see that, but I appreciate his delivery, and most of all, his professionalism. If this is it for Goldenboy, I'll miss him casting. I enjoyed the corny jokes, his ability to laugh at himself while the others are poking fun at him, and just his overall passion for Halo. I also appreciate that fact that he would just come out and admit that he knew he wasn't the best, admit that he would have off days, apologize, but state that he was always working hard to do better because his love for the game, and he understood that the competitive community has very VERY high expectations. He never made excuses when he slipped up, or at least I didn't hear any. Hmmm, imagine how much enjoyable streams would be if some of the Pros just admitted to making some mistakes, taking accountability, ditching the excuses when things go south, and after losses, criticizing themselves first instead of going off on tangents about what each of their teammates could do better. One can only hope.
  3. I was watching the scrim from Maniac's POV when this whole disaster went down. I just personally think it shows a lack of maturity on both sides. From Liquid's side, one would hope that just losing 3 games in a row, and having a huge "make or breaker" qualifier next weekend, they would put all efforts in to righting the ship not only with team chemistry and gameplay, but also in a mental capacity. From Optic's POV, especially a veteran and all time great like Naded, that you would laugh off the "t-bagging and body shooting" and realize you have Liquid right where you want them, keep your focus and just cap 3 flags REGARDLESS off how the other team is playing. Just because the other team isn't taking the game serious doesn't mean it should break your teams focus and game plan. If you actually listened to Optic's conversation in the post game lobby, Maniac and Ace went even talking, as Naded was giggling about switching teams and betraying, while Str8 Sick giggled along with and egged Naded on. Much like other sports (especially at the professional level), mental fortitude is just as important as skill, teamwork and strategies. Whether you are winning, losing or even, having a positive attitude, being in control of your emotions, and doing the best you can to not have a breakdown separates champions from competitors. Lame as that just sounded, antics like what was displayed tonight could possibly be the reason that many Pro players haven't reached their full potential and taken home championships like they most certainly could have. And I am not just talking about Naded because I was hoping he was going to win HWC. The majority of the time, the best teams have the best attitudes, trust in their teammates, and don't become rattled when the wheels start to come off. I'll probably catch flack for this, but such is the forum life. I do hope Liquid and Optic qualify next weekend, as I just feel that by having those 2 teams would make for the most competitive Pro League, instead of some underdog AM squad, and I usually enjoy rooting for the underdog, but that is usually in a tournament setting, not a league that is going to last a few months where they are constantly undermatched week after week.
  4. I know this sounds elementary, and noobish, but I hoped on the other night for the first time in a few weeks, and after about 5 games noticed some pretty bad lag, but only lag spikes, not really the entire time. Immediately I realized that I probably hadn't set my XB1 to have a "DMZ" host so my XB1's IP address could pass through the filter. Sure enough, I checked my network settings and my NAT was "moderate". Quickly jumped online (thru my PC), login in to my modem, and set my "DMZ" host for whatever the IP address was on my XB1, did a power cycle with my PC and XB1, and my NAT was now "open". Obviously, it was night and day. I mean to the point where there was a few snipe headshots the game generously gave me when I felt I wasn't that close. Basically what I'm saying is that in past Halo's having my NAT "moderate" or "open" always made a difference but not nearly as much as it does on H5, and I'm guessing that has something to do with it being played on dedicated serves. Some nights I would be playing on "moderate" and wouldn't notice until like maybe an hour or two in to gaming where I would get some minor lag and remember to check my network settings on the XB1, but in H5 after a couple games I can immediately tell, and it reminds me to check and make sure my "DMZ" host is set to the right IP address of my XB1. The other night was the first time I experienced the "heavy" reticle that I have seen so many post about. If anyone is having a problem with their NAT being stuck on "moderate" or "strict", please feel free to DM me and I'll do my best to help you get it to "open". I'm no networking expert, but depending on the modem you have, it can be a quick, simple fix and save much frustration.
  5. I was thinking the same exact thing. Heinz came to mind first. I think Liquid has enough slaying power, and a leader/shotcaller/strategist like Heinz could be what puts them over the hump, and possibly take that leap; somewhat like Str8Sick replacing Flame, even though they haven't qualified yet, I think we can all agree Optic is much better than they were with Flame. ...And good point about taking one of your possible toughest opponents' arguably best player.
  6. I see the point you are making, but also you can look at it this way, in the 3 series played Optic won 7 total games, while RNG won 8. Obviously most would take the 2 series won (Optic) over the 1 series won (RNG), but you also should weigh in that RNG swept them 4-0 when it mattered the most, being the winner went on to get the spot in Pro League. I also saw the earlier point you made with RNG having "high highs and low lows", and yes they do often lose games after having a strong lead (I refuse to use the word "choke" because it has been watered down in this forum, and have lost its luster when there actually is a "choke". However, if anything RNG "clutched" up this weekend. Having been down 0-2 in the first series with Optic, they could've totally rolled over and been swept and been mind-fucked the rest of tournament. Instead, they won the next 2 games, forcing a game 5. Rebounded against Denial, and completely TKO'd Optic in the final series when everything was on the line. Believe, I see the point you are making, but I think you are down playing their effort to come back and sweep Optic in the series that made all the other series almost pointless, as this was for the prize of either making Pro League, or potentially being left out all together if Optic doesn't come away as Top2 in the LCQ. (Because tournament results should weigh the most, right?, and the Burbank tournament was ultimately more important than the TB Online tournament, no?). And like others have said, these "power rankings" are opinions (minus CLG being #1 because that is just a fact at this point). Until we see how Pro League goes any number of these teams could be the second best, as there will be concrete evidence of gameplay series where the results ultimately matter and truly reflect which team is better. ....Lastly, Steph Curry is bonkers.
  7. Haven't we played this jumping-to-conclusions game before (Suspector supposedly joining another team for the LCQ)? Throwing jabs at LifeStyle when clearly we have no idea what has happened. Again, until we know what truly took place try to refrain from making negative comments until the truth comes out. With that said, if it comes out that he dodged because he felt disrespected and wanted to get his teammates back this way, than the criticism is worthy. I think a lot of individuals in this forum forget that the majority of us do not personally know each other outside of what we see online. I pray that nothing tragic happened to Lifestyle and there is a very valid reason he no-showed. If not, it really will be unfortunate that he caused his teammates to miss out on this huge opportunity, but even more so, that he has many people concerned for him.
  8. Welcome to Ninja's life while on Cloud 9 during H2A, except it was Hysteria and FiS running a tag team match on him every night for months. And then when Ninja would have a game and single-handily pull out a win, it would be silence after the game, no even a, "nice plays Ninj. Keep it up". Props for not setting down the controller and walking away, I'm sure it crossed your mind to do it in spite of them.
  9. Been on my mind for the past few months so here we go... - It is so frustrating, as a fan, watching these scrims to have these squads bash each other (I'm refering to teammates, not trash-talking their opponents) after every loss, but when they do win a game, and some pressure is relieved they just sit there in silence. Not every team does it, and some teams do it more than others, but having played competitive sports, and competitive "rec" leagues, I always tried to build my team with "selfless" individuals, even if it meant picking a player over another who may not have as much talent. Also having my bachelor's degree in Psychology, and taken several "sports psychology" classes, the studies show that more individuals perform better when they receive "positive reinforcement". Yes, I know everyone is different, and there are those that perform best when they receive an ass-chewing, or have a coach or manager that is strict, but I just feel that I see so many Halo Pros that have their emotions swing from one extreme to another from game to game. And as I have stated before, I am not a CLG fan, have never rooted for them, but respect the hell out of them, but I feel this is a huge reason why they are so successful. The majority of the time, you can't tell much of a difference, after a game, in their attitude in a win compared to a loss. They are nearly always cool, calm and collected, and never get too high or too low. Obviously, winning at a high of a rate as they do is a reason for this, but an example I will use is Lxthul's attitude after losing "X-Games" in one of the best, most watched Halo series of all time. He knew he was going to catch a ton of shit for leaving EG, only to get beat by them in the gold medal match. However, this is where he is a psychological veteran, afterwards he said (paraphrasing) "I didn't come to CLG to win a X-Games gold medal, I came to CLG to win $2.5million". He knew that everyone wanted to see him pissed off and defeated, and although he was liking feeling those emotions inside, he didn't let the world know it. If anything, the loss at X-Games was probably the best thing for CLG because it probably was an awakening that they weren't just going to be able to show up at HWC and have the championship handed to them, they were going to have to fight for it. Sorry for the rambling, and I am aware that there is a ton at stake in the next few years in Halo (possibly enough money to retire on, legacy, opening doors in to a career, etc), but if these players can't recover from an online scrim on a Monday night in April, when nothing is on the line, how are they going to overcome any adversity when there are thousands of people watching on the biggest stage with tons of money on the line, and when you just let your opponents get back in the game when you were up +10 kills, and now the score is tied, and there is 3mins to go and the score is tied at 40, in a game 7? I purposely didn't point out any single Halo Pro for their ability to "tilt" (not a fan of this word), because every one of us has done this at some point or another in our lives, but, PLEASE, if anything if you just witnessed your teammate "get shit on" or single handily lose a game for you, pick them up, have their back and let them know to forget it and you guys can easily win the next game. Rant over.
  10. It is entitled individuals like yourself that make this world suck. C'mon man, Beyond throws on countless of FREE tournaments monthly, handing out money, Astro gear, etc to participants for winning a tournament on a game that they likely love playing. Does everyone on this site likely own some type of backpack? Likely, but it is the thought that counts, especially when it comes from an organization like Astro, who donates tons of gear MONTHLY, supports competitive gaming, and does it out of the kindness of their heart. Only thing I would possibly recommend to Team Beyond staff, is to possibly offer the winners of the tournament, who have won numerous tournaments, a chance to pass on the Astro gear, and maybe pick something out of the Team Beyond store? Just a thought. Especially when Pros usually win, but at the same time it is cool because these same Pros also usually do a giveway of the gear on their stream. So thank you TB, and Astro, for not only giving away free gifts, but also just giving us a chance to compete, for FREE, and organizing such events. I appreciate it, and I know others do on here. Having organized several basketball tournaments in my hometown, I know it takes time and effort to do such.
  11. Just imagine all of the passive-aggressive, back-and-forth, comments that would go away if there was not a rep bar. People getting heated over someone else's statements that they will likely never encounter in real life. ...With that said, please never take it away, because the entertainment value is too high.
  12. Like everyone else in this forum, I couldn't be more pumped for HWC next weekend. One thing I do want to say, however, is that I get annoyed with this whole "the seedings were bullsh*t", "we shouldn't have had to play them that early in the tournament", and "it should best double-elimination, instead of best of 7", and etc. Having been involved in sports throughout high school and college, I do understand the argument, but as a competitor, if you feel that your skills and your team's level skill are as good as you think you are, than you should be able to beat the other team regardless of what point you faced in the tournament, and the stipulations of the match. Now, no doubt that bo3, online play can be difficult, but if you are the superior team you will find a way to succeed. Like many others, I am happy that we are past the point of online tournaments, but even though we are likely going to always hear excuses from the losing team, for HWC, the pools are set, and no team has an advantage over the other. What I mean is, if you want the best path for your team, then step up and sweep your pool. If you get the #2 seed in your pool, then step up and beat the team you are facing in the top-8 portion of the tournament, REGARDLESS of who you are facing. EVERY team knows how many games are in each match, so strategize and do your best to win. And if you lose, well then improve in the offseason and set yourself up for a better position next season. Does having the #1 seed in the tournament make it easier for a team to reach the finals? Duh. But this is the HWC, complaining about who is in your pool, or who you have to face when you get seeded in the tournament is part of the competition. If you can't beat the team in front of you, than you don't deserve to be the champs anyway. The best team in the world should not care who they are facing, at what point in the tournament they are facing them, and whether it is bo5, bo7 or double elimination, as long as the stipulations are fair on both sides, and one team does not have an advantage over the other. Believe me, I dislike CLG, root against them every match, but I RESPECT the hell out of them, even more so after their loss in the gold medal match at X-Games. Instead of using the excuse, like I feel a lot of other teams would have, "well we 3-0d them in pool play, so we actually should be the gold medalist because we actually beat them 6-4 head to head this weekend", they shook off the loss and prepared for Regionals and took 1st place, and now look like the juggernauts of H5. I apologize if I am coming off heartless and stern, but after months and plenty of time being given to practice, if your team does not play up to your standards and expectations, it is no one's fault to blame than your own (barring some technical difficulties catastrophe). Every team is playing on the same playing field. If you feel you are the best, step up and prove it. Predictions: CLG EG RNG ALG Denial Liquid C9 Elevate.
  13. I get what you are saying, and yes LAN events do carry more weight than online scrims and tournaments, but like aPK has said several times, these rankings are based of "most recent weeks" being "Week of Feb 29th thru March 6th". Being that it is based off "recent weeks", I understand, and agree, with the Power Rankings, and Liquid being #8, especially since, in "recent weeks", Liquid has just resumed scrimming and after a small hiatus, going 1-5-1. Again, the power rankings are based off "recent weeks". Now, I feel that the same panel would probably predict Liquid to be better, and finish better, than than ranking of #8 among best teams in the world. Unfortunately, based on the way that the HWC is setup, we are only going to get placings of 5-8, 4th, 3rd, 2nd and Champion. If you aren't familiar with "power rankings", check out ESPN.com or BleacherReport, or any other major sports website (most do a weekly power ranking), and you will see that the ranking is based off the team's performance during that given week, and not necessarily the overall work of the team throughout the whole season. Sorry if I sound smug, not trying to be, and I see that you have always made solid, evidence-based points on this forum. I'm just explaining what I feel the "power rankings" article was trying to point out, and the metrics they used to make their list. As for aPK, thrilled to see you back with TeamBeyond. I have really enjoyed your work and insight in the past. I thought the rankings were well done, and I'm sure you are aware, but there are always going to be individuals who feel they are inaccurate, but that is why there will be a championship tournament to ultimately crown who the best team in Halo 5 is.
  14. No idea why I thought this was so funny when I saw it live, but it had me rolling. I guess it just reminds me of my group of friends and I, in that we have known each other for so long that we continuously know what the other is thinking and feed off each other with little effort. This must be true with Side and Walshy. Whether it is this clip, or the gif of them dancing, or Walshy posting that photo the other week of him staying at Side's residence, and Side plasters a large poster of himself starring right at where Walshy will be sleeping that evening; there is just that natural chemistry there. But yeah, this had me laughing pretty hard. (Right after Denial knocked out Liquid to move to the Semis" GoldenBoy: "...so let's break this down. You know we had a really intense match up there. Side your thoughts?" StrongSide: "...Budu" Walshy: "Dubu" GoldenBoy: "Alright moving on to game number 2" https://youtu.be/HK5rQACtvms?t=1h3m15s
  15. Damnit.... my eyes are killing me. Just read through the past 25 pages, and took about 2hours. Some takeaways: -Hats off to Optic. Nearly everyone was dogging on them at the beginning of the season, and in some ways, rightfully so (as far as waiting so long to actually play the game, announce a roster, and get to practicing). Had this been a different situation, where it was a game they have all played before, and it was the second or third season (like Reach or H2A) not nearly as big of a deal, but when it is a brand NEW game, you have to get familiar with it immediately if you are going to be taken seriously, let alone trying to win unheard of money in this industry. -The Suspector debacle First off, I understand that this is a forum, and especially this thread, we all feed off of rumors and "He said/she said" material, but when it is something like this (in a negative context) it is a bummer to see individuals posting IMMEDIATELY upon hearing something .... "Allegiance should be disqualified and not even be allowed to participate in HWC/Suspector should be banned from all competition" (paraphrasing). I know not all were saying this, but jumping to conclusions, in any walk of life, is usually just a poor decision. I always try to think, "what if this was happening to me?", and just seeing others shitting on someone when they have no idea what they are talking about. Obviously it didn't turn out to be a big deal, but even Flame sending out a small tweet like he did can have huge ramifications (especially given the followers he has). Don't be a blind sheep, and I'm more directing towards how the media tries to influence us and sway public opinion in a certain direction for someone's gain or loss. When given the chance, check your facts. In this situation, there wasn't really a way to do so, so instead either wait for evidence to be shown or be respectful of the party being accused and try wording things a different way. For example, I saw some post, "Man if this Suspector thing is true, this could be awful for Allegiance, and I would hope that there is some sort of punishment". I apologize if I sound like I am lecturing, and I guess I am, but nowadays it just seems like anyone with a keyboard has the solution to every issue in the world. I can only imagine Suspector sitting at the movies having his phone blowing up, and being bombarded and his teammates having to hear of something like this thinking that everything they have worked so hard for could be in jeopardy. - Renegades tension I root for Ninja and whatever team he is on. Have been watching his stream since 2011 when I discovered him on justin.tv, and have very much enjoyed watching his rise to fame and reach near pinnacle of Halo competition. With that said, I don't blame Spartan for saying what he did. There is no question that he could have put it in a different way, but having just rewatched it, it seems clear to me that this frustration had been building up in him for several days now. I agree with the several posts before me, and have always felt this way when watching the pros stream, in that hardly any of them take any accountability. It is always finger pointing. How rarely do we ever hear, "Hey guys, that was my bad, I probably lost that game for us" and then go on to say which choices they could have made better. That is why I enjoy watching Heinz stream so much. He is stable, consistent, and although he gets frustrated like everyone else, he knows how to communicate his frustration that isn't detrimental to a team. As lame as this sounds, my career is a counselor where I work with children, teens and adolescents, primarily on their social skills and the way they interact with others. The majority of them have anger issues, and I always reinforce how important it is to remember that they are talking to another human being. Sounds elementary, but the old saying "treat others how you would like to be treated", can go a long way. Basically when someone tells you to "fuck off" we naturally want to say "fuck off" right back, and the tension doesn't just vanish instantly. In my opinion, Renegades is an emotionally team, I see it in their gameplay. It is both their weapon and their kryptonite. When they are positive, have each other's backs they dominate, like they did against Liquid at Xgames. When they are uncomfortable and on edge, they get demolished like they did tonight against CLG. I just imagine how much better they would be if each player knew that their teammate would pick them up after they make a mistake after a game, instead of knowing they have to defend themselves. Siked that Regionals is shortly around the corner. Excited for the scrims until then. I hope Denver can pull out a W for Peyton tomorrow, and that he retires while holding up the Lombardi trophy, however I can just as easily see Carolina having a huge 1st quarter and never looking back. until then CalmDownGary.
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