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  1. The uncapped FPS looks like shit though sadly. Still that jittery reach shit.
  2. found this cool Halo shirt for sale. I think its to promote the original first championship in japan. I am nojt the seller. just thought someone might be interested even though its a small. https://www.etsy.com/listing/770984396/vintage-90s-halo-game-tshirt
  3. The game is fucked up in many ways. However, crashing is prob on your end. Ive played about 300 hours of Halo CE PC MCC with 1 crash early early on. Around 100 of these hours were on 1080ti/8700k. Lately been playing on 8700k/780 for the analogue output to a PC CRT monitor. I have run into 2 people already on MCC who don't know much about computers. So I will just throw this out there: Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date, and make sure your ram is not in single channel mode/make sure the ram is in XMP/DOCP/AMP mode in your bios. These simple steps will prevent a ton of crashes. You would be surprised at how many people are running their ram at incorrect low speeds and single channel.
  4. Does anyone have the video that was called PS Lansion or PS-Lansion? This was a Halo 2 era video of Naded, Ramby, Legit, and someone else. The only references I can find to it are a thread I made in 2013 asking for it, and a comment on this website by someone else. It was on the "MLG GAMEROOM" thing when I first saw it. I was hoping maybe one of you had it. Its a long shot but the video is just really nostalgic to me. Thanks! PS stood for Perfect Storm I believe.
  5. I hope Halo Infinte doesnt have sprint, boost, perks or any of that other BS. Just please be a Halo and not some shitty Quake hybrid.
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