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  1. Still looking for a team? I'm forming one for the next future halo events
  2. You can add me I'm looking to start a halo competitive team under the org I'm in definitely for halo classic tournaments
  3. Looking for 3 player's to compete under XGN for future halo events willing to practice hours a day Eastern/Central time zone willing to travel to lan events and compete in tournaments hard work and dedication able to fund yourself until show prove to the owner of Xiled Gaming Network we can place well at lan events to get funded under the org
  4. I play Team arena a lot definitely be down for online tournaments and 2k etc want to team up
  5. I'll definitely add you me or add me XGN PsychoKilla I'm actually thinking of getting deeply into competitive halo definitely online tournaments
  6. Sup man I'll definitely add you do you play on a competitive level
  7. Hello everyone new to the teambeyond website I'm a competitive gamer looking to start a competitive Halo team possibly compete online tournaments and go to lan tournaments. Looking for serious players positive attitude and willing to practice as a team
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