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  1. Why did Gamebattles remove the ladders for Halo? Did they take it down because of all the issues? Or is 343i not letting anyone other site use their game?
  2. I think the most disgusting thing about this whole mess is just how little work 343i should have had to put in to make this work. They literally made nothing new. Halo's 1,2,3 and 4 were already built and they outsourced H2A campaign and anniversary (which both seem to work fine). All they had to do was sew the whole thing together, test for bugs, and put together matchmaking. But this game has more problems than most alpha builds of new games. They had to do almost no work for a huge payoff, and they couldn't even handle that. I just find that disgusting.
  3. Cr1tikal's hands down my favorite YouTuber XD Anyone wanting to fall out of their chair laughing should check out his Pictionary, Ski Jumping Pairs, or 1st Oregon Trail gameplay.
  4. FUCKING RIDICULOUS I Purchased my $200 dollar pass to play Halo 2 classic. I have no interest in Halo 2 anniversary. I want a refund and an apology. Edit: Why not make it both? Even if it's just a smaller (maybe 16 team?) H2C side tournament, I think that could make everyone happy.
  5. I thought I heard that pre-loaded games in the USA go live on the Pacific Time Zone. Can anyone confirm/deny? For me that would mean MCC would go live at 3am. If it's true I'd much rather just grab a physical copy at 12.
  6. I know my first impressions was pretty scathingly negative... For what it's worth I think Destiny is an ok game There are a few things I really like about it: -It looks gorgeous, landing on the moon for the first time blew me away. -Peter Dinklage voices the ghost (huge GOT fan) -the PvP isn't bad. But I do think all my criticisms were completely valid. There just isn't any depth or originality to it. The legendary developer Bungie spent 4 years and 500 million dollars developing this game... I was expecting it to be better than just ok.
  7. So I've spent the majority of the last two days playing Bungie's new game Destiny. For the first couple hours I was enjoying it, but as I continued on I started to realize something. This game suffers from so many of the same faults as Halo: Reach did. I'm sure most of you on this website already know the history of Halo, of how each game was aimed at a more casual audience than the one before it, and therefore was an overall poorer game than the one before. If you do know that history, feel free to skip on down to the Destiny section. If you don't, then continue reading... Halo: Combat evolved: We all know this game, its started it all. Halo:CE did almost everything right. The controls were incredible, it was the first FPS to actually feel like it belonged on a console. The story was great. The weapons were incredibly well balanced. It popularized the health recharge format (instead of the classic health bar) that is used by almost every FPS today. This game put Xbox on the map as a legitimate home console. This game was revolutionary. Halo 2: This game was also revolutionary. The matchmaking system found within this game almost single handily launched Xbox live. The ranking system was a reason to keep coming back,but for everything halo 2 did right, it did alot wrong too. The game felt... easier. The aim assist had majorly been cranked up. In Halo: CE, with the pistol, you could shoot your way out of any situation if your aim was good enough. Halo 2 had a much more rock paper scissors style gameplay, meaning that in certain situations, if you had the wrong weapon you just didn't stand a chance. The sword was unmatched at close range. The plasma pistol was literally impossible to dodge. Halo 2 did alot right, but it was clearly aimed at a more casual audience. Halo 3: This game was a slightly slower, slightly clumsier, slightly prettier Halo 2. All the weapons are slower and weaker. by lowering the pace it once again feels like it was aiming at a more casual audience. more concerning than this was the equipment. It just didn't feel right in Halo. most of the equipment lowered the pace of the game even more; specifically the regen and bubble shield, which were both used as "get out of death free cards." Halo 3 was a good game, maybe even a great game, but it wasn't a revolutionary game like the first 2. Halo: Reach: This is where things really start to go wrong. Bungie was known for being a revolutionary game developer, but Halo reach felt like a bunch of borrowed ideas from other developers. Halo had always given all players equal starts, yet this game used a class system very similar to other popular FPS. Sprint had been added, as it was present in almost every other FPS, and clearly didn't fit with with Halo's established gameplay. The skill-based ranking system used in both Halo 2 and 3 was absent from Reach, instead it used an exp based system, present in all other FPS. This game was aimed at a very casual audience, and felt almost insulting compared to the early Halo's highly competitive gameplay. Destiny: Here's the real point of this post, Destiny continues the trend set by the Halo games. This game is aimed at a very casual audience, and like Halo: Reach it borrows the ideas of other developers to an extreme degree. Destiny uses the tight and responsive controls of Call of Duty, The Sci Fi environments of and shield system of Halo, it borrows elements from MMO's, and the overall gameplay of Borderlands. But it doesn't do any of these things as well as the games it stole them from. There is almost nothing original about Destiny. This game is borderline plagiarism. The overall controls don't feel as tight as COD, the Sci Fi environments and enemies are very forgettable compared to Halo, the overall gameplay feels like a dumbed down Borderlands. And the MMO elements are very poorly implemented. You are automatically paired with other players when you start a campaign mission, and other players will connect with you. But there is no feeling of teamwork or camaraderie. Often these players are in a completely different part of the mission compared to you, and you can't even talk to them! you can't use you mic unless you're in party chat. Destiny is aimed at a very casual audience. The gameplay is a very simple. You don't have to have any FPS experience to load your enemies full of bullets again and again. It's VERY repetitive. And there is almost no consequence for dying (except for boss battles at the end of levels). I really can't imagine anyone putting a large amount of time into the game. The replay value just isn't there. As far as the PvP goes, there are no visible ranks, which is very upsetting when Bungie pioneered them back in Halo 2, and no custom game options. These things combined are a competitive death sentence. Overall you can tell this is certainly not where Bungie's focus was when developing Destiny. In Conclusion: Destiny follows the trends set by Halo: Reach, mainly aiming at a casual audience and stealing the ideas of other developers. It suffers from an extreme lack of originality. Other gripes I have about Destiny is it's very repetitive gameplay and lackluster story. And based off what I have read from other people's first impressions, I am not the only one who thinks this. I predict that Destiny will sell well enough based on pre-orders and hype, but will ultimately have a fate similar to Halo 4, in that initial sales will be excellent, but almost every will have forgotten about this game by the time new years rolls around. Destiny is a huge disappointment. This game is not strong enough to begin a franchise. Bungie is supposed to be releasing 3 more Destiny games over the course of the next several years, but based off the first game, I don't see this franchise going far, and Bungie may be in trouble Does anyone feel the same way?
  8. So for those who didn't pre-register, the passes go on sale September 8th, right?
  9. They weren't using the carbine to warm up their aim in that video, in Halo 2 the official 1v1 settings used at all events in the '06 season had a carbine spawn. This was to promote map movement, Since the BR is the preferred and more powerful weapon, players would have to find one off spawn instead of just camping. So at least the carbine has that use. A little off topic, but I still think it's incredible that Karma won every single 1v1 tournament during the '06 season. 7 tournaments straight. That's gotta be one of the most impressive feats in all of halo.
  10. Wow! can't believe there are only 11 passes left... Well 10 now cause I just reserved mine. Seeing as how the event passes have nearly sold out 6 months before the event and 4 months before the games even released, have you guys considered upping the team count or prize pool?
  12. But Halo 4 didn't fail for any of the reasons you mentioned. Ask anyone why they don't play Halo 4, they mention reasons like "ordnance ruins map movement," "AA's aren't fun," or "Sprint destroys map control". 343i intended the game to play this way. If they had spent more time polishing the game, it would still have these issues, and people would've abandoned the game just as fast. I've never heard anyone say they quit Halo 4 because Theater campaign didn't work, or one time their ordnance got stuck in the ground. You're nitpicking. Every Halo has had it's issues. My point is if they had spent a extra year polishing Halo 4 it would've been a year wasted, because it's core problems would still be there. People would've quit just as fast. And as for ranks, if 343i had wanted an actual ranking system, it would've been added by now. They clearly don't want to deal with the modders and boosters, otherwise visible in game rank would've been added a long time ago.
  13. I don't understand why people make such a big deal of making sure halo 5 isn't rushed. The rushed Halo games have been the good ones. halo CE's multiplayer was added as an afterthought, and it was incredible. Halo 2's multiplayer was rushed, the ridiculous number of glitches are evidence of that (seriously you think at least 1 tester would've realized that hitting X cancels animations). Halo Reach and Halo 4 are very polished games. You can tell just by playing them. They came out exactly as the developer intended. And they're fuckin horrible.
  14. Sprint would've actually worked well in Halo CE. Sprint does a good job of increasing frequency of encounters with opponents, and allows teammates to come to each other's aid more quickly. It's problem is that it also allows you to simply exit an encounter with an opponent if you don't have the advantage, which would've been a non issue with a 3sk pistol. An opponent with good aim would end you long before you had an opportunity to escape.
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