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  1. Shame on me for thinking the glory days of halo would come back with this updated MCC. Nobody has mics, people quit, can’t find games while searching alone, nobody wants to play customs, too many playlists starting to spread out the population and thin out playlists. Before you know it Halo Infinite is just gonna follow trends by copying Fortnite, same way Halo did when CoD changed the FPS genre 10 years ago. I’m really hoping infinite goes back to its roots or a legit arena shooter comes and saves FPS. It’s a damn shame. CoD really did fuck up the FPS genre completely. Rant over.
  2. I still can’t find one game of H2 hardcore when I’m searching alone
  3. Anyone looking to play H1, H2, and H3. Please add me. Tonafide
  4. I can’t find team hardcore for H2 ever. Only when I’m searching with a friend
  5. Yes, I seriously can’t find anything until nighttime usually. I’m a rank 13 idk if that matters but it takes a long fkn time
  6. Game could of been bigger but it took nearly 4 years to fix. I say by next year mcc is dead. Sad as that sounds. They rubbed people the wrong way. I wish I could find games in the morning but it’s nearly impossible for H2 Hardcore. I can’t find anyone to play customs with either.
  7. I wish it wasn’t impossible to find team hardcore this early in the morning
  8. It fkn blows not being able to find H2C Arena or H2C Hardcore in the mornings
  9. Anyone looking to play H:CE, H2, and H3 for customs or matchmaking. Please add me, my XBL GT is Tonafide. Thank you
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