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  1. I'm wayy more excited for this than I should be. Hoping for a 2v2 on Chiron
  2. We need HaloInfiniteFollower to analyze Sunny D's tweets. I'll be disappointed if there are less than 5 red circles
  3. So nice of TOX to throw the WB finals so we could get an extra series
  4. Surprising to see it getting official support. I'm guessing Infinite will merge console and PC matchmaking if console players get can use KB/M without a 3rd party adapter by the time the game comes out.
  5. Team Beyond really going places
  6. The news was really sad to hear, but it does feel nice to see other members of Optic showing support Hope the squad uses it as motivation to win HWC
  7. Definitely agree. People still give Blizzard way too much credit with esports because Starcraft was popular back in the day. Getting people to like playing OW is one thing, but the spectating experience is still a mess.
  8. CLG took an L from Splyce today Technical difficulties Big crowd at the event People still want MLG back Str8 Relegated
  9. He was referring to the way the 343/ESL treats the teams more than the viewership Gears is less popular, but at least the support for the scene is better, which makes him enjoy working with Gears more in comparison
  10. They're not necessarily the best, but I get really nostalgic for the old Pokemon chiptunes, with the Gold/Silver soundtrack being my favorite of those.
  11. D o you guys think that involvement with the GoW esports people will increase the likeliness of 343 working with MLG again?
  12. I went to a family friend's place a while ago for dinner and met their son for the first time. Turns out he's an avid gamer with a fuckload of games for his xbox and PS3. "Oh so you like Halo?" "I love the parts of the game that teambeyond.net hates. Armor abilities, sprint, heavy aim, etc." "Really?" "Yeah dude I love how Reach had assassinations, but I love how 4 had ARMOR ABILITIES and BLOOM, but Halo 4 had SPRINT by default, LOADOUTS, and no descope" "What about Halo 3" "I liked how it had equipment. brb going to download Halo Wars 2" Am I doing this right?
  13. Rap features on singles are a good way to generate hype with the masses?
  14. When I first started listening to the album, it took a few tries to actually finish it because I kept on repeating Get Got before I could move on
  15. Bethesda games are notorious for their bugs, and while Fallout 4 wasn't their worst in that aspect, they were certainly present.
  16. On the bright side, 30 minutes until @@LethuL beats the GOAT of LoL
  17. Just came back to this thread for the first time in 2017 What is going on with the tent?
  18. It's leak season!!! https://soundcloud.com/ayylmaoo2/danny-brown-lions-den https://soundcloud.com/ayylmaoo2/danny-brown-accelerator http://vocaroo.com/i/s1wV14eVZQ02

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