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  1. But they ARE wrong for that. If you walk around the middle of a medium to large sized map with an AR expecting to not get destroyed you are in need of education on the game dynamics.
  2. SMGs were designed around the concept of dual-wielding. I would be surprised if properly aimed dual-wielded combinations (Needle-rifle excluded) did not have a faster TTK than a BR in CQC.
  3. Movement/Aiming of H2A - BR/Button Combos of H2C - Spawn system of H3 with tweaks - Theater of H3 - Forge of H5 - Ranking 1-50 of H3 - Progression "rank" of Reach PC - Armor customability of Reach - Button Layout fully mappable - Powerups of HCE - Static weapon timers - New Maps
  4. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/84ad72a8b51847978545f685f651fc15/topics/mcc-patch-notes---12-18-19/d99b99bc-46d0-48ed-a47a-02b9d8d4136a/posts Interested to see what you guys think about the below part. I personally (based on experience and reading other's comments) do not believe it was actually equal weighting before. My only guess is the higher weighting toward Anniversary maps they mention in Social games was also being applied to HC. Halo: Reach Hardcore Retuned weighting based on player feedback. Previously, each map / gametype combination held equal weight. Zealot and Sanctuary CTF hold very high weight. Countdown and Pit CTF, Zealot and Sanctuary Slayer, and Nexus KotH hold high weight. Countdown and Battle Canyon Slayer hold medium weight. Battle Canyon KotH holds low weight. Penance Slayer holds very low weight.
  5. 100. Playing on a laptop on my TV and anything higher looks weird. Anything lower feels like a disadvantage. I turned mine down to 95. The higher levels made distances look strange to me and I kept floating my nades. This is a lifelong console player here so I'm not used to the higher FOVs I guess.
  6. Was sprint also removed? Wasn't sure if that was considered a Spartan Ability from the description I read.
  7. This was my first thought as well. Seems like they want to test out what works for Infinite with limited abilities.
  8. I am admittedly a noob when it comes to PC. Can someone tell me how I use gamechat in Reach when playing with a controller on PC? I'm fairly positive nobody could hear me in the games I attempted to not be a mute... I heard people saying press "V" for KB&M, but is controller also push to talk?
  9. Am I recalling the wrong Halo, or didn't a forged Warlock exist for Reach but was dropped because of an issue with the portals spitting people out facing the wrong direction, or just not working at times? I want to say this was used at a bloom MLG event?
  10. Am I correctly assuming your issue with the map is the outside, grassy areas? I think instead of cutting these dead-zones off, you can simply use power weapon/placement or zone (hill) placement to navigate movement to the better areas of the map.
  11. Reposting this here. Also, while @Hard Wayproposed 14 gametypes for the BO7, I think a 15th tie-breaker gametype could/should also be included to allow for the "continuation series" that used to occur with BO5 -> BO11 events: Dev maps/gametypes I think have potential for Reach competitive. Some have already been used and all would need some level of forge work. Also I'm a member of the OBJ gametypes are more interesting than TS gametypes club, hence the disparity: Anchor 9 CTF Battle Canyon CTF Countdown CTF Zealot CTF Zealot Bomb Battle Canyon KOTH High Noon KOTH Penance KOTH Reflection KOTH Solitary KOTH Reflection Ball Zealot Ball Powerhouse TS Penance TS Reflection TS
  12. I liked the changes they made. The map became much more navigate-able allowing for more unique and varied plays. I think H2A's Sanctuary is an improvement over the original as well. Even the waterfalls that at first seemed a gimmicky ended up having utilizable strategy by competitive teams.
  13. The problem with the grassroots movement is that there is no single organization handling competitive halo. This makes it incredibly hard to make any changes to things like maps and gametypes because you have to get virtually the entire community to agree simultaneously. Hence why we still have the much hated Construct TS gametype throughout a year of H3 MCC. If changes to Reach settings are going to advance beyond the previously used v7, someone needs to run a tournament with updated maps/settings right away in order to set the precedent. If the first Reach tournament uses v7 maps/settings, I guarantee every tournament after that will follow suit.
  14. Dev maps/gametypes I think have potential for Reach competitive. Some have already been used and all would need some level of forge work: Anchor 9 CTF Battle Canyon CTF Countdown CTF Zealot CTF Zealot Bomb Battle Canyon KOTH High Noon KOTH Penance KOTH Reflection KOTH Solitary KOTH Reflection Ball Zealot Ball Powerhouse TS Penance TS Reflection TS
  15. My halo campaign ranking (never read any books or other sources, probably read/watched terminals and such once each, played each campaign multiple times but certainly missed some of the finer details you all seem to know): 1. Reach - I thought the story was decent enough. Had good feels as you lost each member of the team. Only part that didn't make a ton of sense to me was getting Cortana to chief's ship since HCE implied they had been on lots of adventures together (I'm sure you halo readers can explain all this). The action shifted often enough to stay interesting (helicopter gunner & space pilot are two I recall). 2. H4 - Yea, as others have noted the story was confusing at points and the baddies could be annoying to fight, but I'm a fan of the ending. Cortana saying goodbye hit me in the place my gf says I should have a heart. Action-wise, had some good stuff going for it. Mantis was a cool new toy and more space-piloting helped break up the run and gun. 3. HCE - Classic. Yea gunplay is a little repetitive but all of the maps/levels feel (cliche incoming) iconic and for some reason were extremely replayable on increasing difficulties. Story was simple compared to later editions, but had a great twist with the introduction of the flood. 4. H3/ODST - Probably should be separated, but they'd still be in this section anyway, just one above the other. Plus ODST was the one I didn't replay during MCC since it came out so much later so my memory is fuzzy. H3 story I thought was pretty so-so but I can't complain majorly about it. ODST was a unique concept in the approach, but didn't do much for me. I don't recall gameplay adding anything that hadn't been there before. 5. H2 - Wasn't a fan of this one though I guess others seem to really like it. I was always a bit confused by the whole gravemind part, the alliance, and where everybody is after that piece. Gameplay didn't add much new that I can recall and I remember being super excited to finally fight covenant on Earth, only to be zipped away after level ?2? Also, when replaying in the last 4 years or so, there was a lot more arbiter levels than I remembered, all of which felt pretty stale. 6. H5 - I really cannot find anything positive to say about this one. Played it the most recently so it's fresher. Hated how they brought back Cortana (not the choice to do so necessarily, but the how). Also didn't enjoy the 2 teams aspect as you couldn't really get to know any character since they had so little screen-time. From a gameplay standpoint, I thought they were really trying to find excuses to use all of the spartan abilities, which was both obvious and... tacky?
  16. "Recharge" stations existed in my first ever laser-tag experience, and it was definitely one of my most fun experiences as a child, and the only time I really enjoyed the game.
  17. Assembly is a map that has a decent foundation for potentially being a solid map, but then the designers threw-up all over it with an overabundance of nonsense. The ability to delete parts of the map in forge would have been interesting to see what some designers could have made from its bones.
  18. This. When people talk about what the next halo game should look like, this is along the same line of thought that I usually have. I feel like we have not ever gotten a halo that simply attempts to combine the best of the features that came before it (my opinion is that H2A was actually the closest to doing so, but unfortunately that was a glorified demo shipping on a broken disc). Now some of these "bests" are clearly subjective opinions, but in other areas perhaps not. In Halo 3 we had the ability to go into theater as a squad and watch gameplay together, simultaneously. And then in reach this was dropped for... ?campaign?, never to be recreated (if this is a thing in H5, I apologize as I do not think I've spent a single second in H5 theater). Early halos had great split screen capabilities for playing with locals, another objective plus inexplicably dropped. Working LAN support without need to be online. Dedicated servers for matchmaking. These are a few of what I feel are objective positives that should be the basis for creating a solid Halo. Will it be groundbreaking like some of the predecessors? No. But would it be complete, functional, and almost certainly "feel" like a halo game? I should think so.
  19. Your commentary has been great every time I have had an opportunity to tune in. Keep up the good work!
  20. I actually vividly recalling this being a thing in the OG version. You could stand in the opposing team's base on Warlock, Jump to negate your spawn "blocking" if you will, and they could spawn right next to/in front of you. There was also an example of Karma playing 1v1 jumping somewhere and seeing the opposing player spawn directly in front of him for the backwack.
  21. I hate suggesting this, but given the population problems what would you think if they took H2A and H2C Hardcores and made them one playlist? And if this does not work for those looking to play H2ish gametypes, what if you made that playlist 2v2 slayer? Maybe you could actually find games when the total party size only had to be 4? It's not my ideal setup (which is a hardcore playlist for each Halo - pretty close to what is present actually), but since I can virtually never find H2C/A games, it may be worth trying something new.
  22. It's a dead playlist so it probably doesn't matter, but for the H2A hardcore playlist Bomb Warlord has the very very tiny bomb arm zone rather than the larger one that allowed you to arm in front of the flag shield and made it harder to get bumped out of. Just a fan of H2A comp settings putting in his two cents
  23. This doesn't work in the MCC due to the aspect of multiple games being played, but for Infinity I would not have a problem with it. The issue you run into is that there is certainly a population (see Waypoint forums) of people who cry foul if their favorite playlist (swat, snipers, FFA, radar slayer, doubles, etc.) doesn't have a ranked playlist aligned to it.
  24. Playlists don't move so it's definitely not ordered based on population or anything other than the whim of the designers. There could be different parameters on different playlists depending on average population, but back when Lone Wolves was still a thing I matched a 50 at level 1, so my guess is the search system starts with parameters in mind but gradually expands as search times increase. H2 HC is so low population that I just don't think you'll consistently find matches. Same with H2A HC. I hear 2v2 CE is similar though I haven't tried searching it recently.
  25. Given the proper data I don't see any reason you couldn't "prove" it. The more competitive map/gametype should have a higher win-rate achievable by the best players against the opposing competition. Compare this to some other scenarios: something like a Rock, Paper, Scissors would have a relatively flat win vs. loss rate after a large enough sample size. On the other end the top Chess player will have a win rate approaching 100%. Since all Halos have some aspect of randomness to them, I prefer to equate them to other games of skill like poker. A highly nuanced game like Stud Hi/Lo probably has a higher skill gap than NL hold'em. This isn't to say NL Hold'em is a worse game or less exciting to watch, but the larger luck factor lowers the evens out the win/loss rate more so than some of its peers. This could be similarly said of the Midship vs. Chillout comparison. Chillout may be objectively more competitive (higher skill-gap), but subjectively may be worse for actual gameplay (stylistically) and spectating (please note I said subjectively, meaning opinions on these points will differ!).

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