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  1. I hate suggesting this, but given the population problems what would you think if they took H2A and H2C Hardcores and made them one playlist? And if this does not work for those looking to play H2ish gametypes, what if you made that playlist 2v2 slayer? Maybe you could actually find games when the total party size only had to be 4? It's not my ideal setup (which is a hardcore playlist for each Halo - pretty close to what is present actually), but since I can virtually never find H2C/A games, it may be worth trying something new.
  2. It's a dead playlist so it probably doesn't matter, but for the H2A hardcore playlist Bomb Warlord has the very very tiny bomb arm zone rather than the larger one that allowed you to arm in front of the flag shield and made it harder to get bumped out of. Just a fan of H2A comp settings putting in his two cents
  3. This doesn't work in the MCC due to the aspect of multiple games being played, but for Infinity I would not have a problem with it. The issue you run into is that there is certainly a population (see Waypoint forums) of people who cry foul if their favorite playlist (swat, snipers, FFA, radar slayer, doubles, etc.) doesn't have a ranked playlist aligned to it.
  4. Playlists don't move so it's definitely not ordered based on population or anything other than the whim of the designers. There could be different parameters on different playlists depending on average population, but back when Lone Wolves was still a thing I matched a 50 at level 1, so my guess is the search system starts with parameters in mind but gradually expands as search times increase. H2 HC is so low population that I just don't think you'll consistently find matches. Same with H2A HC. I hear 2v2 CE is similar though I haven't tried searching it recently.
  5. Given the proper data I don't see any reason you couldn't "prove" it. The more competitive map/gametype should have a higher win-rate achievable by the best players against the opposing competition. Compare this to some other scenarios: something like a Rock, Paper, Scissors would have a relatively flat win vs. loss rate after a large enough sample size. On the other end the top Chess player will have a win rate approaching 100%. Since all Halos have some aspect of randomness to them, I prefer to equate them to other games of skill like poker. A highly nuanced game like Stud Hi/Lo probably has a higher skill gap than NL hold'em. This isn't to say NL Hold'em is a worse game or less exciting to watch, but the larger luck factor lowers the evens out the win/loss rate more so than some of its peers. This could be similarly said of the Midship vs. Chillout comparison. Chillout may be objectively more competitive (higher skill-gap), but subjectively may be worse for actual gameplay (stylistically) and spectating (please note I said subjectively, meaning opinions on these points will differ!).
  6. Dude has ZERO terminals unlocked?! Lolzzzz what a noob!
  7. From what I'm hearing I expect Frosty and Shotzzy to move up as I go through. I had Huke there after the first couple of events, but I'm on the 16 World Champs right now and wasn't as impressed.
  8. I have seen a couple of Halo GOAT lists, but they always combine all Halos when evaluating, so I thought I would post my top 5 in each Halo game to see if it brought about any interesting discussion or warranted someone changing my mind in a particular Halo. Before my rankings, I do want to give a quick insight into my thought process whenever I'm discussing GOATs in any sport/game. I think of a player's average relative skill as falling on a vertical (Y) axis, and the life of the game falling on the horizontal (X) axis. For me personally I rate a higher average relative skill across the life of the game above a player who maybe achieved a one-time higher relative placing for a shorter time-period. This may explain why some players like Cloud and Enable in H3 do not make my overall top 5, despite (IMO) being top 5 players toward the end of the title. Another caveat: my rankings are based on the competitive scene at the time it was occurring, and therefore disregards things like continued beach LANs in CE for example. Anyway, on to the rankings: HCE: 1) Ogre 1 2) Ogre 2 3) Zyos 4) Walshy 5) Killer N H2: 1) Ogre 2 2) Ogre 1 3) Walshy 4) Strongside 5) Karma H3: 1) Pistola 2) Snipedown 3) Roy 4) Hysteria 5) Elamite HR: 1) Roy 2) Pistola 3) Enable 4) Formal 5) Snipedown H4: 1) Formal 2) Snipedown 3) Ninja 4) Pistola 5) Enable H2A: 1) Royal 2 2) Snipedown 3) Roy 4) Lethul 5) Lunchbox H5: 1) Royal 2 2) Snakebite 3) Eco 4) Roy 5) Snipedown I stopped following early in the H5 scene, so I just started going back and re-watching events. I'm still in 2016 so I definitely expect H5 to change as I go through the years.
  9. They announced some: https://noobcombo.com/2019/03/05/hcs-talent-announced/
  10. Hardcore already exists for H3 though, so it's not like you can't avoid it to get an H3 fix. I've long thought that all ranked playlists should be HC/Comp settings b/c people who prefer closer to default settings also probably prefer the easy wins found in social, but if H3 arena and HC can live side-by-side then I can live with both coexisting.
  11. The surge of Apex is a big part of this. So many prior Halo streamers are now doing nothing but Apex content, despite what appears (to me at least) to be a drop in viewership. You also have the top team (Tox) basically never streaming despite still competing in the TB and UGC tournaments. I know players like Mikwen talked about how they felt like they couldn't stream in order to prevent opposing teams from scouting them, but it feels like solid personalities such as Lethul and Royal 2 are costing themselves a solid, potentially lucrative fanbase by not regularly streaming.
  12. @Hard Way Columbus, OH Halo player over here as well (reigning MSFT store 2v2 Champion ;^) ). Grab a smurf account and teach me the ways of CE! GT: "ii Adamant ii"
  13. For me it's how sprint allows a constant "out" for players. If you position yourself better in order to get the first shot, the player can just sprint away. Now you're forced to decide between letting the kill go or putting yourself in a vulnerable chase position by sprinting after them. Also, sprint allows players to move across maps much more quickly. While this may not seem like a bad thing, what it ends up doing in Halo (especially with objective two-based games like CTF) is stretching the maps.
  14. Add either of my tags: II AdamanT II Adamant Skill

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