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  1. The surge of Apex is a big part of this. So many prior Halo streamers are now doing nothing but Apex content, despite what appears (to me at least) to be a drop in viewership. You also have the top team (Tox) basically never streaming despite still competing in the TB and UGC tournaments. I know players like Mikwen talked about how they felt like they couldn't stream in order to prevent opposing teams from scouting them, but it feels like solid personalities such as Lethul and Royal 2 are costing themselves a solid, potentially lucrative fanbase by not regularly streaming.
  2. @Hard Way Columbus, OH Halo player over here as well (reigning MSFT store 2v2 Champion ;^) ). Grab a smurf account and teach me the ways of CE! GT: "ii Adamant ii"
  3. For me it's how sprint allows a constant "out" for players. If you position yourself better in order to get the first shot, the player can just sprint away. Now you're forced to decide between letting the kill go or putting yourself in a vulnerable chase position by sprinting after them. Also, sprint allows players to move across maps much more quickly. While this may not seem like a bad thing, what it ends up doing in Halo (especially with objective two-based games like CTF) is stretching the maps.
  4. Add either of my tags: II AdamanT II Adamant Skill

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