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  1. This user should reread their previous posts before making statements of hypocritical content.
  2. Pit may be the most overrated map in halo history. Second place.... Lockout?
  3. @Knighty Knight Thank you for the great commentary you provided today! Loved going back and watching you guys discussing our opening match. Unfortunately it was a boring series; hopefully you guys got to witness some better matches throughout the tourney.
  4. JIP was implemented in H4 (which, if memory serves, treated all playlists as social) and it was done so poorly. You were pretty often going to join a match on the losing team, and because the join and load time took so long the other team had plenty of time to kill the 3-man opposition and gather the power weapons. Most horrendously, you would occasionally JIP as a party of 4 into a game where the entire other team had already quit, leaving you against a 4 man squad that had roughly 30 seconds to a minute to completely setup on the map. Don't get me wrong, coming back and winning some of those games is satisfying, but against good opposition it seriously handicaps the incoming players. JIP should be implemented in the same manner as League. If you quit and try to re-search, it automatically puts you into the game you just quit from. Additionally if you are disconnected from a match, you can rejoin the game in progress, potentially saving your team from what should be a guaranteed loss.
  5. Is this it? Has 343 finally pushed Halo so far into the grave that it can't come back out again? H2C and H3 are unplayable at the moment.
  6. Anybody else think it's a little weird that they stealth-dropped CE on PC but for H2 they're announcing a drop time a week before? Is this further evidence that 343 hates all things CE and wants to squash it out of relevance?!?!
  7. Only when what they say is objectively inaccurate.
  8. Did anybody ever answer this because I have noticed the same thing. The snipe nade to top blue on hang'em is off for some reason on my PC version, which is odd because I did not adjust the FOV or anything since I switch between console and PC regularly. I feel opposite though, in that on PC it seems like my reticule is too small to properly line up between the lights, so I'm guessing with a decent amount of room for error.
  9. This resonated with me. I got super into halo during the rise of MLG with H2, and through the old MLG website I was exposed to the occasional video of high-level CE gameplay. I spent some time learning the maps not called blood gulch, understood the button glitches, and even had a power weapon nade or two figured out. I organized an HCE lan with my friends who had given up H2 pretty early but still had fond memories of getting together to split screen HCE. I was so excited to show off my newfound knowledge and was even sharing button glitches with them that we were never exposed to during the HCE's first lifespan. But the excitement quickly waned. It took barely a game to realize I was too far beyond them and the gameplay was not challenging enough for me to enjoy, and too frustrating for them. The whole thing was over in maybe an hour. That was the last Halo session I would ever play with my IRL friends.
  10. Ooooof, misgivings like this make me cringe so hard. Most popular almost NEVER equals best. Is Big Bang Theory objectively better than Break Bad simply because it was more popular? Harry Potter better than Lolita or Anna Karenina? How many US residents would argue for American Football over Soccer? Avatar a better movie than Moonlight? Examples abound, but when it comes to mediums similar to games (forms of entertainment) the problems reliant on utilizing popularity is that you base your result around the middle of the bell curve for human intelligence. None of this is to say we cannot each enjoy to different degrees the Big Bangs or Harry Potters of the world, but it is simply foolish to assume they are the peak of their medium as a result of raw numbers.
  11. Maybe all of the pros inability to come up with a map/settings pool (see Lethul's stream from last night if you're not sure what I'm talking about)? H3 is surprisingly low on my preferred comp list, but I'll still put it above Reach (which isn't to say I haven't enjoyed this reprieve from H3 that Reach PC has brought).
  12. I agree both could (h4 no question, that thing is redic), but I'm of the camp that thinks neither should.
  13. I read things like this (and I could have pulled any number examples from recent posts), and think we all need to agree on what is considered close, medium, and long+ range. In my head I consider long range as S2 shooting someone in BR2 on Lockout. Medium range would be players at opposite corners of top mid lockout engaging. Close range would be two people inside of BR2 engaging. This is only my opinion, but I see no reason someone on training should expect an AR to do anything to someone on S2 in PIT. If it does, I say it's OP!
  14. It's bad because the majority could be 51% so now 49% of the population never gets to have what they enjoy (obviously it's not this black and white, but I'm choosing to pretend it is to make the point)? This is why the US two party system is such shit (opinion) and the diverse human population is better served by some of the systems in Europe that make up their parliaments based on percentage of votes cast. If I have to choose between no vote/veto on halo or the 51% always getting what they want, I pick the former. I'd rather play some occasionally shit maps/gametypes than lose the variety of the map/settings pool. That being said, I'm a predominately hardcore player, so my pool is already somewhat tailored to my tastes. So take all the above with that grain of salt in mind.

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