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  1. 10 hours ago, Ethereal Nights said:



    the Reticle LITERALLY sticks to the player model longer than on Console. period. ive been trying this. Not more Magnetism? Then theres more fucking Sticky aim. either fucking way its easier. Xbox FOV is NOT the culprit i can aim fine and hit my shots FINE on Xbox. But Computer is Virtually PreSchool. im barely touching my right thumbstick. at all. a LUDICROUS degree of difference.

  2. 2 hours ago, Strikah said:

    If anything I bet the pro players would be more willing to switch than the average casual player.


    If you haven't played Reach PC on both mkb and controller, than you honestly do not have any room to give your opinion on this subject. The aim assist/magnetism, whichever, is definitely set to high right now on controller. Once you get to about 25-30, no one is missing shots. I've actually been surprised by how much I enjoyed mkb in Halo. I really enjoyed it on Destiny 2, but I didnt really trust 343 to do it correctly..and I guess being objective it's still pretty janky. I just now have some hope they might nail it for infinite. Personally, I think there is no reason to separate the inputs, just balance them better. I think you kill the game if you separate it.

    Online FPS Needs to be seperated by peripheral. These Input devices DO NOT get along. games are already seperated by multiple systems often. instead they could just have 2 server seperations. Thimbstick and Mouse

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  3. 17 hours ago, Nokt said:

    Has anyone noticed a clear difference in using a controller on PC vs Xbox? 
    I played exclusively PC until I went home for Christmas and took my Xbox and my aim feels so much more janky. I’m using the exact same settings as what I was using on PC, but my aim feels sporadic at times. PC just felt so much more fluid and precise.

    If this doesnt look like Aim assist is amplified on computer then explain the fucking crackdown reticle lock on going down on the bottom screen

  4. 23 hours ago, RVG E Nomini said:

    Yeah pretty funny how PC gamers always say mkb is superior yet their pros are complaining constantly about getting out-DMR'ed by avg reach players. Reach sucks but it's still funny to see given all the hype about halo coming to PC. Maybe the mkb inputs are messed up or something so maybe the comparison isn't valid to make yet.

    Are you even paying attention

  5. 1 hour ago, Basu said:

    Of course I'm for lower AA across the board and faster TTK. Never said otherwise. But this is a Reach remake. But Summit is just going full DrDisrespect right now rage uninstalling and talking shit on twitter.

    Did people seriously expect Reach to get rebalanced for PC and controllers to be deleted? Like I said, separate the input devices in ranked, add crossplay and this entire "debate" will be over.

    YES. Steam community parameters are even higher than that. this game has fucking 1st grade autism degree video customization. 343 should liquidate their fucking company

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  6. On 12/10/2019 at 11:24 AM, Hully said:

    It depends on whether we're talking about pubs or MLG variant settings. MW2 pubs were pure chaos, but in a wacky, fun sort of way. So much of the game was unbalanced, but I'd be lying if I said the joy I felt from hearing people rage in the post game lobby after getting a nuke, or going on a big streak with akimbo Models wasn't amazing. MW2 variant on the other hand was really fun and had a thriving community, especially for pickup scrims. MW3 pubs were somewhat less chaotic, but things like sitrep pro and the motion tracker, which everyone used, made it much less fun IMO. MW3 competitive was, like I said before, basically just competitive MW2, but with worse everything. 


    CoD4 > CoD2 > BO2 > Everything else in that franchise. 

    Black Ops 2 is Irredeemably Horrendous. In any Impact depthful factor capacity. Patent Fact. Everything about its formula is Negligent besides its Zombie DLC The Entire Beginning of Sightline Funnel accessible Kindergarten maps. NO. it's not classic modern warfare octane balance

    You don't need to fucking love death streaks to accept that Black Ops is Interactively mediocre safety popcorn flare But found massive raw shallow attraction from it's color palette and Fidelity Interface Innovation from Yellow +Score text and Rock and Roll sound effects every 5 seconds. Not a single gun from that game is noteworthy and memorable than from MW3. and MW3 had shit compared to 2

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  7. 7 hours ago, Mythik Nick said:

    Does the mere fact that missing "happens" mean that the issue with aim assist is overblown to you? That's a laughably low bar, if so. The issue isn't that controller players never miss, it's that they don't miss nearly enough (PC players don't miss enough either right now due to bullet mag, but controllers are even more problematic because they have bullet mag in combination with other aim assist mechanics). Across many skill levels, including at higher levels of play, missing tends to be the exception, especially in mid-range DMR duels.


    Not saying shooting someone's ass should give you a headshot but honestly fuck stronsiding lol.

    Bullet Magnetism is an Absolute MANDATORY For Mouse. this OBSOLETE engine has literally Zero optimal input performance at all. Ive seen NOTHING but muscle memory trained Twitch fiends MISS EVERY Shot for literally 7-8 games STRAIGHT until even remotely gathering any formation of cognitive traction at all and even that grasp is 1000% dictated by magnetism registration. This Game Engine is Literally ANTI Counter Strike. without MASSIVE assistence, the KBM peripheral is OUTRIGHT useless.

    feels good to honestly have an online steam game be Controller focused though. its a breath of fresh air. Steam is nothing like Xbox live. If you're not going out of your way to sit at your rigid desk and sweat on KBM you essentially have no business being online. you'll be indefinite trash forever if you operate otherwise. So this is nice.

  8. 1 hour ago, darkstar said:

    What an underrated CoD, honestly. To go off topic for a second. 

    Now it is but back in the day all the way to 2013 even my entire social sphere pretty much deemed Mw3 in a better light than black ops 2 especially it had more maps and guns people around me liked. MW3 was essentially the biggest launch of all time ridng the hype if mw2 and everyone was insane about it in 2011 and still played it in 2012 people used to bitch about black ops 2 spawns and maps like crazy back in the day my friend used to have a conniption over Bo1 map design even tho he kept playing it because the assault rifles felt good Black ops was always the goofy circus cod for gun game and zombies and everyone actually took modern warfare more seriously as a dedicated game would spend half of days at a time on weekends just stairing at their screen. I remember the Black ops 2 launch and my entire xbox live was complaining about spawns. people didnt start settling for BO2 until basically before Ghosts came out. late 2013 ish. nowadays the Internet tries to claim black ops 1 and 2 were like Platinum and that Modern Warfare 3 never existed. not exactly how it happened in my reality. i also liked custom infected lobbies more than zombies. i feel like 2013/2014 is when zombies really started bandwagoning but not as much before. but now bunches of kids view zombies and neon colorful maps as cod staple.

  9. 5 minutes ago, Arlong said:

    To be fair it’s not completely untrue. People will feel less courage to go into a playlist if it has less people. If one has 30000 compared to this one with 300, it’s likely that person would choose the higher populated playlist. BUT that doesn’t mean a population counter should go away, just not a playlist one.

    hells in real life ask yourself do you feel more confident to do the thing no ones/barely anyone is doing or what the majority are doing? Heck’s I know in some situations where getting seconds at a meal place is embarrassing until everyone is doing it, but at the end of the day someone’s gotta start the trend. 
    Or the typical “I’ll go if you go with me” 

    A lot of people are like that but it's a Shitty fucking mentality and online should die 

  10. On 12/5/2019 at 3:46 PM, II AdamanT II said:

    I turned mine down to 95. The higher levels made distances look strange to me and I kept floating my nades. This is a lifelong console player here so I'm not used to the higher FOVs I guess.

    I started Playing on 115-120 from usually playing on 90's range and My Aim is Easier compared to Previously. Having the elongated tunnel vision tightens the aiming and i seem to not have to make as many sweeping movements to stay on target and minimizes the spacial impact of bloom and spread because the narrow crosshair real estate is so confined. For Controllers it makes the Bullet Magnetism feel more effective even if it's just screen orientation. I also Find that it Benefits Thumbstick Acceleration Curves and not having to worry about Deadzones as much. There are a ton of FPS games that had 60 50 and 70 fov on the Xbox 360 era and while those games "felt good" to play because of modern control conventions it always felt clunky and unrefined to excel in aiming performance accuracy with twitching tunnel vision perspective and early Aim design But when i go Back to a bunch of those 7th gen shooters on High FoV even with the same 25 dollar Gamestop 360 Controller Quality Aiming Is considerably more effortless.  Although the models are smaller to look at i dont feel like im slipping around hitboxes as much. So im like a 120 guy now unless im playing a survival horror game then i like that shit in the 60s lmao how can i be scared if i can see out of my ears and walking looks like sprinting

  11. On 11/24/2019 at 2:32 PM, Arlong said:

    @Boyo dude stop thinking getting rid of reload is a good thing. You also can’t be supportive of getting rid of such a thing if you’re ok with overheat. Battlefront 2 is like this, and it’s not the best mechanic when it’s basically the same thing. 

    Reload is LITERALLY a Gameplay Abomination. Patent Fact. Overheat is actually a more entertaining inhibitor of Firing access. That's why Mass Effect 1 is better than 2 and 3

  12. 21 hours ago, Boyo said:

    Bloom works great, when you’re hipfiring an LMG in Call of Battlefield not when you’re firing your utility weapon in Halo.  It’s not bloom’s fault someone put him somewhere he wasn’t supposed to be.  Don’t blame bloom.  

    Fuck No. Give me My Laser Machine Gun. Any day of the Millennium. Any Spread can Die in Hell. use static kickback

    Fortnite made me feel this way            Just fucking kidding Far Cry 2 did

    tighten those bullets and make it projectile. Make them hover like bees if you have to

    I don't even fucking like hitscan anymore. Because every communist developer feels forced to shove a bunch of RNG into any sort of Hit Scan Formula. I don't care if the first shot is accurate. I have to keep fucking firing don't I? what fucking legitimacy is it when He fucking gets a random Accuracy treasure surprise when I'm stuck firing off Screen for 5 rounds straight. God No.

     instead of having a spastic inflating reticle where shots randomly project in it's wide space without consistency, why not make firing consistent and linear with Travel time but completely remove any Reticle at all so even though your sniper hipfire doesn't direct off screen you still need to slightly lead and build a directional muscle memory with the center of the screen unless you use aim down your gun.

    The point is to not Force everyone to ADS all the time but to give people some actual HipFire accessibility confidence without having to Accuracy exam flail a pointer all around that doesn't have any cohesion. hip fire isn't supposed to be accurate but don't need to shove the tactile inconsistency in people's face. Guns just feel like shit half the time. Fact.

    Have you ever played a Shoot Gun game because I feel like I've played a Crosshair Twitching Dancing all over a screen most of my life

    Playing Far Cry 5 and I can walk up to thing and Point blank a HipFire Shotgun Shell into it and they'll fucking eat 3 of them. Pellets go fucking everywhere any which way like I'm throwing grain sand at it. I walk around and just happen to line that random reticle RNG focus shot and I literally one hit someones head at 2x the distance with a single pellet. CUZ HEADSHOTS SO IMPOЯTANT JUST SHAKE UR MOUSE AND GAMBLE FOR HIT DETECTION.

    Makes me crave That classic Resident Evil Gameplay. Let me point in a General Direction. Blow a Fucking loaded shell into 4 zombies and watch them melt on the floor. Thank you

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  13. 9 hours ago, znot said:

    yeah the certain affinity's version...


    I hate every certain affinity h2a map they ruined them. Warlock especially, adding those additional jump ups completely ruined the map and turned it into a hell hole.

    Yeah But I can Design an Entire fleshed out Fun Custom Forge map inside of an already Structured Zanzibar. Pinnacle Technology. No more of this Placing 5 Crates around Last Resort and calling it a Fort Bullshit. H2A is God Tier

    Last Splitscreen Halo ftw

    I'll bet you all 4 of my limbs that Halo Infinite will only have 2 player local and Not only that the whole game is guaranteed to be drm online locked (sErViCeS) and the entire aspect of local multiplayer is going to be trashed and botched in the year 2020 when every single AAA game ever made from now on wants to be a god damn Battle Net launcher MMO

  14. 11 hours ago, Basu said:

    I'm well aware of Halo's weird spot in between tactical and AFPS. But I think by now the original Halo formula has turned into a true classic and carved its own identity so that we can define "Halo" as almost its own kind of FPS. Obviously it shares many traits with other shooters, but at the same time can't turn Halo more "Tactical" or more "Arena" by tweaking a few knobs, because the entire thing quickly falls apart as we've seen with H4/5. For example, I think Breakout shows best how turning Halo more into a tactical shooter was just a complete shot in the foot.

    Fully agree on the "Chess 2" argument though. Not only was there nothing to "MoDerNiZE" aside from graphical and audio fidelity as well as QOL improvements, they also did it in the worst way possible. Using AAs in Reach/H4 always felt clunky af, bloom even more so. The new H4/5 abilities also clash pretty hard. Undeniably they spent thousands of man-hours getting the SAs to sort of work in H5, but ultimately it still feels like they were just shoved in there. Getting stuck in mid-air because I zoomed in with the sniper or having my shotgun jam for a second because I dared to move at full speed for a moment is not smooth game design.

    Also love the pizza and cake analogy. That's basically my argument, sorry if it was hard to follow lol. I'd rather get a cake and pizza alternating every two years than getting a gross cakepizza every three years.

    Breakout is Literally the Best 343 Halo has EVER played. End of Discussion 

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